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New Jersey Boudoir Photographer | with Megan

December 4, 2013 /

New Jersey Boudoir Photographer | with Megan

Every year, Boudoir Photography is becoming increasingly popular. Based on my experience in the industry, I’d say it’s the hottest genre of portraiture on the market.

Time and time again women book sessions at one of our studios, and express their desire to “feel beautiful”
It is often the case during phone consultations, a woman will express that her significant other describes her attractiveness, but it’s not always the way she sees herself. She wants to create a portrait for her spouse so that he sees her beauty in a timeless way.
And when each individual client arrives at one of out studios, I smile in disbelief. Is this really the woman who described herself as a bookworm? She seriously felt as though she wasn’t noticed for the looker she so obviously is?

Sometimes it takes another person to help a woman feel safe enough to embrace her sensuality. Many times it’s a husband. Often times it is us. I’m so proud of the countless ways and times we have been able to pamper, uplift, inspire, encourage and help a woman recognize that she is, in every role she carries out, a living, breathing work of art.

Megan is one such example of this realization. Just take a glimpse of some of her fabulous boudoir portraits in New Jersey.

New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

Here is what Megan had to say about her experience at Je Revele:

“My experience at Je Revele was memorable. I had initially planned the shoot to be an anniversary surprise for my husband. What I got out of it was much more. All my life, I never thought of myself as a beautiful, attractive individual. I was known as the smart one, or the bookworm but never the one to always get asked on a date or be invited to parties. Until I went to college, I didn’t really know what it meant to be attractive. My husband was one of those people to allow me to see myself in a different light. Through the years though for some reason, my self-image went negative again and I needed a something to give me the reassurance that I was a beautiful, strong woman.
My husband has always found me to be sexy and with photography being something that we both admire, I thought why not capture what he loves in pictures. What I got out of the experience was a confidence about myself that I didn’t expect. I left the viewing of my photos with a pride for the woman I am and for the woman I exude for my husband. I finally can see clearly what he is so proud of and why he is so happy to have me as his wife.
Like most women about to do a boudoir shoot, I was extremely nervous. I admittedly entered the studio shaking a bit from being anxious about what was to come. However, upon meeting the stylist, I was immediately put at ease and felt like I was about to spend an afternoon with a girlfriend. Once made-up, my shoot began and Natalie made me feel so comfortable. It can be quite daunting for a woman to have her picture taken in such an intimate fashion but Natalie made the entire afternoon fun and relaxed. Also, such a photo shoot can feel very posed and stiff but again, Natalie was able to capture me in a natural light that made me feel true to myself and show exactly what I wanted to convey through my photos.
It is not often that I can feel that sexy and sensual about myself but when you do something for your husband, who wouldn’t. I couldn’t have asked for a better atmosphere and experience.
My lasting memory from this experience was the reaction I got from my husband. Being that he is a hobbyist photographer, I have been his subject matter in the past for photos. He was happily shocked to see someone else catch me in a different light and have the ability to turn out with so many great pictures for him to choose from; the decision was not an easy one. I even think he saw me in a new light, probably one that radiated sexiness and sensuality but also one that gave him the approval that his wife was confident and comfortable with her own body.
The thing I loved the most about my session was the relationships I made with some women who I only met for a few hours. They gave me not only a great gift for my husband but a self-image that was improved and verified. There is nothing that could replace that kind of feeling or experience.”

New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

We’re so thankful Megan choose us as her New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

I must say one of the many blessings from doing what I do, is meeting people like Megan.  I’m so glad you found us =) xoxo

If you’re looking for a New Jersey Boudoir Photographer, please feel free to call or visit our studio to meet our team and see our picturesque castle studio.

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