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Not printing your pictures?

February 6, 2020 /

Do you have any old photo albums of your parents or grandparents?

I have 2 albums from childhood that I cherish more than anything in the world. My brothers and I joke and laugh at our hair, or our outfits. But we cherish these memories!
More photos are taken than ever, but FEW are printed and cherished.

So tell me? Are you not printing your pictures?

I woke up curious this morning so I counted how many albums (and image boxes) I ordered in the last 13 months for my clients and their families. I have ordered 81. YES, 81!
…plus printing hundreds of photos on my Epson in studio.
Yesterday, 9 more albums arrived from Italy, 7 client albums plus 2 grandparent albums.

It has been an incredible year documenting your pregnancy and meeting and holding Niko. Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I means the world to hear how memorable and warm and compassionate I was. /

And for the incredibly amazing gift! I truly appreciated it (and still do). Lots of love, Natalie

I wanted to share this because I print at least one client album a week and print weekly portraits in studio.
DVDS are obsolete, USBs will be soon. Instagram is our new photo album, but does it really contain all of your best memories and what if you want to print from it in 10 years? The quality is awful. What if IG suddenly goes away what would you do?
I am so passionate about printing and preserving memories!

What do you want to remember about your life, your family?

But few families have books written about them and an album is
the closest thing. I believe it instills the love of a family and
their values which will get passed on to future generations. Sometimes I feel like I am just the custodian of my own parents wedding album, because it may be passed on to one of my children in the years to come. Granted they’re only 2, 5 & 7.
My father passed away when I was young girl, so this book is extra special to me.
Your wedding or family album will be a piece of your family history.
I want to share my mother’s wedding preview album. Fun fact: there are only 126 total photos/proofs from her wedding. Today we deliver 5-7 times that amount.

Breast Cancer Fundraiser 2019

February 13, 2019 /

Head shot fundraiser to support breast cancer!

Life is precious. Life is short.

We wake up one day and our kids are suddenly grown. Since 2016 my dear friend has been fighting breast cancer. It has been a brutal 2 1/2 years to say the least.

Blonnie was diagnosed with a very rare form of terminal breast cancer. Stage 4 HER 2+. The doctors words were not good, not remotely optimistic. The second opinion was even gloomier.

head shot fundraiser

(Photo credit above: Dina Douglass and Facebook friend unknown)

I love my friend! A LOT of people love this girl.  She’s one of the best people on earth. We don’t want to believe what the doctors said. We just want her to be healthy.

So now a few of us friends are working together to raise money to support her. We want her to have the BEST care possible to extend her life as long as possible!

I’m hoping today, that you will JOIN ME in helping her.  Medical costs are unbearable. She’s a photographer and small business owner with coverage that just isn’t enough.  When you work for a company, you get sick days and medical leave. But when you own your own business taking a day off or 2 months off is financially devastating.    Let’s support this beautiful woman with her fight!

Who NEEDS a head shot?

I believe many of you could really benefit from having a beautiful photo for LinkedIn, work, Facebook, dating, whatever, you always need a great photo! Beginning this month I am hosting a Facebook friends an family event at my studio. The donation is $75 WHAT?!! and 100% of the proceeds will be donated directly to my dear friend Blonnie Brooks who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at the young age of 35! She is trying both eastern and western medicine and the medical costs are overwhelming.

Each session for our head shot fundraiser will be 15 min long and come with one retouched photo! For any of my Facebook friends, PLEASE bring a friend with you. Our hope is to photograph 100 people to raise $7,500.

head shot fundraiser

Who’s in?


Step 1.  We would be grateful for your donation of $75 here:

Step 2.  Email me at to book your session at Je Revele in my New Jersey Studio. We are extending this fundraiser as long as possible to help Blonnie.  During the Winter, the NJ studio is the best option, but we can offer outdoor headshots May through October on Staten Island.

Step 3.  Please send us a screen shot of your donation.  We appreciate your support.

Other details: The Head shot event began Monday, September 19th and we are extending it until we reach 100 headshots.

A special thank you to Tina Marie Romero, Judi Marash, Claire Denora Bradford, Michael Gregorio, Shonica Zimmerman and Dina Laurence for your support already. We have 4 more people scheduled over the next week and hope to invite 90+ more to join us at the studio.

head shot fundraiser
head shot fundraiser

Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones for our head shot fundraiser!


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Family Photographs and the effect of color and visual imagery on the human psyche.

January 19, 2017 /


Your home is a reflection of your personality, your style, and even your passions. Every room presents an opportunity to introduce something unique and personal into the space. It’s where you should feel most yourself… most at home.  There is an effect of color and visual imagery on the human psyche.

That’s why we encourage our clients to get creative in choosing how to decorate their walls. Personal photographs will evoke a much deeper meaning than cookie-cutter decorations. They reflect the things that are most important in your world—your family, the places you’ve been, memories of shared times. They also take you back to the experience behind the image, and that journey is accessible with every glance.

The Importance of Color in Photographs


Whether you realize it or not, the colors that surround you are actually impacting your mood. One of my clients recently confided to me that her son was generally overstimulated and had a hard time winding down before bedtime. I suggested she consider outfitting his bedroom with images that reflect an aura of calm and serenity. She loved the idea and commissioned us to shoot a series of images whose subject matter and color palette are soothing to her son (We’ll share those at a later date!).

For years, scientists have been studying the effect of color and visual imagery on the human psyche. Studies show that certain colors can actually produce chemical reactions in the brain, producing very real changes in physiology and mood. Similarly, scenic subject matter—like a pristine beach or flourishing garden—have been proven to reduce stress, increase positive emotions, and promote physical well being.

The medical field is catching on, revamping hospital walls with colors and imagery proven to stimulate positive emotions and aid patients in the healing process.

effect of color and visual imagery

Color and mood-setting is something we’re intimately acquainted with. In getting to know our clients, we determine what’s really important to them. From there, we choose a setting or landscape, specifically colored accessories and clothing, and even poses that reflect the desired tone. We never miss a detail!

Check out our color key below. Consider it when making your own decisions about imagery, wall colors, and even clothing!

Red is passionate, glamorous, and even a bit dramatic. It’s known to stimulate energy and can even rev up heart rate, respiration, blood pressure, and appetite.

Orange encourages warmth and enthusiasm. It’s a stimulant known to increase mental focus and energy.

Yellow is joyful, optimistic, refreshing, and balancing. In ancient cultures it was also known to purify the body and stimulate the nerves.

Blue is known to soothe, heal, and calm hyperactivity. It’s known to ease tension, lower respiratory rate, heart rate, and even blood pressure.

Green is most relaxing to the eyes, known to relieve stress and encourage vibrance. It produces a feeling of rest and tranquility.

Purple can be both rich and restful depending on the shade. It’s known to stimulate creativity, intuition, and peace.

White on its own gives off a clean, light, and ethereal feel. Mixed with black, the contrast can be subtle or striking, soothing or serious.

So what does this all mean for you? Experience the same daily benefits at home by consciously decorating your space with colors and images that inspire whatever mood you’re after.

effect of color and visual imageryeffect of color and visual imageryeffect of color and visual imageryeffect of color and visual imageryeffect of color and visual imageryeffect of color and visual imageryeffect of color and visual imageryeffect of color and visual imageryeffect of color and visual imageryeffect of color and visual imageryeffect of color and visual imagery

When choosing images to grace your walls, those decisions could be playing a more central role in your disposition than you might think, so choose wisely.

And if you’re like many of our clients…. working with a New Jersey interior designer like Rose Abby, can transform your home.

To see more of her work here:

Rose Abby’s website:

You can view newborn and maternity photos in our gallery of    and more of our work at


Je Revele by Natalie Licini a NJ Family Photographer

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Private Photography Lessons | Natalie Licini Je Revele

April 29, 2016 /

Private Photography Lessons

Je Revele Fine Art Photography is offering private Photography Class New Jersey beginning this June at the Castle beginning June 2016.  We are offering both daytime and evening private lessons.

Do you love photography?

Would you like to take your pictures to the next level?  

Learn how to shoot in manual mode and transform your family photos to artful pictures that you will cherish!  I have been taking pictures all my life.  And they weren’t always at the quality level you see today.  Join us this June for a fun filled basic photography course.  We are offering advanced topics as well.  Details below…

The Art of Photography

Je Revele at the Castle in NJ

DATES: We can customize our private lessons to fit’s your schedule.  Offering Monday through Thursday daytime or evening by appointment.  Any questions, feel free to email me.

Instructor: Natalie Licini;

Course Description

This FUN and private hands-on Photography Class New Jersey shall provide students with a greater appreciation for and understanding of the artistic potential in digital photography.  The course held at the Je Revele Castle in Highland Park, NJ is designed to familiarize students with the technical aspects and controls of a manual camera. Emphasis in this class is on the development of the students’ self-expression.  This is a very casual course encouraging students to learn at all levels.  You do not need to have any basic knowledge prior to joining this class.  This June, I will encourage students to explore all types of photography; including, but not limited to portraits, still life, landscapes, macro photography, photojournalism, etc.

Course Objectives:

  • Students will gain a basic understanding of the history of photography
  • Students will understand and demonstrate the basic controls of an SLR camera.
  • Students will learn the basic qualities of light for use with photography both available light and flash.
  • Students will explore photography as a expressive art form.
  • Students will create images that illustrate their understanding of composition, design and light.
  • Students will develop a vocabulary that will enable them to offer constructive criticism to their peer’s work.
  • Students will be using their new camera skills and techniques to generate beautiful portraits, landscapes and much more!
  • Students looking to launch a business will learn how to incorporate, name, and insure their business
  • Students will learn how to create a brand, manage social media effectively.
  • Students will learn how to create a website
  • Students will learn advanced business topics including: Marketing, Customer Service, Pricing & Products and Advanced Editing.

These objectives will be obtained through lectures, demonstrations, class critiques, provided reading, and hands-on operation of equipment in this Photography Class New Jersey.


There will be weekly shooting assignments handed out in class and due the following week.

Lesson Topics:

Available Topics

Photo 101 topics

Understanding Exposure, aperture, depth of field and lenses

Understanding Shutter Speeds: Fast, slow: freezing action, panning

The Art of Storytelling

Taking beautiful family portraits

Composition, light & color


Add’l topics can be covered and customized to suit YOU

Business Topics

Launching your business, incorporating, naming, insurance and accounting

Creating a Brand

Social Media

Creating a Website: selecting images, editing and branding your website


Customer Service

Pricing & Products

Advanced Editing

Fees:  All lessons are one hour.  The fee for one hour is $275 plus tax.  Pre-purchase 3 lessons for $695 or 6 lessons for $1175.

TO SIGN UP: We have limited space for our mentorship.  Please enter “1” and click buy now.

Photography Mentorship

Upon receiving your email receipt, kindly email with your preference for dates and times (Monday through Thursday).  NOTE: There are no additional fees or charges at all in this Photography Class New Jersey.

Recommended equipment: Digital or Film DSLR camera (any brand).

If you’re interested in renting a camera for the mentorship we highly recommend renting here (note: this is not necessary to attend the course):

IMPORTANT: Kindly note, all course fees are non-refundable.

Excited to help you get to the next level!


Je Revele Fine Art Photography Studio & Gallery

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