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December 10, 2012 /

All of our clients are very special to us. But one in particular, is our movie star.

Meet Monica.

Monica, our fabulous over fifty, is someone we always refer to as our movie star. It’s not just about her timeless glamorous looks that look straight out of a film noir. It’s also about the story of a woman who began to transform her life on the day we met her. Monica’s story is what beautiful, tear-jerking movie scripts are made of.

Each of our sessions begins way before the actual session, sometimes months before in the pre consultation call. During that call, Monica shared her story (in her most beautiful Argentine accent, I might add).

As a mother, Monica had suffered a tragic, unthinkable loss in the days before her son’s birthday. After years of bereavement, she had an awakening and wanted to make a change in her life. She believed that seeing herself in a beautiful light would help her rediscover herself as the beautiful woman; a woman who had been steeped in the darkness of mourning for so long. Monica contacted us in the hope that doing a photo session could be the very first step as she began her new life. We of course were honored to commit to that goal and to help begin the journey with her.

On the day of the shoot, Monica sat in the makeup chair as Michelle helped her transform into the epic beauty of the old Hollywood era.

Before the shoot began, we raised our champagne glasses and made a toast to her late son. “To new beginnings,” we said, and we raised our glasses up to heaven. Michelle and I could barely fight the tears.

Our session was one of joy, laughter and rediscovery. Her positive energy, gorgeous worldliness and outward joy were infectious.

And all while all our clients are special to us, Monica will always be set apart in our hearts and minds. She’s our movie star.

There’s always something special going on at the Je Revele Castle.


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