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Leah MacDonald | Art & Inspiration Workshop

October 17, 2014 /

Leah MacDonald | Art & Inspiration Workshop

As an artist, I often feel pulled and pushed in new directions.  It’s an exciting roller coaster to make something and put a piece of you into your art.  It’s scary too.

Every year, I hope to attend one workshop. Sometimes two.  I want to push myself and take my work to the next level.  

I was introduced to encaustics through Jennifer Hudson’s 2011 workshop with one of my best friends Peggy. It was an incredible experience, but difficult beyond belief to create a piece.  I deeply admire my friend Peggy’s work and when she introduced me to Leah MacDonald, I was excited to hear that she taught an art workshop with wax, paint and encaustics not far from my hometown.

Leah is a multi-talented artist, photographer, mother of 2 who makes these incredibly beautiful albums, which should be called treasures instead of albums.  I can’t describe them with words, as they contain photos, memories, notes, poems and so much more than you could imagine.  They’re so unique.  Check out her site:


Leah MacDonald was such a kind and thoughtful teacher. She was so welcoming opening her home and studio up to Peggy and I this week customizing everything, ensuring we were at home, feeding us and answering our 15,000 questions.  Her energy and positivity was infectious.

She introduced us to the process, the tools and options.  She taught us how to look at a piece and work with it until we love it.  This is an ancient media, but she helped us understand the possibilities and gave us confidence to dive right in and make something beautiful.

During our workshop we learned to make art with wax, oil paints and pigments and encaustics too. We used pottery tools, mounted our prints and created art from scratch.

It was very scary at first.

But Leah guided us and answered our every question and suddenly we were creating on our own.  Well, with help initially.  Hehe

It was so exciting.  My portrait was transformed into a piece of art that I was so proud of.  This is one of my favorite pieces.  Its 16×20 mounted on wood.

Natalie Licini, Leah MacDonald Workshop

It was such an incredibly inspiring two days with Leah MacDonald.  I learned so much and can not wait to make art pieces for myself and for our clients at Je Revele.  I’m ordering supplies and can not wait to try this again next week in my studio.

Thank you Leah for opening up your heart and your home and sharing so much with Peggy and I.


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