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June 23, 2014 /


New Jersey & New York maternity portraits:  Reflecting on the gorgeous maternity photo shoot in Highland Park we had with the lovely Lisa, I felt inspired to think of the typical maternity experience and what it brings out for so many mothers to be. Thank you Lisa, for displaying the deepest of all truths. When we give birth to another, we find ourselves reborn.  We hope you’ll consider a New Jersey & New York Maternity Portraits shoot with us.




We invite you to the castle, home of the some of the best newborn photographers in NJ and maternity photographers as well.  New jersey & new york maternity portraits by Je Revele.




One of my favorite New jersey & new york maternity portraits by Je Revele.NEW JERSEY & NEW YORK MATERNITY PORTRAITS


New jersey & new york maternity portraits by Je ReveleNEW JERSEY & NEW YORK MATERNITY PORTRAITS


A Letter to My Expectant Self

Dear Maternal Me,

Hello Gorgeous.

You are blossoming with hope, wonder and awe. Literally full of love. Bursting at the seams!

People look at you and say they see a glow. You can actually feel it, warming up your thoughts as you dream all day and night.

Others glance at your body and you know your growing girth is no reason for shame, but instead but of great admiration.

You are more beautiful than you have ever been.

You many have never felt this way or even slept as soundly, or fretfully, as you do now.

This child is teaching you that your body is a sacred home, defying definition by size or flaw.

This time has brought you back to yourself. As you plan for and dream for your new baby, you are redefining what your own dreams are for yourself.

You are learning patience and trust, recognizing that all wonderful things come in time.

The love you already feel for this unborn child is a birthright we all have.

There was once a time, when you too, were waited for, with pride and hope. That was a time the whole world, as much as you knew of it, celebrated every aspect of your being, no matter how it sounded, (or smelled!).

You once were cradled. Protected. Engulfed in love.

And now here you are again, from the other point of view. Full circle.

You’re discovering that your heart is able to expand far greater than you thought possible.

Waiting, at this precipice, you demonstrate a simple grace. This is the most YOU that you have ever been.

All in the anticipation of a child. Your child. Yourself. You.

With Love,

Radiantly Reflecting Me 🙂

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new jersey boudoir photos

NJ newborn photos | baby photos in New Jersey with Je Revele

June 20, 2014 /

NJ Newborn Photos: building a relationship with your photographer

We met Jodi and her husband on their wedding day.  It was not just their wedding day though.  Jodi and Danny were together for years and were expecting their first son together.  They called us and booked a maternity session and immediately following got hitched.  It was amazing!

Kristin photographed her maternity session.  I didn’t meet Jodi until her viewing appointment.  From the moment I met her I felt like I was sitting with a long lost friend.  When she asked us to photograph her son in her home that very next month I was honored and excited to meet her little man.  Here are pictures of baby Jackson just a week old.  What an angel!  If you’re considering NJ newborn photos, please feel free to call us with any questions you may have.

NJ newborn photos

NJ newborn photos


NJ newborn photos

NJ newborn photos

NJ newborn photos

NJ newborn photos

NJ newborn photos

NJ newborn photos

NJ newborn photos

NJ newborn photos

NJ newborn photos

I just love watching baby Jackson grow as his mother texts me pictures of him smiling or bathing.  He’s such a happy little boy.  It’s been almost two months since he was born and I can’t wait to photograph him again.

As a new jersey newborn photographer, and mother of three children age 6, 4 and 13 months, I absolutely adore meeting new mothers and being a part of the first moments with their little ones.  If you’re looking for some of the best newborn photographers in New Jersey, we’d be grateful if you’d consider us for this special time.

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Life is precious | by Natalie Licini

April 17, 2014 /

I had the scare of my life last week. My daughter Andrea, just four years old, was running for the ice cream man and fell in an area that she should not have been and had a life threatening injury.

I got the call at work and was stuck in rush hour traffic and I tried to get to the ER. Hearing my own mother on the phone crying hysterically when she is normally so calm made my heart EXPLODE out of my chest. WHAT IS WRONG, WHAT HAPPENED? No one knew at that moment. The horrible thoughts racing through my mind and overwhelming worry as I drove slowly in traffic to Staten Island to await the news, see my daughter and family. Tears streaming down my cheeks, I called my brother. He stayed on the phone with me telling me everything will be okay. But I could hear it in his voice. He was just as scared as I was.

And just so you know, Andrea was okay. She is okay. It’s a miracle.

But when I arrived in the ER, there were so many people around her. She had a neck brace and arm brace on. I heard my mother say to her “Mommy’s here Andrea”

I raced to my daughter on the gurney, leaned over her because she couldn’t move. Upon seeing my face she SMILED and whispered

And a tear rolled down her cheek.

…and then a tear rolled down mine. I tried to be strong. I was a wreck.

CT scan of the head and neck revealed a fractured skull. They had to watch her closely for 24 hours. I did not leave her side and neither did my husband. We slept on chairs overnight getting 1 hour sleep here and there constantly staring at her with our heart in our throat dying inside praying she’d be okay. The fall was so terrible and scary.

After 3 days in the ICU she was released and they say she’ll be okay. Fractured skulls take 1-3 months to heal. She’s healing slowly, but I’m not. I’m a wreck.

I want to buy her a helmet. I want all my kids to wear helmets when leaving the house, even just for a walk. But I know that’s not realistic.

People say kids are resilient. But all I see is how precious life is.

This was one of those moments in life that forever change you.

I’m so grateful she’s okay. My baby… my big girl. I just want to watch her grow.


NYC boudoir photo studio | Testimonial for Je Revele

April 5, 2014 /

NYC boudoir photo studio

I’m not sure how many people reading this post have had a boudoir session in the NYC area, but I have.  It’s such an exciting and liberating experience.  A bit nerve wrecking too.  It’s also a core requirement for the entire Je Revele team as well.  Jess, Kristin and Charity have all been photographed in the last 18 months by me.  I wish I could share photos but they’re under lock and key.  hehe

One of our gorgeous clients came by to pickup her album and thanked us for the experience. I asked her if she’d mind sharing a few of those words on video.  Sometimes our clients feel a little nervous when planning a session with us.

Jenna F boudoir testimonial for Je Revele a NYC boudoir photography studio.

In 2013 we photographed over 135 fabulous women for boudoir and glamour sessions at the castle in Highland Park, NJ and on the Upper West Side in Manhattan.   Our lovely client Jenna was looking to setup a boudoir session in New Jersey last year.  When she called us, we were so excited to meet her.  Jessica photographed Jenna last Summer and boy did I wish I did too.  Michelle styled her on the day and looked absolutely breathtaking.

We created an album for Jenna and when she picked up her products she was so thrilled I asked if she wouldn’t mind sharing her experience on video.  If you’re considering booking a shoot in our NYC boudoir photo studio – give us a call anytime.


 NYC boudoir photo studioNYC boudoir photo studioNYC boudoirNYC boudoirNYC boudoir

With photography studios located on the Upper West Side in NYC and in a historic NJ Castle, Je Revele’s award winning team of artists look for the subtleties and stories that others may not often see.

If you’re thinking of planning a luxurious NYC or New Jersey boudoir photography experience in a historic castle, give us a call.  Our sessions are all about you.  We can plan an era inspired session (think 1930′s glamour).  Do you have a special occasion coming up? Wedding or special birthday?  We photograph women age 22 through 64+ who want to celebrate life, and celebrate themselves.  After all you only live once.  We would love to create iconic photographic art with our team of talented boudoir photographers at Je Revele.

Also featured on our boudoir blog:

We listen with our eyes to the many ways epic beauty is expressed.

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Benjamin Von Wong | Art immortalizes a creator’s passion

February 18, 2014 /

Art immortalizes a creator’s passion. With every brush stroke, we can later observe his or her intensity. In every composition, the aesthetics are designed to portray the artist’s perspective; a dream being made manifest in the connection of thought and action. And for a photographer, it is the conceptualization of an idea, documenting its design, and then bringing it to life through the lens of a camera.

Henri Cartier Bresson once realized, “I suddenly understood that a photograph could fix eternity in a instant”, before he realigned his career from painting into photography.

The red mistress –

As is the case for many artists, fame results as a by-product of a unique style or the inherent character revealed to the world. We think of Annie Liebovitz’s perfectionism in the way she brings out her subject’s true personality to make us believe no photographer was present; but rather that we have glimpsed a person’s most intimate thoughts.

To see human ingenuity in action is to understand the inspiration of art. A true artist has an internal motivation, an unrelenting drive, and often times is journeying on an unchartered course in life. It is the sum of these experiences, more often than from formalized training, and the networking with other likeminded and talented people, that the work can be transformed into a masterpiece.

Every so often I meet an artist, whom despite his/her age, emulates the wisdom, skill and tenacity of a seasoned master. Most recently, my muse has been the incredibly talented Benjamin Von Wong.


It takes an immense amount of passion and commitment to capture the images that Ben Von Wong has been able to create. With limited experience and even less formal training, Wong has demonstrated a level of photography that can only be characterized as genius.


National Slovak Theatre –

Utilizing his background in engineering, Wong’s work reminds me of those of the late Philippe Halsman, also a former engineer, and acclaimed cover photographer for LIFE magazine during the 50s, 60s and 70s.

Wong, like Halsman did in his career, work relentlessly on creating images of perfection. Photographs that make a viewer do a double take and question whether it is real are the culmination of hours and hours of tedious attention to detail and an intense striving toward the goal of creating an epic shot.

Time –

Part of Wong’s brilliance arises from the fact that he has harnessed it from his own awareness of his psyche. He is extraordinarily self-aware. Wong recognizes his limitations as well as his strengths. He actually credits his triumphs as after- effects of his shortcomings. For example, Wong’s own awareness of his limited patience has often become a catalyst for his getting projects completed quickly, and perfectly, before moving onto anything else.

This focus helps Wong enter into a creative zone of absorption; a state where time travels quickly as what psychology professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi iconically termed ‘flow’.

Wong reflects on his life with his family, traveling the world, attending thirteen different schools and having learned to speak 3 different languages.

These experiences broadened his awareness about multiple cultures and the world and added a global understanding of the variety of ways people live. Wong also realizes the difficulties of such a life, the constant struggle of not having a road mark, never knowing where he is going for sure. Never sure if he’s making the right decisions. He has had to reinvent himself so many times in his life and has had a tremendous amount of time to reflect on who he is and what he believes in.

 The Agonist –

 Wong’s photography is quite remarkable. He credits his creativity to the knowledge of what makes him happy, what keeps him happy to rise each morning and feel passionate about what is being sought. One distinctive attribute of an artist is the ability to see beauty, or the potential of beauty, in the everyday. As he meets new people and makes new connections, his repertoire of inspiration grows. Wong’s mind is so open to all that he is, as well as all that is everyone else.

After spending a short amount of time with Ben Von Wong, anyone would be privileged to attest to his brilliance, artistry and potential for further greatness. His mind has been able to develop in an environment which has primed him for iconic art. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this young man has set the bar for the photography industry for the years to come. Mark my words, we’ll be seeing a lot more of Von Wong’s work as he continues to bloom, expand and become more of who he is.

Salvation –

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