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A Great Valentine’s Day Gift | Dudeoir Photos

February 12, 2015 /

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, our clients are surprising loved ones with a special gift – dudeoir photos.

What is Dudeoir?

3 years ago boudoir photography was the biggest trend and it is still hugely popular!  In the last year and a half, dudeoir photography has skyrocketed.  Dudeoir photography is a play on the word boudoir, but focusing on men portraits instead of women.

My goal when we launched dudeoir photos the summer of 2013 was to showcase the beauty of a man in a style that was simplistic in nature, often edited in black and white, showcasing the male form in a way that it was perceived as art or a sculpture.  I was introduced to a book by Herb Ritts from my talented friend Chuck, which showcased profound images of men.   This was my initial inspiration when I launched this genre of photography.

dudeoir photosdudeoir photos

How to prepare for a dudeoir shoot:

I love a little 5 o’clock shadow for the first half the shoot. A little bit of an edgy look on some men.  For wardrobe, men bring a 3 piece suit, classic button down shirts, jeans.  A leather or jean jacket, watches and sunglasses.  Sometimes, men bring fitted underwear and fitted t-shirts, it depends on the look – every session is personalized.

dudeoir photosdudeoir photosdudeoir photosdudeoir photosdudeoir photos

If you are looking for a unique first 1st anniversary gift: paper is the traditional gift, consider a dudeoir photo shoot.

A portrait with Je Revele at the castle is a relaxing and luxurious experience. We are located in a historic NJ castle. If you’re looking for timeless portraits to hang on the walls of your home, please call us to schedule a session.


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Men’s Portraits NYC | Dudeoir Photos at the Je Revele Castle

September 6, 2013 /

There was an air of excitement in the castle. It wasn’t every day that we had a man coming in to be photographed, although now it’s become a more popular type of session we schedule these days.  I think it has much to do with the pensive yet striking man who sauntered carefully up the gothic stairwell.

In one heartbeat, Roly arrived at the studio.  As soon as he walked in, I could feel my fingers tingle, itching to reach for my camera.  This face..that body… all of him…was meant to be seen!

I couldn’t quite place his look.  Mysterious?  Reserved?  Intriguing for sure.

I tried to make small talk with him as we set-up for the shoot.

Roly actually seemed nervous as he leaned over to whisper to his companion, tentatively displaying his wardrobe selections.  They consulted together and I conferred with them as well as to which outfits would produce the best look.  How could anything look bad on this man?  I felt quite certain that he could work a burlap sack!

My camera was in love.  For someone who seemed so shy in person, this man was a star for the lens.  Leaning against the classic Cadillac as his backdrop, Roly’s smile rivaled the stars.  Other staff members giggled and blushed as he moved from set to set.  All eyes were on him!

And yet,  thee was not a sense of gloat or awareness that he was being so admired.  His sensuality was innocent.  Every instruction was followed, although many times direction was not needed.  He knew what to do.  A simple gaze.  One clench of the jaw.  Amazement and awe.




Since this shoot, we have received numerous calls to the studio for men’s portraits. Our clients realize that we are able to capture a person’s essence in its prime and preserve it for all time.  In our photographs,  we reveal the most desirable, irresistible features that time is destined to ultimately change.  Fortunately for us, we can admire Roly’s handsomeness for years to come.


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