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New Jersey Boudoir Photographers | Boudoir Experience and Reviews

March 11, 2013 /

When do you feel beautiful? We should feel beautiful every day.  As women, some of us  mothers… when we receive a compliment,  we doubt the compliment.

We do!  But I ask “Why?”

We may feel the person complimenting us is lying or being insincere. We need to embrace our own unique beauty!  How many times do you hear, “you look beautiful”, “you have a gorgeous smile”?  We doubt the compliment or politely say thank you.  I know I’m guilty of this myself.  But it feels good to feel beautiful to embrace the compliment and embrace our beauty.

All women are beautiful… but what matters most is how you see yourself. So, I ask… “When do you feel beautiful?”  

Every woman should believe she is beautiful!

“No matter how many times you tell a girl she is beautiful, she will never believe you if she doesn’t believe in herself.”  Katherine Beaulieu

Do you need an excuse to feel beautiful? No!!! You should feel beautiful every day!  One of our clients joked that this experience is an addiction… its something they want to do EVERY month.   The exhilaration… the excitement, there’s a high they feel afterward.  We rarely do things for ourselves… you know it, I know it.  Life it too short to not feel beautiful and enjoy every minute.  We’re grateful that our clients have had such incredible experiences and shared feedback with us.  We want to share this feedback  with you!


If you’re considering an intimate portrait session or boudoir photography shoot in New Jersey, feel free to read these experiences from some of our fabulous clients….


Boudoir Experience & Reviews

When I first decided to do this photography session, I was very apprehensive. I’ve never liked the way I look in pictures and couldn’t imagine that even a professional could change that. From the moment I spoke with them on the phone, I instantly felt at ease. They listened to everything I wanted to get out of this experience. The day of the shoot, Michelle did my hair and makeup and made me look fabulous. When I met Natalie, it was like I’ve known her all my life. After some champagne and a few “warm-up” photos, I began to relax, and with Natalie’s praise and encouragement, I began to feel more comfortable in my own skin. I went in today to see my proofs for the first time and I couldn’t believe the person I was looking at was actually me. It was difficult narrowing it down to my favorites because I loved so many. I can’t wait to go back and pick up the final products. These pictures are something that I’ll treasure forever. Thank you Natalie and Michelle for making me feel so special and beautiful.  ~Lady M

After years being the person taking all of my family’s photos I decided it was finally time to be in one and so I started looking for a photographer. What I found were artists.The Women at Je Revele made me feel like a celebrity from the moment I walked in to the Castle and the pampering never stopped. Michelle did a beautiful job with hair and makeup and was there for touch ups and changes as the shoot progressed. Natalie was incredibly helpful in posing and had the patience to get the perfect shot. She made me feel like a professional model, her energy was incredibly contagious I didn’t want the shoot to end. When it was time to pick photos I was presented with so many beautiful images and had a very hard time narrowing down my choices. The photo box was a special treat that I had never seen before and is such a beautiful way to display photos. I am beyond thrilled with my larger art prints as well. There was incredible attention to every detail and they truly delight in their clients happiness. Working with Natalie was like being with that long- lost friend you have wanted to re-connect with and I cannot wait to go back to the castle for my family’s shoot this spring.  Kathleen


Natalie and Michelle of Je Revele are an amazing team!! I was a little nervous before my session, but they both made me feel so comfortable. I did my consultation a month before my session, and my photos were taken by Natalie on that day. I was so incredibly happy with how my photos and album came out. I had looked into other photographers before discovering Je Revele, but the minute I saw their website, portfolio, and their studio located in a beautiful 1920’s manor, I knew I had to use them. I had so much fun during my session and I would absolutely do it all over again. Not only are they talented, but each client is special to them. I am so happy to have met Natalie and Michelle and I recommend them to everyone I know. I will use them again in the future.  ~Meredith


A day with girlfriends in a castle setting with lunch, champagne, and a hair and makeup stylist…sound good so far? That’s only the beginning! Natalie made four “middle aged moms” feel like super models! After lots of poses, stories, and laughs with friends, we sat at a beautifully set table and shared a delicious catered dinner. The stories and fun times continued and the bonus of AMAZING photographs will last forever. I don’t think I’ll be able to wait for Valentine’s Day to give them to my husband! Mary


I love Je Revele Fine Art Photography. From the start, Natalie was an amazing person to work with. She called back within a day of receiving my voicemail, set up a phone interview to see what type of shoot we would go for, worked with my schedule to set up a date/time for the photo shoot- and did a phenomenal job. She listened to what I was looking for, asked insightful questions, and when I arrived at the shoot, she had it all set up perfectly for me! As this was my first photo shoot- and a risque one at that- I was a little nervous, but once I arrived and chatted with Natalie and went over what we’d be doing, had some hors d’oeurves, sipped on some champagne while getting beautified by make-up artist Michelle, it all fell into place and the photos came out amazing. The castle itself is stunning and perfect for any type of photography! Natalie and her team are amazing at what they do- while still being great people inside and out!! I highly recommend Je Revele to anyone looking for any type of photographer- whether it be for weddings, newborns, family, engagements, and fine art. This is truly an amazing company to work with.  Kelly

Beauty is only skin deep. I think what’s really important is finding a balance of mind, body and spirit.

Jennifer Lopez

Je Revele is an amazing company that offers the very best experience to match their  work. Natalie and team take the time to get to know their subjects, as well as their expectations and goals, before they step foot in their studio. Natalie photographed me for a boudoir session. I was extremely nervous and hesitant to step out of my shell and have such pictures taken, however I was made to feel at complete ease and as beautiful as ever. My final products surpassed my highest expectations.  Laura

After, many years of sadness, ten to be exact, due to a terrible tragedy in my life, the loss of my youngest son at age 22. I decided it was time for me to be “ME” again! It was time to shine and start thinking about “living” life (just as he always thought) and not “surviving” life any more… so my decision was to start doing all those things which at one point were in my “wish” list and have left forgotten! One of the many items on my list: a photo shoot session … a “Boudoir” session as a gift to my husband and also hoping it would also help him make that step forward out of the “darkness”. My first encounter with Je Revele, was via a phone call where I expressed my wish and also gave her a background on my situation, it felt great she listened and we scheduled the photo shoot! I was getting closer to my wish.. The photo shoot, at the beginning I was a bit nervous, embarrassed and shaking .. but then Michele (make up artist) wonderfully and with the magic of her talent and brushes transformed me into an old Hollywood movie star! Then, sparkling wine and “The toast”, Michelle and I we toasted to him… he was my “ROCK” ! The photo shoot started and I could have been made to feel any more comfortable during the session! Her warm smile, her patience, her charisma and most of all her smile throughout the hours of shooting, made me feel FREE, as if I was on a “Magical Journey”and all my sadness and worries disappeared if not forever at least for a day! Her professionalism and talent showed not only throughout the photo shoot but of course once I saw the final product! At the time of picking up the photos I had a chance to meet the other half of this great and talented duo of photographers who represent Je Revele! I am very glad to have met them both, I am very glad I took a step towards a little bit of sunshine in my life and to have had such a fantastic experience for which I am deeply thankful! I highly recommend the Je Revele team not only for my personal experience, but for their talent , understanding and artistry! Tres bien! Monica Pataki


New Jersey Boudoir Photography Reviews

To see more reviews from our fabulous clients check out google here:


“I love seeing the transformation, and working with my clients to look and feel absolutely beautiful.  Whether you are 22 or 62, this is such a liberating and unforgettable experience.” ~ Natalie Licini

We help you style and plan your session and of course we work with amazing makeup artists and hair stylists Michelle Ernest & team.  You will look and feel FABULOUS during your session!

Through our distinct style of couture, boudoir, and fine art nude photography, we create a transformative, personal experience that help YOU explore your own soul, reveal your feminine essence, and experience art-in-the-making.

We create your treasured masterpieces to be enjoyed, shared and most of all –appreciated– for life.  To see more of our gorgeous New Jersey boudoir photos  check out our website.

Whether you are considering an intimate portrait for yourself or a loved one, a session experience with Natalie Licini and team is life changing.

Natalie Licini

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