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Personal Photographs and the effect of color and visual imagery on the human psyche.

March 28, 2013 /


Your home is a reflection of your personality, your style, and even your passions. Every room presents an opportunity to introduce something unique and personal into the space. It’s where you should feel most yourself… most at home.

That’s why we encourage our clients to get creative in choosing how to decorate their walls. Personal photographs will evoke a much deeper meaning than cookie-cutter decorations. They reflect the things that are most important in your world—your family, the places you’ve been, memories of shared times. They also take you back to the experience behind the image, and that journey is accessible with every glance.

The Importance of Color in Photographs


Whether you realize it or not, the colors that surround you are actually impacting your mood. One of my clients recently confided to me that her son was generally overstimulated and had a hard time winding down before bedtime. I suggested she consider outfitting his bedroom with images that reflect an aura of calm and serenity. She loved the idea and commissioned us to shoot a series of images whose subject matter and color palette are soothing to her son (We’ll share those at a later date!).

For years, scientists have been studying the effect of color and visual imagery on the human psyche. Studies show that certain colors can actually produce chemical reactions in the brain, producing very real changes in physiology and mood. Similarly, scenic subject matter—like a pristine beach or flourishing garden—have been proven to reduce stress, increase positive emotions, and promote physical well being.

The medical field is catching on, revamping hospital walls with colors and imagery proven to stimulate positive emotions and aid patients in the healing process.

Color and mood-setting is something we’re intimately acquainted with. In getting to know our clients, we determine what’s really important to them. From there, we choose a setting or landscape, specifically colored accessories and clothing, and even poses that reflect the desired tone. We never miss a detail!

Check out our color key below. Consider it when making your own decisions about imagery, wall colors, and even clothing!

Red is passionate, glamorous, and even a bit dramatic. It’s known to stimulate energy and can even rev up heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, and appetite.

Orange encourages warmth and enthusiasm. It’s a stimulant known to increase mental focus and energy.

Yellow is joyful, optimistic, refreshing, and balancing. In ancient cultures it was also known to purify the body and stimulate the nerves.

Blue is known to soothe, heal, and calm hyperactivity. It’s known to ease tension, lower respiratory rate, heart rate, and even blood pressure.

Green is most relaxing to the eyes, known to relieve stress and encourage vibrance. It produces a feeling of rest and tranquility.

Purple can be both rich and restful depending on the shade. It’s known to stimulate creativity, intuition, and peace.

White on its own gives off a clean, light, and ethereal feel. Mixed with black, the contrast can be subtle or striking, soothing or serious.

So what does this all mean for you? Experience the same daily benefits at home by consciously decorating your space with colors and images that inspire whatever mood you’re after.

When choosing images to grace your walls, those decisions could be playing a more central role in your disposition than you might think, so choose wisely.

And if you’re like many of our clients…. working with a New Jersey interior designer like Rose Abby, can transform your home.

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