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At Je Revele, we understand the great bond that you share with your animal companions. With all the joy and contentment they bring to our lives, we consider it an honor to create a distinctive portraits of your pet, taken in a luxurious setting.

In today’s world, when most of us think of family members, we include our pets among our relatives. Many people fondly refer to themselves as ‘pet parents’, and discuss babysitting their ‘grand dogs’, or have cell phone galleries full of portraits of their furry friends.

At our studio, your pet will be pampered and adored, preparing to show off its best animal features. You’ll be amazed at how much your pet resembles royalty after a pet portraits shoot with us.

Come see how Je Revele can help you memorialize all that is best about your pet for years to come. In our Central New Jersey castle studio, our photographers are committed to creating lifestyle and fine art portraits of your animal relative for all to admire.

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