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Intimate Portraits: a popular wedding gift for grooms

September 26, 2012 /


A Google search on “Bride Gift to Groom” yields over 3.4 million search results.

But for that ONE-in-a-million romantic gift, our brides-to-be don’t use Google. They just come to our studio!

Intimate portraits sessions have become one of the most popular gifts from bride to groom among our clients. Brides visit us from all over the area to “fill” our signature image box, a treasure trove of visual goodness their groom simply can’t resist with photos from their session. That’s how we met Nicole, a stunning Latina goddess with the greenest eyes we had ever seen!  In preparing for her wedding in the Dominican Republic this October, she had one thing left to do – find the perfect groom’s gift.

On an otherwise ordinary weekday, Nicole snuck away on the morning of her fiance Quintin’s birthday.  We had a beautiful 2-hour session with this quiet beauty, complete with corsets, dramatic tulle and the golden warmth of the afternoon light here at the castle. Nicole had never done this before, but within minutes, her confidence illuminated her beauty.

Though we had never met her fiance Quintin, we knew two things: that he loved her curves and that this gift would be a great surprise for him. But in the end, the surprise was on Nicole!

Quinten joined Nicole for their private screening at our studio. As he sat on the couch, having no idea what he was about to see on the big screen, we took great pleasure in watching his jaw-dropping response. When the music slideshow of Nicole’s images was over, he paused for a moment and said, taking a deep breath, “WOW.  OK, I want EVERYTHING!” We all laughed, but then we saw the tender side of her charming fiance.

“You have no idea how happy I am she did this,” he told us. “I have always thought she was beautiful, but I am not really sure she ever embraced that for herself. Now I think she can see what I see in her.”  OK, I need to admit that I am a sentimental crybaby. But that really brought tears to my eyes.  As they selected their images, she seemed unsure which ones to pick, perhaps a little unsure of herself. But he knew exactly what he wanted – and actually had a hard time narrowing them down.

A session like Nicole’s, teaches us a very valuable lesson. The great philosopher and poet Khalil Gibran said, “Beauty is reality gazing upon itself in a mirror.” And that day, we felt so fortunate to be able to give Nicole the opportunity to see herself as the gorgeous stunning woman as everyone around her sees her. Days like this make it all worthwhile.

Thank you Nicole and Quinten for being such amazing clients and for letting us witness such tender moments as we did in our viewing session.


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