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What matters most is today | by Natalie Licini

April 19, 2014 /

We took the kids to the cemetery today to visit my father in law and his twin brother. We named our four year old daughter after my father in law. He passed away just over a year before she was born.  He was one of the best men i knew. He valued family over everything else in life. He would tell us time and time again that the only thing that mattered was family.  Its something i think about often.

And later that afternoon we went to the mall. The kids went on the carrousel which they love and took a photo with the Easter bunny.  Luc absolutely loved the Easter bunny.

I kept looking at our three kids.

All three.

Heavy heart.

Unwinding before bedtime we sat in the backyard with Luc on a sheet because he does not
like grass.  Poor thing, just does not like the feel.  I guess I don’t blame him.  Its so sweet watching our girls adjust his blanket so that he’s comfortable. They dote on him so much. I wonder how long this will last hehe.



Its amazing how different these kids are. My girls are total opposites.
And Luc has so much energy. He started walking at 10 months.

As a working mother im always thinking about building a better tomorrow for my kids. Not
realizing that it’s today that matters the most.

But i realize it now.

I think life is going to be very different for me now. So grateful for my little ones…


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