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Style Quiz

What is your Wedding Style?

How do you envision your wedding in your mind?

Is it light and airy or dark and dramatic?  Do you want purely candid photos with NO posed family photos at all? Are you getting married inside a museum or a rustic barn, a chateau or estate, or outside in a garden?

At the end of the day, your wedding style comes down to storytelling, lighting and composition. You want to find a storytelling technique and style that matches your vision.

If you’re unsure of your wedding vision take our style quiz.

Wedding Storytelling and Styles Explained


There are 3 methods of storytelling in photography: photojournalism, traditional photography, and contemporary/lifestyle photography, explained at the right.


There are several styles of photography, which include lighting and technique.

Do you like light or dark images? Do you like light, bright and romantic images or dark and moody with a fashion feel?  Do you like rustic do it yourself images with a farmhouse feel?

Looking at the composition of photos:  do you like artistic photos? Moments that are unique with an interesting viewpoint?  Framing, perspective and angles create cool composition.

If you’re unsure take our style quiz below.


A photojournalist documents a wedding without direction, posing and manipulation.  They are storytellers who observe and capture events as they unfold naturally. It’s a purely documentary approach to capturing a wedding where the photojournalist doesn’t take and setup family portraits, or bridal portraits.  They don’t photograph detail pictures or anything requiring direction/placement or setup.

Traditional or Classic

This is the opposite style of photojournalism, where clients look in camera and smile for posed portraits directed by the photographer.  Clients often provide a list of family portraits to be taken. These photos will stand the test of time. They’re sometimes formal and posed.


Contemporary Wedding Photography and Lifestyle photography is a fusion of photojournalism with some traditional methods of posed portraits, some direction by the photographer and styling. They are setup but less formal.

Candid moments are documented, along with some photos posed by the photographer.  Detail photos are taken, family and bridal photos are taken.

Style Quiz

Does this image match your style?

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