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Head shot fundraiser to support breast cancer

October 30, 2016 /

Head shot fundraiser to support breast cancer!

It’s Sunday morning in New York. And I’m laying in bed at 7:00am thinking about my day.

And then I think…. “Gosh, life is precious. Life is short.”

We wake up one day and our kids are suddenly grown. 2016 has been a hard year for a few of my friends. And for me as well. One of the hardest!

A dear friend of mine, Blonnie…

Who’s incredibly talented!

Kind as can be!

She has the brightest smile in the world and a beautiful 10 year old daughter…

She was diagnosed just four months ago with a very rare form of terminal breast cancer. Stage 4 HER 2+. The doctors words were not good, not remotely optimistic. The second opinion was even gloomier.

head shot fundraiser

(Photo credit above: Dina Douglass and Facebook friend unknown)

I love my friend! A LOT of people love this girl.  She’s one of the best people on earth. We don’t want to believe what the doctors said. We just want her to be healthy.

So now a few of us friends are working together to raise money to support her. We want her to have the BEST care possible to extend her life as long as possible!

I’m hoping today, that you will JOIN ME in helping her.  Medical costs are unbearable. She’s a photographer and small business owner with coverage that just isn’t enough.  When you work for a company, you get sick days and medical leave. But when you own your own business taking a day off or 2 months off is financially devastating.    Let’s support this beautiful woman with her fight!

Who NEEDS a head shot?

I believe many of you could really benefit from having a beautiful photo for LinkedIn, work, Facebook, dating, whatever, you always need a great photo! Beginning this month I am hosting a Facebook friends an family event at my studio. The donation is $75 WHAT?!! and 100% of the proceeds will be donated directly to my dear friend Blonnie Brooks who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at the young age of 35! She is trying both eastern and western medicine and the medical costs are overwhelming.

Each session for our head shot fundraiser will be 15 min long and come with one retouched photo! For any of my Facebook friends, PLEASE bring a friend with you. Our hope is to photograph 100 people to raise $7,500.

head shot fundraiser









Who’s in?


Step 1.  We would be grateful for your donation of $75 here:

Step 2.  Email our studio manager Jackie at to book your session at Je Revele in either or New Jersey Studio or select Staten Island locations.  We are extending this October fundraiser as long as possible to help Blonnie.  During the Winter, the NJ studio is the best option, but we can offer outdoor headshots May through October on Staten Island.

Step 3.  Please send us a screen shot of your donation.  We appreciate your support.

Other details: The Head shot event began Monday, September 19th and we are extending it until we reach 100 headshots.

A special thank you to Tina Marie Romero, Judi Marash, Claire Denora Bradford, Michael Gregorio, Shonica Zimmerman and Dina Laurence for your support already. We have 4 more people scheduled over the next week and hope to invite 90+ more to join us at the studio.

Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones for our head shot fundraiser!
head shot fundraiserhead shot fundraiser



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Pietro’s Fight | Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

December 18, 2014 /

Pietro’s Fight | Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Look at this handsome boy.  This is Pietro Scarso, just 2.5 years old.

Pietro's Fight

What a bright light.  I mean just look at this FACE.  You are probably smiling back at this child, right?   His adorable brother Nico is beside him.  They’re 15 months apart.

These boys are inseparable.

pietros fight

Pietro is a loving, sweet boy.  He absolutely loves legos.  I mean he

LOVES   –   ALL    –    things   –   lego and…    he loves life!

  • He loves Lego World
  • His favorite movie is Lego Movie.
  • He considers himself a master builder.
  • He’s calm and he’s patient
  • He loves to EAT
  • and dance!  They have a nightly dance off after dinner! AKA his dance room

pietros fight

I loved photographing them for their Christmas photos over the years.  Its always so much fun to watch children play together.  Boys seem to explore the world inch by inch.

He was born on May 14th, the same day as my son Luc.  I joke my son is the best of our 3 kids.  haha

Pietro is now 5 1/2 years old.  He’s a kind and gentle soul.  Dayna’s favorite memory of her son as a child is watching him in his highchair. He would just watch tv and grab whatever food was on his plate.

And eat…    and EAT and eat!  

He wouldn’t even look at the food, just eat whatever was in his hand.

But today, Pietro faces a lot of challenges.  He has trouble going up and down stairs.  He can’t play with children or ruff house.  He can’t exert himself like most boys could.  In the Summer of 2012 they found out Pietro had a rare disease.

—- JULY 2012 —-

My friend & client Dayna found out Pietro had a rare lethal disease just 8 months after I met them.  She started a foundation called Pietro’s Fight when her son was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). DMD children are confined to a wheelchair by the time they are 12 years of age, and succumb to the disease in their late teens due to respiratory complications. To date, there is no acceptable treatment or cure for DMD.

Like every parent, Dayna and her husband prayed for a healthy baby, and worried about the usual diseases and disabilities. Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy affects one out of 3,500 boys each year worldwide, but they had never heard of it.

They noticed Pietro was having difficulty on the stairs and made an appointment with a pediatric neurologist just 2 years ago. Hearing the doctor say that Pietro had DMD they looked at her as their eyes filled with tears.

Pietro will face many challenges in the next 5+ years. The progression of the disease is that children with DMD cannot produce dystrophin, a protein necessary for muscle strength and function. As a result, every skeletal muscle in the body deteriorates. Although Duchenne is the most common fatal genetic disorder to affect children, there is NO cure. The simplest of tasks become difficult, and in the later stages, heart and breathing muscles begin to fail.

Nearly 20,000 boys are living with the disease in the United States alone, and over 300,000 worldwide.

One of Dayna’s goals at is to urge the FDA to approve a drug that has been in clinical trial in boys for the last 3 years called Eteplirsen.  This drug is shown to slow down the progression of the disease and has defied the natural history of DMD.  Twelve boys currently in the trial are now in their teens and in most cases should have been in wheelchairs, but are NOT.  Instead, they’re walking, playing sports, and doing things that shouldn’t be possible for a DMD boy.  Sarepta’s timeline has been delayed for a Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy drug as the FDA is now requiring additional data as part of the submission. We are asking the FDA to enact Fdasia which was put in place by the FDA and Congress for fatal diseases with no cure.  The drug has been tested for 3 years and is only showing positive results. Instead of the application being submitted by the end of 2014 this means it is now being pushed back to mid 2015.

“When did we lose our right as parents to know what’s good and bad for our children. Why can’t we decide our child’s well-being. This trial is the hope we see for Pietro’s future, if data is showing it safe and effective, what’s the problem FDA?” Dayna Scarso, Pietro’s mom.

Here are few of my favorite photos of these handsome brothers.  PLEASE consider donating today HERE:

nj family photographer

pietros fight

Please help support Pietro’s Fight !pietros fightpietros fight

Please help support Pietro’s Fight !pietros fightpietros fight

pietros fightpietros fight

PLEASE consider donating today HERE:


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new jersey family photos



November 12, 2012 /

Photo Credit: Chris Scaglione.
This image was captured on a street corner in Tottenville, Staten Island as my husband helped a victim recover items from his home. His wife’s picture was among these “found” images in the woods.

In the hours before Sandy hit, deep dark clouds filled the skies wide. Heavy, howling winds brushed us all with fear of what was to come. We all prepared as best we could; readying our clothing for the days or weeks ahead, stocking our water and food supply, gathering cash, readying our basements, and easing the fears of our children.

In the midst of crisis, it’s human nature to worry about the items of our future.

When the storm hit, we experienced the strength of nature beyond explanation. Huddled in darkness together amidst the sounds of terror, there is nothing to do but live in the present. For many, it was the most present of moments we’ll ever experience.

We’ve all seen the images of Sandy’s ravage. The news coverage has been unwavering. But the irony is, when we experience tragedy, we immediately turn to the past. We embrace it, we mourn it, and then… we seek to find it again;

We find it in photos.

When people tearfully describe their losses from this storm, it is rarely mentioned in terms of dollars, cars, or jewelry. Not even once. What we hear time and again is the mourned loss of photos, the archives of our memory. What is close to the heart is priceless.

When we create a portrait for our client, we are not creating an image on paper. We are creating a visual for the sake of their memory, they way their life is or how they want it to be. We help them crystallize their life in a moment. Whether that image is passed on through generations or happens to be lost in a storm, it is a picture that stays with them. In their heart.

We’re happy to spite Sandy, to say that not all photos are lost.

In the heart of Tottenville section of Staten Island, a young woman has made it her mission to help people recover these memories as she searched her radius and collected images strewn far and wide.  Wedding photos, baby photos, even the photo of her friend who perished in the storm. She inspires us deeply; because even at her young age she understands that photos are eternal treasures. They are not measured in dollar value, but the currency of the soul.

To see this story as featured on WCBS 2 News, click here.

NY and NJ, we’re here for you, too. If you are a victim of the hurricane who has lost your home and your family photos, please give us a call to discuss how we may help.

Hurricane Sandy Staten Island

November 7, 2012 /

The devastating hurricane that hit my hometown on October 29th shut down Staten Island.  Half of our community of 400,000 people lost power.  Schools were closed for the entire week.  The stock exchange was closed for 2 days which was the first time since 1888.

I was born and raised on Staten Island.  I live in Westerleigh with my husband and two daughters, closer to the North shore of the island.  I happened to live in an area that is a few hundred feet above sea level.  We were okay.  My family lost power, but a mere three miles away in the Midland Beach area, the loss our South shore suffered was absolutely heart wrenching.

So far the death toll in NYC is 41, with 19 deaths from Staten Island.  HALF!

My family and friends spent the last week on the South shore doing whatever we could.  We had support and generous donations from friends around the world who rallied around us to aid in the recovery of our hometown.  I sent so many iphone photos over the last week, but today as my brother Jimmy and cousin Austin were on our way to bleach a families home and help with cleanup in Midland Beach, I wanted to document my community and share it with my friends.

You’ll see a photo below of a pet store and nearby store that was leveled as the water from the beach swept cars and boats and debris up to Hylan Blvd.

The red sign below says “UNSAFE AREA”.  You can see the door frame, that withstood the hurricane, but there was an electrical fire that demolished the building.

Around the corner, we saw houses leveled, but fences that remained.  People hung jackets everywhere.   I didn’t recognize anything at all.  It was shocking.

Upon closer look, we noticed a little teddy bear above the fence. Once again there was a sign that read “UNSAFE AREA”.  Is this really my home town?

As we were turning down Midland Avenue, we noticed an American flag blowing in the wind.  Garbage trucks were lined up filled to the brim.  They were dumping the garbage just down the block.  On the beach.  Yes, on the beach. I guess its temporary.  So many people are helping with this recovery.  At every corner, we noticed volunteers and families trying to recover and clean up their homes or what’s left of them.

At first glance the garbage dump at the beach didn’t seem that massive until I noticed the dump truck.  The garbage was piled higher then the truck and a few blocks in length.  This is what’s left of peoples homes, their things, memories… So much was lost.  Thankfully most are alive, but some are not.  Those who lost their home are staying in shelters or staying in what’s left of their home.  It’s just unbearably sad and unfair.

Turning left down Father Capodanno Blvd, I saw a few signs that read “Food/Water —>”.  I just gasped, I couldn’t believe it.

Sidewalks were destroyed on Father Capodanno Blvd.  Cars floated on to lawns, into houses.

When I drove further down Father Capodanno Blvd, I saw a boat, car and truck just a mere 20 feet from one another beside someones beautiful home.

The vision that popped into my head was frightening. How did this happen? What force caused this ground to crumble, truck to land on its side, just feet from a families home?  How do you even begin to clean this up?

We saw this shed on its side, on the sidewalk beside a tree. I cant imagine what happened that Monday night that caused this to move and land in such a way.

The streets are unrecognizable. Portable toilets at every corner.  Is this really New York City?  I can’t believe a natural disaster of this magnitude hit our hometown or any town.  Its surreal.

At every other block we see the military driving their humvees. I guess its comforting… but it’s also heart breaking to realize we need their help.

People hard at work cleaning up our community.  It’s only just beginning. We have a long road ahead of us.

My grandparents retired in the 1980’s and bought a small condo in a beautiful ocean front area on Great Kills, Staten Island called Port Regal.  We loved to spent time there. It was near home, but you felt like you were somewhere else.  It was peaceful and serene. Recently, my family discovered Pirate Beach which is a nearby playground for children. I was nostalgic returning to the Port Regal area with my daughters earlier in the  year.  But seeing it today was so devastating.

There were dozens upon dozens of boats washed on shore. Some damaged the condos.  All were totaled.  I couldn’t believe it.

Look at this pier, it washed ashore.

I spun around and around seeing boats at every corner.  I can’t imagine what it looked like on that fateful day.

My brother and cousin were in disbelief as we walked around.

Heading back towards New Dorps Miller Field, we saw so many more homes ravaged by Sandy. But something stopped us right in our tracks.  We got out of the car and looked a bit closer at the writing on the wall of this home.

You’ll see writing on the wall of this home.  The lower section says:

“The people in this house are all accountable!! 4 people, 1 dog. We are all safe.  God Bless us all.”

Just above that it says:

“Dear Sandy,

You will NOT BREAK US!   Go to hell! We hate Sandy!”

Dozens of trucks carting remnants of families homes were lined up on this block.  I couldn’t believe what we saw.  There was an SUV on someones front law, destroyed.

As we got further down the street, we saw a home collapse. The roof was visible but the walls couldn’t withstand the force of Sandy.

As I turn to my brother and cousin I see a boat on my right, just washed up on shore across from that home.

The military again… keeping us safe.  What a day.

A news crew was interviewing someone outside a home that collapsed.   We stood there for ten minutes and could not believe our eyes.

Portable toilets at every turn.

Some families stayed in their homes, but others camped outside, just across the street.  It was 37 degrees today, with the temperature dropping fast as we await the big Nor easter heading our way.  What is happening?  People can’t live like this.  What can we do?

The Hallowed Sons Motorcycle Club came to help below.  They had the BBQ on, cooking food for the neighborhood.  Keeping everyone nearby a little bit warmer.

Every bit counts.

People were driving from near and far to help.  Truck after truck, SUVs, cars filled with supplies to distribute to families in need.

I know Staten Island may seem far away.  Whether you’re 30 miles, 50 miles or 500 miles, we are all going through one of the toughest times in our lives. Sal Vasquez a Staten Island youth minister is on the ground helping families in need, specific families with supplies and everything they need to get through this tough time. We’d be most grateful for your support.  Your donation would be truly and sincerely appreciated.  We have a fundraising page setup here:

Cate is working on updating you on her town and the New Jersey Shore area next.  Please stay tuned for further updates.

I hope to keep you updated on our recovery efforts as Staten Island rebuilds.


Thank you for reading.

Much love,

Hurricane Sandy: Staten Island gets aid from all over the photography world

November 5, 2012 /

It has been one of the most devastating weeks in the history of Staten Island.  The NYC area, Long Island, the New Jersey Shore were hit hard as Sandy ravaged our communities.

I can’t begin to express my gratitude to my fellow photographers who sent us notes, text messages and left vmails to see if we were okay.  The outpouring of love and support was overwhelming but then SUDDENLY e-cards were being sent, paypal donations and checks to help with the recovery efforts.  Everyone wanted to help.  I just couldn’t believe the generosity.  Each text I received, email and message, I started to cry.  I couldn’t even utter the words to my  husband that my friend donated and then my other friend all from around the world.  It was amazing.

As I sat to write thank you notes last night, I realized that this weekend was unexpectedly wonderful thanks to their support.  I was able to help a lot of families thanks to their generosity.

Saturday I went to TJ Max and got a dozen blankets.  I got pillows, a warm coat for a child, scarves.  While I was on line to check out this grandmother and her granddaughter were talking to my daughter Gianvieve and I.  The girls were the same age.  She noticed we had nearly 2 dozen blankets. I said I was heading to the south shore.  She told me her daughter and son in law partnered with a local pizzeria to deliver hot food to families in need.  Her daughter called and said “we want to buy $1200 in pizza” and they offered 25% off.  They spent the day delivering hot pizza to families and recovery sites.  HOW AMAZING!!! I almost started crying on the check out line.

It was so cold out. As night was approaching, I filled canisters with hot cocoa.  I wanted to meet the volunteers and ask what the families needed most since many churches were already turning down donations of clothes.  I gave them all the blankets and supplies I got earlier.  They gave me a list and I jotted everything down.  As I drove away, I passed a family with 3 children pushing a shopping cart with supplies. I asked if they needed any more blankets and one teenager turned and smiled as he said, “no thank you we have everything”.

“We have everything.”  That just echoed in my mind over and over.

Sunday morning, Chris and I took the girls back to TJ max.  Saturday the volunteers told us so many families who lost their homes were sleeping on their lawns or sleeping inside the shell of their house because they had no where else to go.  IT WAS ALL THEY HAD LEFT.  They asked for pillows and blankets, flashlights and lanterns.  Many were sleeping in the dark with nowhere to go.

We got 14 more pillows.. a few more blankets.  With the upcoming NOR-EASTER scheduled on Thursday, there’s a huge effort to clear out their homes and break down sheetrock.  Families were asking for help with cleanup supplies: black garbage bags, masks because of the horrible smell, workers gloves.

We loaded our truck up with supplies and pillows galore. It was great to drive up to the Midland Beach/Oakwood area with so much for the families.   It wouldn’t have been possible without all the generosity by my photography friends.   When we pulled up cops were blocking off roads and wouldn’t let us down.  Once we explained we had supplies to help the cops cleared everything for us. I mean everything and nodded and as we pulled up to the intersection of Mill Road/Guyon.  Many of the evacuees were now sleeping in a community church that was vacant.  Although there was no power or electricity, they gathered there to be together.  At the intersection, there are 3 corners which held different items for the families.  Food on one corner, clothing/bedding on another and cleaning supplies on the last corner.

As we opened up the back of the truck these girls saw the massive stuff.   One girl said “Is that for us?” and gasped and said “THANK YOU THANK.” seeing her expression, I almost cried. Chris and I made a few trips to all the corners and people kept seeing us going back and forth emptying and this one guy yelled over “You guys rock!”.  The cleaning supplies were very costly.  One guy said “How much more of this do you have? How much did you spend?” (looking in disbelief) totally thankful.

I told them we had GENEROUS donations that really made this possible and they just all nod with these smiles that make everything ok.  As I was leaving, I asked what else they needed.  I gave one girl my cell and am staying in touch.

Chris was so glad he came with me today. He didn’t know exactly what I did yesterday, but he saw everything and was so grateful we were there.  All in all we spent 3 days and hundreds and hundreds of dollars in generous donations.  It was great.  We plan to help more this week.  Little by little, we’ll get there.

People in our community are helping each other out of the kindness of their hearts. Helping fellow Staten Islanders.  But many of the generous donations I received came from the West Coast and as far as the United Kingdom and have helped soooo so much.   Life is hard, we need to be there for each other.  People were there for me… there for my hometown.  It was overwhelming.

I have never been so proud in my life to be from Staten Island, and the love that I have seen radiate out of the people here is something I will never forget.


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