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February 2, 2014 /

If These Walls Could Speak

What a wonderful delight it is to get to know our clients during a photo shoot. We spend such an intensely intimate amount of time together. We strive to become acquainted with each person’s desires, dreams, and fears. And at the end of each and every session, we always feel like we’ve made another good friend.

For precisely these reasons, we are over the MOON when a client returns to our new jersey photography studio for another session. Knowing the client was happy with our previous work, we are braced for the challenge of capturing additional elements of their life not seen in the last session. In some cases we get to bask in the glow of maternity radiance. Other times, the change is a tiny fragile infant embraced by love and soft blankets. Perhaps the family has tagged along for a portrait session? In this follow up visit, that’s precisely what happened.

The Chemo family embodies the charm of a Norman Rockwell painting. All four members being so good looking, it wasn’t difficult to pose them for a best angle. However, their two sons definitely stole the show with their adorable antics. Dressed so gorgeously in cerulean blue Pole sweaters, their smiles, glimmers of playfulness and love for each other took command of the lens. Through the eyes of these boys, we can see the deepest of bonds and truest of loves shared between their parents and for themselves.

To see them all together is exquisite.

Even the castle walls seemed to recognize their brilliance.

For me, it was a more personal recognition. I felt pride. To have the honor of seeing former clients and having them return to me for more. To know they believe in what we do and most importantly, to see the radiance we were able to capture and appreciate its value.

What an honor to photograph you! We look forward to seeing you again! Here’s a sneak peak inside their 2013 holiday card. This is a lovely trifolded design with the top design the outside and the lower design -the inside.

Here’s what Kim had to say about her experiences at the castle:

Being at the castle is always a pleasure. Natalie and her team are sweet and always make you feel at home. From the moment you walk in they always ready to give you a beverage of your choice and make you feel like a movie star!

My favorite features are the castle and architecture in the building gives such old world charm.

I hate taking pictures but the Je Revele team definitely makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. I have only done family and business portraits but hope to build up the courage to do boudoir portraits one day. I know Natalie and her team will make me feel like a princess.

There is always lasting memories when visiting the castle. My boys absolutely adore Natalie. My older boy loves taking pictures and Natalie actually let him take a picture with her own cameras and two years later he still talking about it. And my little one has such a crush on her.

There are so many things I love about my sessions from getting my hair and make up done and feeling like the most important person in the world for photo shoot.

And here are some of our favorite pictures captured at the castle…

…I couldn’t resist sharing their 2012 holiday card! I love to watch our families grow year after year!

We love the Chemo Family, especially Andrew and Jakey!!!


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