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How to select a studio for your family | Do you want to shoot indoors or outdoors? |The Best New Jersey Photographers

January 15, 2013 /

How to select a studio for your family | Do you want to shoot indoors or outdoors?

It may feel cold outside now, but spring will be here before you know it!   Now is the perfect time to book your session with us.  Whether you have found us through friends and recommendations…or through google or yelp, having a photography studio in New Jersey we offer our clients gorgeous indoor and outdoor portraits they cherish forever.

Our clients enjoy having family photos taken each year in a new location.  Whether we photograph them in our studio indoors or outdoors, we photograph clients in their home or accompany clients on vacation, to the shore or a number of fabulous locations.  In addition to the beautiful grounds of the Castle, we have a number of other fabulous on-location sites where we photograph our clients outdoors.

These locations are never randomly selected. We like our portraits to have a special connection with our clients’ lives and the outdoor backdrop is often a critical part of this. Included with every session we do is a pre-shoot consultation by phone. During this conversation, we discuss you or your family’s personality, personal style and décor. This often helps guide us to the right location in the New York and New Jersey area.

Just to share a few examples…

These beautiful boys are second-generation Irishmen and their parents make frequent trips back to see their extended family across Ireland. Their grandparents were raised on farms, which is an important part of their lineage. I even had the honor of visiting those farms during my journey to Ireland!  We chose this beautiful historic farm in Monmouth County to honor their family heritage. They are truly favorites within our collection.

This gorgeous little girl lives in North Carolina and traveled to us to be photographed in New York City. Her parents are native New Yorkers through and through and while they live in the south, their heart always remains in the big apple. This session was a chance for their daughter to discover the magnitude and wonder of New York, which we photographed in Central Park. It really shows how magical New York can appear to a small child, as if something from a dream.

Another favorite spot, especially in March to April are the botanical gardens in Monmouth County, just minutes from Cate’s home. This horticultural center provides amazing color and foliage which is the perfect backdrop to any session. We’ve photographed everything from newborns to engagement sessions to communion portraits in this space, and yet it feels different every single time.

My bride and groom began their love story in Monmouth County, so they loved the idea of being photographed here. She loves Twilight and we felt that the dark thick brush that surrounded their romantic moment felt just right.

As natives of Staten Island, two of of the most special locations near and dear to our hearts are Historic Richmondtown and Snug Harbor. Those are the places where Natalie and I first began shooting sessions together, and there are literally hundreds of backdrops to vary our shoots. We’ve used this location for everything from fashion-inspired shoots to newborn sessions and family portraits.

We have a love of Victorian architecture and our locations reflect that. There are a number of private and public mansions where we like to photograph clients to set the mood. We photograph both on the grounds and indoors of these special settings.

In the next few months, we will be adding a few sleek and modern locations to suit our clientele with more contemporary tastes, as well as key beach locations.

Our collection of on-location “sets” ensures that we have the variety we need for a great shoot and a perfect backdrop to tell our clients’ story in a style that suits them.

Now’s the time to book for spring! To arrange your spring portrait session and pre-consultation, please give us a call at the studio 732.964.3773. We’ll be looking forward to spending springtime with you.

Cate & Natalie


December 12, 2012 /

If you’ve ever lived on Staten Island, NY –or know someone who has — you know two things:

First, no matter where a Staten Islander may go, Islanders are fiercely loyal to their own.  Second, you’ll know that in a place of almost half a million people, it’s one, giant game of “Kevin Bacon”. We all know each other somehow. (Allow me to demonstrate the connections).

I grew up in Staten Island, on a wacky but warmhearted block, where the neighbors were as tight with one another as the distance between our houses. Peggy was a hard-working nurse and police officer who lived two doors down from us. She had five children and a husband in the military. I was their babysitter for a few years.

Last May, I was visiting friends on Staten Island for a party. In a frightening emergency, my son ended up in the pediatric I.C.U.  After a long night and a short sleep, I awoke to a comforting, familiar voice of the PICU nurse. (Connection: It was none other than Peggy).

Peggy and I reminisced for a while and when she found out I had a photography studio, she suggested I take photos of her grandchildren this summer at their Hamptons summer home. This led me back to Tara (Connection: Tara, the cherubic platinum blonde haired girl I used to babysit.)

Except now, Tara was in her 30’s with her own children. (Say what?! Just How OLD am I?)

Continuing on the SI connection game, Tara married Philip, (Connection: the brother of my old pal John from high school). We scheduled our summer shoot in the Hamptons and I asked Natalie to join me (Connection: Natalie grew up a few steps away from the Catholic school that Tara & I attended for 8 years). Natalie photographed Tara’s best friend Krissie and her children on the beach that same day. Our circle just grew bigger!

Seeing Tara’s children on the beach was both surreal and sentimental for me. Philip, age 5, was the spitting image of Tara’s brother Chris (Connection: the childhood best friend to my younger brother Sean).

Her daughter Isla, age 3, looked as close to an angel as one could get. She was adorably shy and incredibly loving to her big brother. It was something truly special to witness.

Seeing Tara as a Mom made me realize the incredibly fast passage of time, the profound connections of our hometown, and even a bit of fate.  Tara and Krissie have quickly become some of our most cherished clients. We felt so lucky to capture their children’s wonderful summer memories, and most of all … to connect.

We are looking forward to next Summer’s beach tour in the Hamptons.  If you’re interested in planning a family portrait or beach portrait in New Jersey or the Hamptons this Summer call us at the studio anytime (732) 964-3773.


Childrens portraits in Staten Island

March 28, 2012 /

There are a few words in life that change us forever.

These are the moments that swell in our hearts and move us to tears.
They are moments that we want to hold onto forever, but time does not let us.

…But photographs do.

Through our fine art approach to photographic storytelling, you’ll revel in the profound connection between your family.   We will create the photographic art that will visually writes the pages of your family’s life story.

We hope to see you this Spring at our one of a kind sessions below!

Renaissance Sessions

What child doesn’t love a good fairytale? Our Limited Edition Renaissance portrait sessions are a dream come true, with an enchanting experience you and your child will remember.  This session is the perfect way to welcome this warm weather. Set in tranquil Snug Harbor or Historic Richmondtown, this session evokes a blissful memory that you can cherish for years to come. Linen dresses, knickers, and newsboy caps create a timeless charm. Nostalgic props are the perfect complement. Choose from a distressed wagon, pram, teddy bear or antique doll. These sessions are perfect for boys and girls ages seven months to seven years.

Whether your portraits are hung on a wall or archived in a storybook album, your family imagery should stir your soul again and again, much like an often-read bedtime book.

Day at the Beach

There’s nothing like a day at the beach. The seagulls, warm sand, roaring waves and drowsy naps in the shade of a beach umbrella are nothing short of perfection. Capture a beach memory with our Limited Edition Day at the Beach session.  Recommended for children ages seven months to seven years.

Mommy and Me

Our Mommy & Me portrait sessions are a great way to create a lasting memory of the mother- child bond. If grandma lives in town, a three-generation portrait can be an extra special touch.  Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and these portraits make beautiful gifts!

Limited Edition pricing (weekdays only) adds another touch of magic, with a session fee of only $199 including one 8×10.  Call to reserve a session today! 917-886-5666

Children’s portraits in Staten Island with Natalie Licini are truly one of a kind!

Baby pictures at the beach in Spring Lake, New Jersey

October 10, 2011 /

I couldn’t wait to meet Bella when she was born.  I’ve been the Augustine sister’s personal photographer for the last two years and when Cynthia got pregnant, I started to count down the days until Isabella was born.  For those of you who have my business card, that little beauty on my card is Bella. I know it looks like she’s hanging in a sling on a tree branch, but don’t get nervous…. this was taken in the safety of grandma’s house.  Some of my clients ask about that portrait of Bella.  One of the most important photography tips is to ensure your client is safe and comfortable at all times during your photo shoot.   We had charmin tissue everywhere!  hehe

This Summer I launched my inaugural beach tour over the course of 7 weeks in three states.  I really enjoy portrait photography and Bella is one of my favorite clients this Summer.  I’m not sure if it’s my love for her or her family, since I absolutely adore the Augustine’s.  Bella was an absolute joy during our photo shoot.  At 6 months old, she has the sweetest most gentile personality.  We had a great afternoon together, filled with laughter that only mom and dad and I remember.  Here’s one of my favorites from the beach tour with Bella.



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