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Teresa Napolitano| Real Housewives of NJ | Boudoir Photos NJ

October 17, 2014 /

Teresa Napolitano| Real Housewives of NJ | Boudoir Photos NJ

Late this Summer the gorgeous twins Teresa Napolitano and Nicole from the Real Housewives of New Jersey visited our historic castle studio in New Jersey.  We planned a two part session together.

It was wondering getting to know these ladies.  They have such an incredible family and relationship.   I don’t have a sister, just two brothers myself.

I think its such a rare gift to be best friends with a sibling.

Someone to be a sounding board…

to laugh together with,

shop with and love life.

They’re both so optimistic and genuine.  I had a blast photographing them with Kristin.

Today, I’ll be revealing a few of Teresa’s gorgeous boudoir portraits.  Stay tuned for Nicole’s.  Thank you to our insanely talented hair and makeup artists Michelle Ernest who has been with me for over 3 years and Jackie Allen our new powerhouse stylist.

These beautiful women have children, AND they also have incredible personal trainers.  AND great genetics.  I rarely see abs when photographing women.  Teresa is so toned it inspired me to put down the brownie while I was writing this blog.  He he


Teresa NapolitanoTeresa NapolitanoTeresa NapolitanoTeresa NapolitanoTeresa Napolitano

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Teresa Napolitano

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