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January 8, 2013 /




New Year’s resolutions are a bit cliché, no?  We make promises about things we “think” we will make us happier. But sometimes I wonder, is something out there I don’t know about, something beyond my wildest imagination that could make my life exponentially better?

Every day, clients and friends visit us at the studio; We’ve learned some of the most amazing new things that enrich our lives.  Ideas on parenting…gift giving…romance…art…love…organization…the list never ends. It got me thinking, what if all this wisdom and inspiration was collected and went viral?  WOW. Instantly, our whole world would be better.

Our castle studio is a place of comfort and inspiration; a haven of positive energy, creativity and liberation, not just for Natalie and I but all those who work with us. Not a day goes by where we don’t learn some ingenius new tip, a beautifully touching story, or even a wonderfully insightful comment about their photo session experience. Then it occurred to us, “What if everyone could benefit from all these spectacular ideas as much as we do?”

As we felt 2013 approaching, created a beautiful NEW blank book to document the wonderful stories and ideas of our visitors and guests.  Part journal, part visitor log, and all-inspiring, this book is going to document 2013 in words and ideas to pay the vast wisdom forward. Consider it a recipe book for life!

2013 is a book just waiting to be written! This is the time to master the art of perfecting our lives. Not just THINKING about change but finding ways to make it happen. It’s an opportunity to commit to ourselves and to START doing the things that will make us all better, happier individuals.  Our book is a way to disseminate the information and enjoyment of the ideas that connect us all.

So now, we’re asking everyone who visits our studio to take a few moments to jot down something helpful.  It can be a thought of the day, an idea, some new thing they learned about themselves, a note about their experience, the outcome of their photos, a tip on love, parenting, whatever!  Whether it was a photo shoot, a consultation with us, a giddy moment of laughter, helpful tips, or a life lesson to share…we want to know.  With each entry, we’ll begin to share one by one the creativity and wisdom of our clients.

By this time next year, we fully expect to have a fabulous treasure trove of imaginative, practical, and glorious insights from those who mean the most to us…. our wonderful clients and friends.

Even if you can’t visit us, we invite you to be with us in spirit! Post your thoughts and ideas here on the blog! We’ll happily add you to the book “virtually!”

2012 Image of the Year Contest | New Jersey Family Photos | New York Portrait Photographer

December 29, 2012 /

Our 2012 Image of the Year Contest has gone VIRAL!

After just a few short hours 3 images were neck in neck for first place. Cate and I wanted to add a fabulous grand prize for the first person to reach 100 votes.  Within 24 hours Avis hit 101 votes, with Joie at 96 votes.

There are so many milestones and blessings this year to celebrate. As a way to say thanks to our amazing clients we are offering something more…yes more.

Top “7” prizes for the 2012 Image of the Year Contest

Grand prize: 100 likes PRIZE including a Gorgeous album made in Italy (over $1200 value)  ~~~~ WINNER Avis ~~~~

1st place: 12×8 fine art portrait

2nd place: Custom iphone APP of their top 30 session images

3rd place: Slideshow movie of their session

4th place: 12 month calendar

5th place: Small memory book with 10 images

6th place:  iPhone case or set of 4 stone coasters of favorite image

As you know, the image with the most votes (LIKES), the winning client shall receive a gorgeous heirloom 12×18 matted wall portrait of the image.

As a BONUS to the top 10 highest ranking photos. If your photo is one of our top 10 ranked photos for 2012 you will receive a *complimentary mini session plus one free 8×10.  Click here to enter and cast your vote! CLICK HERE: (*Kindly note, we are holding mini-sessions on 2 different dates to be fulfilled before Aug 15, 2013.)

Our VOTING DEADLINE is EXTENDED! We’ve extended the voting deadline to New Years Day at Midnight. Winners announced 1.3.13 with the exception of the image who reached 100 likes.

Here are our 2012 Images of the Year.  Which do you like?  To vote click here:

Newborn Portraits

Family Portraits

Engagement Portraits

Wedding Portraits


Intimate Portraits a.k.a. Boudoir Portraits


What was OUR favorite client image this year? We can’t say…It’s just too hard to choose!

We’d like to enlist your help. We’ve narrowed down to a small few nominees from our 2012 client image galleries (an impossible task in itself!). Now, we’d like you to vote on YOUR favorite. Ask your family and friends, to vote too! The more, the merrier.


From the following gallery of images here: find the ONE you love. Which moves you? Makes you laugh? Stirs your soul? Makes you want to be in the portrait with them? Is it you in the image? Your child? Your family? GET FRIENDS AND FAMILY INVOLVED TO HELP YOU WIN! The more, the merrier. Cast your vote with a “LIKE”.

Good luck everyone!

Natalie & Cate


December 10, 2012 /

All of our clients are very special to us. But one in particular, is our movie star.

Meet Monica.

Monica, our fabulous over fifty, is someone we always refer to as our movie star. It’s not just about her timeless glamorous looks that look straight out of a film noir. It’s also about the story of a woman who began to transform her life on the day we met her. Monica’s story is what beautiful, tear-jerking movie scripts are made of.

Each of our sessions begins way before the actual session, sometimes months before in the pre consultation call. During that call, Monica shared her story (in her most beautiful Argentine accent, I might add).

As a mother, Monica had suffered a tragic, unthinkable loss in the days before her son’s birthday. After years of bereavement, she had an awakening and wanted to make a change in her life. She believed that seeing herself in a beautiful light would help her rediscover herself as the beautiful woman; a woman who had been steeped in the darkness of mourning for so long. Monica contacted us in the hope that doing a photo session could be the very first step as she began her new life. We of course were honored to commit to that goal and to help begin the journey with her.

On the day of the shoot, Monica sat in the makeup chair as Michelle helped her transform into the epic beauty of the old Hollywood era.

Before the shoot began, we raised our champagne glasses and made a toast to her late son. “To new beginnings,” we said, and we raised our glasses up to heaven. Michelle and I could barely fight the tears.

Our session was one of joy, laughter and rediscovery. Her positive energy, gorgeous worldliness and outward joy were infectious.

And all while all our clients are special to us, Monica will always be set apart in our hearts and minds. She’s our movie star.

There’s always something special going on at the Je Revele Castle.


Boudoir Photography | New Jersey Photography Studio | Je Revele

December 3, 2012 /

“I had an amazing time and I am a little sad it’s over to be honest. I would do it over and over again if I could. You made me feel so comfortable and beautiful. I actually felt like a model which was really cool and kind of a dream come true.”

Boudoir photography can mean many things to many people.  Meredith’s session, was a bit high fashion and glamorous with a splash of boudoir.  Cate and I refer to these sessions at Intimate Portraits.

Our sessions are all about our clients — experiencing art-in-the-making. When we talk to our clients, we ask them to imagine stepping inside a painting.  Your portrait will be not just be revered for your beauty; but also, for the exquisite gifts you brings to the world.

Not every session will be high fashion, some clients love the 1920’s and 30’s.  Each client is so unique and we try to plan something special, something they’ll never forget.


I loved Meredith the moment we met.  Her spirit and energy was contagious.  She’s one of those bright lights that makes you smile and brightens up a room.  She was a little shy at first, but you’d never know it seeing these beautiful pictures below.  This was one of my favorite sessions in October.

Meredith had so many sides to her… fierce, tender, and loving were just a few that I captured.

This girl is absolutely gorgeous!  My guess is that she’ll be deciding upon 5 marriage proposals by years end!

Meredith told me she felt like a model, and boy did she look like one.  She is a natural beauty!!

Wish we could post a hundred more photos of this beautiful woman… if you’re interested in planning a boudoir or intimate portrait session call us at the studio anytime (732) 964-3773.


Intimate Portraits: a popular wedding gift for grooms

September 26, 2012 /


A Google search on “Bride Gift to Groom” yields over 3.4 million search results.

But for that ONE-in-a-million romantic gift, our brides-to-be don’t use Google. They just come to our studio!

Intimate portraits sessions have become one of the most popular gifts from bride to groom among our clients. Brides visit us from all over the area to “fill” our signature image box, a treasure trove of visual goodness their groom simply can’t resist with photos from their session. That’s how we met Nicole, a stunning Latina goddess with the greenest eyes we had ever seen!  In preparing for her wedding in the Dominican Republic this October, she had one thing left to do – find the perfect groom’s gift.

On an otherwise ordinary weekday, Nicole snuck away on the morning of her fiance Quintin’s birthday.  We had a beautiful 2-hour session with this quiet beauty, complete with corsets, dramatic tulle and the golden warmth of the afternoon light here at the castle. Nicole had never done this before, but within minutes, her confidence illuminated her beauty.

Though we had never met her fiance Quintin, we knew two things: that he loved her curves and that this gift would be a great surprise for him. But in the end, the surprise was on Nicole!

Quinten joined Nicole for their private screening at our studio. As he sat on the couch, having no idea what he was about to see on the big screen, we took great pleasure in watching his jaw-dropping response. When the music slideshow of Nicole’s images was over, he paused for a moment and said, taking a deep breath, “WOW.  OK, I want EVERYTHING!” We all laughed, but then we saw the tender side of her charming fiance.

“You have no idea how happy I am she did this,” he told us. “I have always thought she was beautiful, but I am not really sure she ever embraced that for herself. Now I think she can see what I see in her.”  OK, I need to admit that I am a sentimental crybaby. But that really brought tears to my eyes.  As they selected their images, she seemed unsure which ones to pick, perhaps a little unsure of herself. But he knew exactly what he wanted – and actually had a hard time narrowing them down.

A session like Nicole’s, teaches us a very valuable lesson. The great philosopher and poet Khalil Gibran said, “Beauty is reality gazing upon itself in a mirror.” And that day, we felt so fortunate to be able to give Nicole the opportunity to see herself as the gorgeous stunning woman as everyone around her sees her. Days like this make it all worthwhile.

Thank you Nicole and Quinten for being such amazing clients and for letting us witness such tender moments as we did in our viewing session.


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