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NJ Newborn Photographer | Twin Newborn Photos | Welcome to the world Sebastian and Isabella

September 26, 2013 /

NJ Newborn Photographer | Twin Newborn Photos

This morning I had a moment of epiphany.  Amazement.  Awe.  As we welcomed twins Sebastian and Isabella to our studio.

We had a shoot scheduled for a couple, Heriberto and Fausto and their three-week old twins.  When we spoke to them prior to the shoot, we learned of their amazing story. Heriberto and Fausto, whom are very much in  love, decided to extend their love for each other and build a family.  The men located an egg donor whom was impregnated with two embryos, each carrying the sperm of one of the men.  So she was pregnant with their twins, and carried them to term. Now I find this gorgeous couple sit before me, each with their beloved son and daughter nestled in their arms.

Just seeing this couple sitting on the sofa, preparing for the session, I was struck by their dedication- to each other and to their children.  Each held a tiny wriggly infant, and each doted on his daughter or son with the intensity of a new parent.  If there was ever a time for stereotypes to be broken right before me, this was it.  Heriberto and Fausto each emanated a bond with their children that most of us see primarily demonstrated by a mother.

It was interesting for me to see this dynamic without a woman present.  Then I realized what I had not until now.  These men were truly everything to these precious babies. 

Both mother and father. 

Beginning and End. 

To have and to hold.

Isn’t that what love is?  Does a baby have to look only into the eyes of a woman to feel like it’s secure, loved, nurtured? Can a man provide what a woman so traditionally has, according to biology?  Spend a moment in my shoes this morning and you’d realize the answer is clearly no.  Love is what matters.  It doesn’t matter the giver’s gender, affiliation, skin color, or age.  Waist lines are not measured here.  Tradition doesn’t dictate what love has to look like. 

I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the time I spent getting to know this couple.  Such fortunate babies!  As the morning extended through lunch into the afternoon I captured the most precious moments between parents and children as my heart swelled with pride.  The best things in life are so uncomplicated.  When the heart speaks, follow it’s pulse.

We should all love each other…without definition or restraint.

Here are some of my favorite portraits of this beautiful family.

As if these beautiful babies couldn’t get any cuter, look at their beautiful

Newborn Baby Announcement

This is the inside of their beautiful tri-folded announcement.  #A D O R A B L E  !!!!

The best part about meeting this beautiful family is watching them grow as we document Sebastian and Isabella’s first  year (and hopefully 2nd and 3rd year and 4th year hehe)


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