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Find out more about our New Jersey Studio.


Our fascination with history, preservation, and the art of storytelling is intrinsic to all that we do. Natalie’s New Jersey flagship studio is a reflection of a careful search to find a home for our artistic vision and energy we create together. We are pleased to introduce you to the home of Je Revele, our Studio at the Castle. Located in nearby Highland Park, New Jersey, it is centrally located to New York City and the suburbs.

Our Studio Castle is a place where our dreams—and our clients’ dreams—come true. It is a place where we can live the ideals that fuel our creation and inspire us every day. We also love that it gives our clients and photography students an enchanted backdrop to let their souls and imagination roam free.

Our home at the Castle is deep and rich with history. With leaded glass windows, iron balconies, stained glass murals imported from 13th century France, arched ceilings, and secret staircases, the house of Je Revele is an atelier for storytelling.

Formerly known as the Merriwold Estate, it was built in 1926 by Seward Johnson, the founding father of the Johnson & Johnson fortune. Over the years, tales of gala parties, secret passageways, speakeasies, mysteries, scandals, and visits by movie stars marked its hallways. One immediately feels transported when they step on our grounds the traditions of a different place and time.

Natalie’s grand studio was once the host to many storied masquerade balls among the American royalty in the earlier part of the 20th century as well as an indoor playground for the Johnson children. It was also later the home to the Old Queens Gallery, showcasing rare art for many years.

In the old world tradition of our previous homeowners, we’d love to host you as our guest. We invite you to come in and see us, and share a mocha cappuccino that Natalie is becoming quite famous for. Let us show you around and tell the tales of our storied space. But most importantly, let’s create your story.

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