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Happy New Year! 1-1-11 was a magical day indeed for Mr. & Mrs. Marmer

January 2, 2011 /

There was such a bright light surrounding Kathryn and Scott Marmer as their two beautiful families united as one on January 1, 2011.   Married at Scott’s parents home in New Jersey surrounded by people who love them most, this was one of the most emotional weddings I’ve had the privilege of attending.  Scott’s parents welcomed me as if I were family and I could feel the overwhelming love among each and every one sharing in their special day.  I wish my new friends a million lifetimes of happiness together!

Our 2010 Christmas Card

December 19, 2010 /

For the last three years, I’ve tried to come up with a creative and humorous Christmas card. This season was busy and I found myself at the first week of December with little time at all.  After a long day of shooting with my 2 1/2 crying while my 10 month old was ready to rock and roll most of the day, I sat down to design.  The card below took a bit of creativity and as such, I was inspired to re-lyric the popular Christmas Song “Let it Snow” to fit the day and most of this year in fact.  (*NOTE: the top image below includes the exterior photo of the accordion shaped card and the 2nd image is the interior of the card)

Just wanted to mention that my 2 year old Gianvieve above is crying and not singing “Let it Snow” as some people have commented.

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25 Random Things about ME

September 20, 2010 /

25 Random Things about Natalie Licini

1. I really dislike talking on the telephone (I’d rather EVERYONE text me). I’m going to teach my 2yr old and 8 month old to text next week.
2. I went to 6 colleges and finally graduated from the 4th one I attended in 2000.
3. Every time I look down, its 9:11am or 9:11pm (except now of course). That drives me nuts…
4. I jumped on that annoying baby name wagon, giving my 2yr old an unpronounceable name. I hope she forgives me someday.  My 8 month old will also have trouble with her name in the future.
5. I’m the funniest person on earth and probably the only person who thinks that.
6. I had like 27 jobs before the age of 19. Seriously!
7. I’ve been in love so many times and it happens constantly. I just have a big heart. Sometimes I fall in love with people, who are just genuinely nice.
8. I sit in front of a computer approximately 16 hours a day depending on my commute into Manhattan.
9. “I’m the Mary, you’re the Rhoda” (you know who you are).
10. Favorite joke: Why can’t a bicycle stand on its own? Because…. its two-tired.
11. There are a few things I knew too much about in my life — I might just be clairvoyant.
12. I enjoy writing things which make absolutely no sense at all to anyone (or me).
13. I hate the number 13… it just disturbs me. I think no one should have to work on the 13th floor.
14. I’ve started several businesses and will continue to do so. I launched a family site called Chaata located on the web at which helps support our community in Staten Island (with long term goals to help every major US city).
15. I love to travel! I mean I love to travel so much that booking a trip for someone ELSE gets me excited and the adrenaline starts to rush through me.
16. I’d really love to adopt a few children in the future, preferably siblings.
17. Every one of my closest friends are not friends and have NO similar personality traits. Strange, huh…
18. I was a man in my last life.
19. I play the guitar. So badly, that someone should hide it from me.
20. I want to go back to school to get my PhD after I have like 2/3 more kids.
21. I’m a car snob, seriously! If there was such a thing as Car-Snobs Anonymous, I would have to go. If someone cuts me off, I instantly look at their car and turn my nose up. lol
22. I know every lyric to Biz Markie’s song “just a friend”
23. I was a rock star in my 20’s (this has nothing to do with number 19.)
24. Favorite quote: “Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.” ~Emily Bronte
NUMBER 25: I love helping people so much that I think about it even when I’m trying to think of other things. 
Go Steelers!!!

Life Coaches are changing our future!

March 20, 2010 /

Having a life coach can help us maximize our potential and live a more rewarding life.  There are so many milestones in our life.  We grow up and move out.  We get married to the love of our life and buy a house.  We have children and may want to go back to school or launch a business. We have so many ideas or maybe we don’t have enough ideas and need inspiration!  Life coaching can help you achieve financial security, can help you through an important life transition or getting out a rut.  You can FINALLY live your ideal life!

Two of my favorite people in the world, Sal & Alissa Vazquez are a team of certified professional Life Coaches, and Founders of FingerPrints Coaching Group, specializing in Life Purpose and Entrepreneurial Development.  They help people discover their passions & strengths. They offer complimentary sessions for clients.  All sessions take place over the phone so location is a non-essential. If in-person connections are requested it’s ideal if you’re living in the greater NYC area.  Contact Alissa at

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