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Not printing your pictures?

February 6, 2020 /

Do you have any old photo albums of your parents or grandparents?

I have 2 albums from childhood that I cherish more than anything in the world. My brothers and I joke and laugh at our hair, or our outfits. But we cherish these memories!
More photos are taken than ever, but FEW are printed and cherished.

So tell me? Are you not printing your pictures?

I woke up curious this morning so I counted how many albums (and image boxes) I ordered in the last 13 months for my clients and their families. I have ordered 81. YES, 81!
…plus printing hundreds of photos on my Epson in studio.
Yesterday, 9 more albums arrived from Italy, 7 client albums plus 2 grandparent albums.

It has been an incredible year documenting your pregnancy and meeting and holding Niko. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I means the world to hear how memorable and warm and compassionate I was. /

And for the incredibly amazing gift! I truly appreciated it (and still do). Lots of love, Natalie

I wanted to share this because I print at least one client album a week and print weekly portraits in studio.
DVDS are obsolete, USBs will be soon. Instagram is our new photo album, but does it really contain all of your best memories and what if you want to print from it in 10 years? The quality is awful. What if IG suddenly goes away what would you do?
I am so passionate about printing and preserving memories!

What do you want to remember about your life, your family?

But few families have books written about them and an album is
the closest thing. I believe it instills the love of a family and
their values which will get passed on to future generations. Sometimes I feel like I am just the custodian of my own parents wedding album, because it may be passed on to one of my children in the years to come. Granted they’re only 2, 5 & 7.
My father passed away when I was young girl, so this book is extra special to me.
Your wedding or family album will be a piece of your family history.
I want to share my mother’s wedding preview album. Fun fact: there are only 126 total photos/proofs from her wedding. Today we deliver 5-7 times that amount.

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