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Private Photography Lessons | Natalie Licini Je Revele

April 29, 2016 /

Private Photography Lessons

Je Revele Fine Art Photography is offering private Photography Class New Jersey beginning this June at the Castle beginning June 2016.  We are offering both daytime and evening private lessons.

Do you love photography?

Would you like to take your pictures to the next level?  

Learn how to shoot in manual mode and transform your family photos to artful pictures that you will cherish!  I have been taking pictures all my life.  And they weren’t always at the quality level you see today.  Join us this June for a fun filled basic photography course.  We are offering advanced topics as well.  Details below…

The Art of Photography

Je Revele at the Castle in NJ

DATES: We can customize our private lessons to fit’s your schedule.  Offering Monday through Thursday daytime or evening by appointment.  Any questions, feel free to email me.

Instructor: Natalie Licini;

Course Description

This FUN and private hands-on Photography Class New Jersey shall provide students with a greater appreciation for and understanding of the artistic potential in digital photography.  The course held at the Je Revele Castle in Highland Park, NJ is designed to familiarize students with the technical aspects and controls of a manual camera. Emphasis in this class is on the development of the students’ self-expression.  This is a very casual course encouraging students to learn at all levels.  You do not need to have any basic knowledge prior to joining this class.  This June, I will encourage students to explore all types of photography; including, but not limited to portraits, still life, landscapes, macro photography, photojournalism, etc.

Course Objectives:

  • Students will gain a basic understanding of the history of photography
  • Students will understand and demonstrate the basic controls of an SLR camera.
  • Students will learn the basic qualities of light for use with photography both available light and flash.
  • Students will explore photography as a expressive art form.
  • Students will create images that illustrate their understanding of composition, design and light.
  • Students will develop a vocabulary that will enable them to offer constructive criticism to their peer’s work.
  • Students will be using their new camera skills and techniques to generate beautiful portraits, landscapes and much more!
  • Students looking to launch a business will learn how to incorporate, name, and insure their business
  • Students will learn how to create a brand, manage social media effectively.
  • Students will learn how to create a website
  • Students will learn advanced business topics including: Marketing, Customer Service, Pricing & Products and Advanced Editing.

These objectives will be obtained through lectures, demonstrations, class critiques, provided reading, and hands-on operation of equipment in this Photography Class New Jersey.


There will be weekly shooting assignments handed out in class and due the following week.

Lesson Topics:

Available Topics

Photo 101 topics

Understanding Exposure, aperture, depth of field and lenses

Understanding Shutter Speeds: Fast, slow: freezing action, panning

The Art of Storytelling

Taking beautiful family portraits

Composition, light & color


Add’l topics can be covered and customized to suit YOU

Business Topics

Launching your business, incorporating, naming, insurance and accounting

Creating a Brand

Social Media

Creating a Website: selecting images, editing and branding your website


Customer Service

Pricing & Products

Advanced Editing

Fees:  All lessons are one hour.  The fee for one hour is $275 plus tax.  Pre-purchase 3 lessons for $695 or 6 lessons for $1175.

TO SIGN UP: We have limited space for our mentorship.  Please enter “1” and click buy now.

Photography Mentorship

Upon receiving your email receipt, kindly email with your preference for dates and times (Monday through Thursday).  NOTE: There are no additional fees or charges at all in this Photography Class New Jersey.

Recommended equipment: Digital or Film DSLR camera (any brand).

If you’re interested in renting a camera for the mentorship we highly recommend renting here (note: this is not necessary to attend the course):

IMPORTANT: Kindly note, all course fees are non-refundable.

Excited to help you get to the next level!


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