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NYC Wedding Photography – Nik Pekridis

October 19, 2013 /

We are grateful to announce that Nik Pekridis joins the Je Revele Team

A wedding day is like no other.  It is a photographer’s great honor to capture the wordless emotions that emerge while preparing for the anticipated nuptials.  Every detail of the day- the fabric, the floral arrangements, the gowns, the tuxedos all enhancing the subtle looks between the bridal parties and the prideful glances of the family members.

“I just love weddings.  I feel all the joy, glamour and happiness of the day,” reflects Nik Pekridis, renowned internationally revered wedding photographer.  After 25 years of professional experience, Nik has established himself as a visual artist, producing epic portraits for newlyweds around the globe.  While each couple eagerly partakes in the moments of their big day, Nik never misses a beat.  His creativity and eye for design sets him apart from traditional wedding photographers. His intuition and zest for love guides him to immortalize the moments no couple ever wants to forget.

Native to Greece, Nik is a 3rd generation wedding photographer.  In such a melting pot of culture, beauty and architecture, Nik grew up immersed in the many ways one can find beauty by enhancing the positives of the subject in his or her surroundings.  His style involves combining the elements of environmental portraiture with romantic undertones as well as editorial compositions. Nik passionately believes that a wedding should be a mixture of real moments, storytelling and stunningly beautiful images.

When asked to describe himself and his style, he replied, “I categorize myself mostly as an editorial and fashion photographer, who likes the romance and feelings of happiness at weddings. I take posed and candid shots, with a ratio of 80-20 in fashion shots.”

In recent years, specifically after attending a 2007 Greek seminar from internationally known photographer, Yervant.  Nik’s enthusiasm was even further ignited after this experience.  He has since gone on to acquire many accolades and achievements. A member of many organizations and societies all over the world, Nik has has won many gold merits, first and second places and Accolades of Excellence at SWPP, WPPI and PWS conventions.  In 2008, he was awarded best wedding photography in Northern Greece.  In 2010,  recommended Nik as one of the 200 top photographers in the wedding World.

As a life-long learner, Nik continues to seek out inspiration for his craft.  A recent visit to the Je Revele Highland Park studio gave him an opportunity to co-present a workshop with Natalie Licini in the historic castle.  Natalie was quite impressed with Nik’s talent, skill, and artistry.   With his eye for design, and impeccable work with wedding photography,  Nik Pekridis makes a perfect addition to the Je Revele Team.

Nik will be based in our upper west side Manhattan studio.  We welcome Nik to the Je Revele family.



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January excitement at the Je Revele Castle | New Jersey Photography Studio

January 4, 2013 /

New Jersey Photography Studio Special Offerings

There’s always something exciting going on at the Je Revele Castle each month.  Whether we’re photographing our clients outdoors or indoors in the studio, we have something for everyone each month.

There’s just 41 days till Valentines Day … what are you giving that special someone?

Here’s what’s happening this month.  Yahoo!

Remembering 9/11

September 11, 2012 /


I have to admit, it always seems trivial to go into work each year on 9/11.  As I sit in the studio today, doing what I love, it causes me to think and reflect. How could taking pictures feel at all relevant on a day like today?

No matter how much time passes, each year on this day, I can’t help but sit and think about that day – and more vividly, the night before.

It was 9/10/01, just before that fateful morning. I was walking through the World Trade Center plaza on my way home from work at about 8PM. The sky was dark and I remember stopping in my tracks, amazed by the towers. It was incredibly strange, since I walked through the plaza every single day. I stopped and sat at the fountain for a minute to take it all in. I remember really vividly thinking how massive and magical the towers were. They looked like a million little lights. It occurred to me that each light represented hundreds—maybe thousands– of people inside the building.

Just the next morning on 9/11, I missed my bus and was running late for an “important” meeting. I still can’t help but think that missing that bus may have saved my life. As 

I arrived in lower Manhattan about several stops north of my usual bus stop, detoured by what we thought was a building fire in World Trade center. So like a hard-working drone, I started speed-walking (in high heels!) to get to work. I simply did not realize the magnitude of what was happening.

From that point, I will spare the details. Natalie was there, too and has another horrific account of the day.

“For me it was an entirely different day. Working in 4 World Financial Center, just across the street, I was already at my desk when the first plane hit.  My office line when dead and I lost a call.  I remember everyone running to the large window on the 31st floor overlooking the trade center.   We weren’t sure if a helicopter hit, or if it was a fire. Everyone was confused.  We were heading out of the building as the 2nd plane hit people.  I too will spare the details, but I didn’t make it home until Wednesday afternoon. I was just grateful I made it home.” ~ Natalie

All of us, no matter where we lived or where we were, have an individual story about what happened next. Those memories are forever burned our minds and may never go away. We reluctantly heal, but we do not forget.

In the days and weeks that followed 9/11, I remember seeing all those hopeless plywood walls all around our downtown area, with faded missing persons’ pictures desperately stapled to them. As the weeks and months passed, the papers weathered and wrinkled, but the faces on them did not. It occurred to me, those faces were the tiny lights of the many windows I had seen the night before. On these faded pieces of paper were mothers, fathers, daughters, sons, servicemen and servicewomen, happy faces, hopeful faces, beautiful faces.

Last year, one of those faces entered my home. My neighbor Lynn approached me to help her with a project she was struggling with for some time. She lost her identical twin sister, Elaine Cillo, that day. I was honored when she asked me to help her create her image archive for the 9/11 Museum. As I arranged her sisters’ images in a collage, I felt as if I was holding sacred, irreplaceable artifacts in my hands. They were little moments of Elaine’s life that were immortalized in pictures. I cannot fully describe the feeling, but it was akin to holding a legacy in the palm of your hand. She was one of the many lights in that window. Seeing her images, seeing her bright cheery eyes, her full life — it changed me.

So, as I sit in the studio on a day like today and ponder the relevance of what Natalie and I do for a living, I realize that THIS is the relevance. Pictures are important to people. We are responsible for creating visual legacies. We strive to create images, day in and day out, that not just show what people look like, but to show what their LIVES look like.  THIS is why we come to work – on a day like today –and every day.

All of us have a story of where we were, what we saw, what we felt and who we lost on 9/11. 

We don’t want to relive the day – but rather revisit the lives that were lost; lives that meant something to someone. And for Natalie and I, we like to do this through pictures.

On this day of healing and remembrance, please feel free to share your thoughts and words.

Wishing you peace and love,

Cate and Natalie

Chateau Cherbuliez a new French restaurant in the Limelight building in Chelsea, NYC

August 28, 2012 /

Reviewers are abuzz about Chateau Cherbuliez, a new French restaurant in the Limelight building in Chelsea, NYC—and we are, too! Chateau Cherbuliez has already been featured on CBS New York, among others, and we’re excited to be shooting this amazing space in the coming weeks. It’s a piece of southern France tucked away into a Gothic church building, all in the heart of Manhattan; yet within the boundaries of its space, it feels like a proper escape from the city.

Though it only opened this summer, the restaurant already looks well-established and runs without a hitch. It also resonates with our own design aesthetic at Je Revele—the main outdoor garden-style courtyard is surrounded by stained glass and lush greenery, creating a lovely romantic atmosphere. In fact, the atmosphere is almost reminiscent of our studio location, with its luxurious setting. The interior space of the restaurant, too, is expertly designed and looks flawlessly renovated. We’re definitely looking forward to bringing out the best of this place with our photos—keep an eye on this page!

For a sneak peek inside this hidden gem check out this feature on CBS here: Hot Date Spots: CHATEAU CHERBULIEZ

Chateau Cherbuliez is lcoated at 47 West 20th Street, New York, NY 10011 corner of 6th Avenue.


Smugmug Success Stories Je Revele Fine Art Photography

August 24, 2012 /


What do a raincoat, a luxury car, a European hotel and Smugmug all have in common?


They all served as the inspiration behind our website,

Je Revele, which is the French term for “I Reveal”,  is a brand concept that we created to convey our philosophy of photography … to reveal truth, emotional depth and what’s not obvious about them. We knew that this concept would be challenging to communicate visually. So, we set out on a mission to find some inspiration.

In many afternoon brainstorm sessions and late night Skype calls, we poured through magazines, lists, books and websites to find items that inspired us. In the end, we narrowed down to a small list of premium luxury brands that represented what we wanted our brand to showcase: beauty, luxury, emotional depth and craftsmanship.  In the end, it was a raincoat, a luxury car, and a hotel in Paris that became the visual fabric of our brand.

Now, this is where Smugmug comes into the picture…

Having a concept brand means that every touchpoint needs to deliver that concept story, especially the website. For us, not just any web template would do. We had multiple layers of challenges to address, including a multi-genre photography business, a poetry and prose concept that is incorporated into our visual work, two newly merging artists and styles, a brand and studio consulting business and the desire to incorporate an intro video. Nothing out there fit our needs. That’s why we turned to Smugmug. By working closely with the team at Smugmug and their affiliated designer, we could customize their platform in a way that suited us. All the while, we would benefit from the many practical features Smugmug that offer us an efficient way of running our business.  It was a great experience – the team was open and adapative to our ideas, and offered creative solutions to some of less realistic ideas (oh yes, we got a bit carried away at times!). Net/net we ended up with a website we love and an infrastructure that serves our studio and our clients very well.

We were proud to be featured as Smugmug’s success story this week on their blog. To read about some of the ways we utilize their custom features, click here.

To learn about how Natalie and I help other photographers develop their visual brand identity, click here.

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