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4th of July post |NJ Family Photographer

July 4, 2014 /

A 4th of July Message from Je Revele: a NJ Family Photographer

by Natalie Licini, NJ Family Photographer

As we celebrate Independence Day on this cool fourth of July, I look back on 2014 with gratitude for the many amazing clients new and old who have come to Je Revele.  Many who have become dear friends!

As I sit here, my mind wanders and I find myself thinking of new resolutions for myself, my family and my business. Especially as I embark upon the second half of the year, I look back and wonder:  Did I accomplish what I hoped so far?  Is my path different, better or worse?  What are my hopes and dreams the rest of the year?

And as much as I may want to plan my life, it has a way of sometimes surprising me with unexpected things that make me stop in my tracks.  After the scare in April with my four year old Andrea, my life was charted on a different course.  My family, my children, my experiences and relationships shifted.  All good things, by some miracle.   I’m working a bit less these days.  I’m having fun photographing my kids. Somehow that lessened over the last few years.

NJ Family PhotographerNJ Family PhotographerNJ Family Photographer

I’m enjoying these moments with my family.  I’m grateful for everything this year, especially the health of my kiddies.

As we head into the second part of the year, I want to thank all our amazing Je Revele clients from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you for letting us in and allowing us to be a teeny part of your life with your family.  It is always such a great honor.  I want to take a moment to make special mention of one person.   On July 19th, I had the privilege of photographing a truly remarkable and accomplished young woman just a few years out of college. With life challenges few could handle at any age, never mind her age, she was such a breath of fresh air and left me inspired and grateful. She was such a bright light and a brilliant woman. I will cherish meeting her and hope she had an unforgettable day with us.

Lots of love to you ALL on this joyous fourth of July.


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