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How to make an ancestry wall and paint an ancestry tree

February 7, 2016 /

How to make an ancestry wall and paint an ancestry tree in just a few steps.

If you follow me on Facebook, you know February is Family History month at Je Revele.  Each week, I will be sharing some helpful tips including:

  • how to preserve your family history
  • how to create a family tree
  • how to document family history
  • how to collect your own folk lore
  • how to interview relatives & much much more

I love pinterest, and recently discovered these beautiful painted family trees.  I think they’re an incredible way to display portraits of several generations of your family.  I love looking at old photos and learning about my ancestors.  I believe portraits hung on walls instills the love of a family and their values.

Your ancestry tree is your visual family history.  

How can you find out who all your ancestors are? is a great tool to find out who your parents, parents are. Who your parents, grandparents are and so on. I’ve been looking on for my family dating back three generations. I’m close to finding everyone I possibly can find.  Winter is the perfect time to start a family project.

Have you ever be curious how to create and paint an ancestry tree?

ancestry tree

Photo & Art created by the talented Jaime Lowrie

Jaime Lowrie, is a very talented artist.  She shared a project she did for her mother. When I asked how she created this ancestry tree, she said “I used a pencil to outline it, and used acrylic craft paints. I used a lot of sponge brushes. I have step-by-step pictures I can send you.”

Here are some of the step-by-step photos of Jaime’s ancestry tree.

ancestry tree

ancestry tree

What if you want to digitize and enlarge an old photo?

I’ve had several people ask me how to enlarge an old photo.  In fact, my mother brought me a few older photos to use in our family tree, but some are too small.  I’m going to photograph the old photo to enlarge it (to 8×10) without losing the quality.  Photoshop gives me the chance to sharpen the photo, if necessary.  Here’s a great article how to scan/photograph and enlarge family photos:

I hope you enjoyed this helpful post.  Thank you again Jaime, for sharing these step-by-step photos.

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