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September 1, 2013 /

Family Time:  Family Photos Taken in a Historic NJ Castle

There are few sights more beautiful than a young couple with their infant child.  If I could look up PROMISE in the dictionary, such an image is what I’d imagine seeing.  So precious is this time, full of possibility and hope for the future.  Such a blending of dreams. It is hard not to feel nostalgic and optimistic when in the presence of such love. TingHo and her husband Christopher, college sweethearts, came to castle in search of capturing the special bond shared between them, evidenced in the adorable looks of their little son, Nino.  Their portraits reflect the essence of family.

TingHo and Christopher are a lovely, multicultural family- she, Taiwanese and he, Italian.  They seemed to love the experience of being at the castle and we loved having them!

The setting can really make the difference when photographing the special bond between family members.  Just knowing the very studio being used for a session is a castle adds to the glamour and excitement of the whole experience.  We are please to have been able to provide the royal treatment for such a lovely couple and child.


TingHo’s Feedback

The experience was very pleasant. We like the location of the studio and the photographer Jessica was friendly and welcoming. She did a good job to make us look good! 

 I felt very comfortable – it almost like hanging out with my son and husband in a cool place.

We got to dress up sitting in a castle! That was special. And we played with our son – although he got impatient at the end, it was still funny to see some of the pictures that he was crying. 

 I love the environment (including the furniture) the most.   And due to unexpected rain we hope next time to have out door photos taken at the castle.


We look forward to photographing baby Nino as he grows! And next time, it’ll be outside!!


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