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August 15, 2013 /

Expecting What Will Be

Pregnancy, as many have described, is a magical time.  It is a time in life when hope and dreams lie in wait and new possibilities are imagined.  To be able to look forward to an event so important, realizing that much of what will happen is yet to be determined.  So exciting!  I connect pregnancy to many themes in life; not just the gestational period before birth.  When something is up and coming, a next step in life ready for foothold, a vision prepared for action, a dream ready to be birthed.  Once it arrives, nothing is ever the same.

For these reasons, some of my favorite sessions are maternity shoots.  Tatiana, our maternal beauty queen, wanted to capture this special time in her life and share the experience with her new family.  Her family includes a vibrant red-headed 6 year old stepdaughter.  Witnessing the variety of skin tones, hair colors and body sizes in this family gathered together is such a wonderful example of the great diversity of our country.  Each member of this family is expectant.  Looking forward to a new baby, a new life together, and for one little soul- a new baby sibling! I began to wish that everyone could see this marvelous moment.  Thankfully, the essence of this time has been captured in print.


What are you expecting for yourself?  What new life event lies on your horizon? It’s coming…


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