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Behind the scenes of a Newborn Shoot | NJ Newborn photos with Natalie Licini

June 25, 2014 /

NJ Newborn Photos:  Behind the scenes of a Newborn Shoot

Are you considering taking NJ Newborn Photos of your little one on the way?

If this is your first baby (or fifth) and you are looking for baby photography ideas, here’s a helpful behind the scenes video of a newborn photo session with New Jersey based photographer Natalie of Je Revele.  This video is courtesy of FYI Philly with Alicia Vitarelli and her beautiful family.  We filmed this in Alicia’s Philadelphia home early this year.

Watching this video, you’ll see and hear some answers to popular questions our new moms ask all the time.

Some of our clients ask:

“How long is a typical newborn session?”  

We reserve four hours for all newborn sessions, to allow babies to fall asleep comfortably.  With our very relaxed pace, we only photograph for an hour or two of that time, and our priority is keeping our babies cozy, clean and well fed.

“My baby isn’t sleeping well.  How can we get those adorable sleeping baby photos?” As a mother of three very different children ages 13 months, 4 and 6 years old, I realize every baby may need different soothing techniques.  Whether its feeding, burping, rocking or swaddling these beautiful babies, using a white noise machine in a warm home, we are experts in comforting your little ones.  Last year we photographed 4 sets of twins.  You’d think it would be impossible to get these littles ones to sleep at the same time, but it happened every time. Thankfully! If you’re consider taking NJ Newborn photos – or have questions, call us anytime.

NJ Newborn photos

NJ Newborn photos: twin photographyNJ Newborn photos

If you’re expecting your first baby, give us a call to reserve two potential photo dates for your NJ Newborn photos.  It’s ideal to photograph little ones under ten days old.  We recommend setting one date 5 days after your due date and the second date about 7-10 days after you due date.   If you’re looking for the best newborn photographer in NJ for your family, give us a call anytime and we’d be happy to invite you to our studio to give you a tour of our newborn props and blankets and much more.


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