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Natalie Licini Portrait Artist

February 25, 2013 /

In 2007, I realized that I wanted a different life.   I no longer wanted to be a part of the rat race working on Wall Street.  After many years studying photography, I took a leap in 2008.

Why 2008 you might ask? It was a very important year for my family, as we welcomed our daughter Gianvieve into this world.  I wanted to be around for her.  I followed my heart, initially focusing on weddings, but soon realized while Gianvieve was young, that I had a great love for portraits as well.  This would give me the ability to spend more weekends with our growing family as we welcomed our daughter Andrea into our family in 2010.

There are so many things in my past that have shaped me.  I have very few memories of my father growing up.  My parents split when I was four and my dad died very young.  I was just ten when he passed away.  I think I saw him once after my parents split.  I remember him calling from time to time from Florida and I always asked “when would I see you again?”

I cherish the few memories I do have of my father.  Last week, my mother received a note from my father Jay’s cousin.  The note said….

“I went to grab a recipe book I had and in it that fell out was an old TV Week from an old news paper dated 4/20/86 and I had scribble all over it. I believe it was from a conversation I had with Jay telling me to listen to CBS FM 101 I wrote on this TV Week paper To Natalie From Dad in Port Richey “Weekend in New England” by Barry Manilow – I believe he dedicated this song to her do you remember that –  Thought this would be a nice memory for her….. Xox nite! A”

If you listen to the lyrics of the song…

Last night I waved goodbye, now it seems years

I’m back in the city where nothing is clear

But thoughts of me holding you, bringing us near

And tell me, when will our eyes meet?

When can I touch you?

When will this strong yearning end?

And when will I hold you again

Time in New England took me away

To long rocky beaches and you by the bay

We started a story whose end must now wait

And tell me, when will our eyes meet?

When can I touch you?

When will this strong yearning end?

And when will I hold you again

Our children cherish more than we know.  They may not admit it yet, but they do.

Life is precious and for some it’s too short.  It’s never too late to leave the rat race or change your path if you so desire.

I’ve met so many wonderful people who have shared stories with me.  Some faced struggles… loss of loved ones too early.  I think we all have a story.  If you think you want a different life, don’t wait.  Life is just too short.

And remember… our children only have one childhood.



January 7, 2013 /


Je Revele is pleased to announce its newest additions…

The Je Revele Baby Plan, Baby Registry and our In-Home Newborn Studio!

One of the greatest joys of being a full service photography studio is that we’re invited to join in the journey of our clients’ lives. We’re there to capture their most intimate and treasured moments through the ages. From engagement to wedding day, intimate portraits to a maternity shoot…every chance to photograph these moments are both an honor and privilege.

But…we have to admit…

One of the greatest joys of all is the day our client calls us to tell us she is expecting a baby. Our tiniest clients have been entering the world in increasing numbers lately, so we’ve decided now’s the time to do something extraordinary for them!

Je Revele has created some amazing offerings to help you capture these most precious and fleeting moments…


Now you can join Je Revele Baby, a members-only plan to help you capture all those fast and fleeting moments through fine art photography. Featuring:

  • A full year of photography sessions, we’ll capture those special moments from that very first kick in your growing belly, right up until the first birthday.
  • Priority scheduling, appointment scheduling
  • In-home or In-studio session, your choice
  • Exclusive members-only savings, complimentary gift items and Je Revele products.

Here’s a brief overview of your Baby Plan.  To download our 2013 Baby Plan brochure click here

[issuu showflipbtn=true documentid=130317025735-d085bc0ed5f04651a269aca3e0aa0ca2 docname=2013_baby_plan username=natalielicini loadinginfotext=Je%20Revele%20Baby%20Plan%202013 showhtmllink=true tag=baby%20plan width=600 height=231 unit=px]


New parents will always get the items they need from their baby registry. But what about the dreamy, luxe gifts they really want?  Fine Art Photography is a sentimental lifelong gift.  We’re so pleased to announce the Je Revele Baby Registry, an online gift registry-approach to fine art photography:

  • Easy to register, fully customized approach to your baby photography
  • Simple-to-use online registry that allows gift-givers to buy online!
  • Online access to check your registry
  • Exclusive savings, products and gifts for Registry and Baby plan participants
  • No hassle of duplicate gifts! …Just loving contributions towards your family’s treasured newborn memories
  • Each gift-giver who buys from the registry also receives a gift from Je Revele!


As Moms ourselves, we know that the earliest days with a newborn can be tough. Sleep deprivation and various post-partum challenges should not deter you from capturing those tiny feet, wrinkled skin, rosebud lips and all the other joys of baby’s first days of life!  It’s our mission to make those early days amazing:

  • Your choice of an in-home session in the comfort of your own space;
  • Or, if you choose, we welcome you to the Castle for your session, as you relax and indulge, we’ll we nurture your little one
  • Optional in-house or traveling Je Revele beauty stylist to do your hair and makeup so you can participate and feel gorgeous during your newborn session.
  • Our beautiful props, portable setups and tiny custom accessories, which we personally select for each session.

If you’re expecting or know someone who is, we’d love to talk about how we can serve you. Baby photography is a heartfelt passion of Natalie and Cate, and we’d be honored to work with your family. Just give us a call at 732.964.3773; we’d love to speak with you. Or, click here to contact us by email and we can send you further details.

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