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Alicia Vitarelli’s battle with endometriosis – Maternity Portraits NJ

November 19, 2013 /

Alicia Vitarelli’s battle with endometriosis – Je Revele – Maternity Portraits NJ


I was thrilled to watch Alicia Vitarelli’s announcement of her pregnancy on live TV just a few months ago.  As soon as she started talking, I had a feeling that she was about to share EXCITING news of her growing family.  The entire time I’m was staring at her tummy thinking “Is she pregnant? Maybe… could she be 8 weeks? I can’t tell” and sure enough she was 20 weeks pregnant! Ahh!  She was glowing and absolutely radiant.  I can say having three children myself, that I never looked as spectacular as Alicia looked 20 weeks pregnant.  She is beautiful.

During the Summer, when Alicia mentioned coming to the castle for her maternity photos I was SO NERVOUS! She gets her photo taken all the time. But we had the best day and I was so grateful she came with her wonderful husband Matt.  I was so grateful she took Maternity Portraits NJ with us at the castle.

Alicia Vitarelli is now just weeks away from the birth of her baby girl, known fondly as “Baby P.” Today, she shared her story beating endometriosis on Action News. Here’s the clip in case you missed it.


Our maternity session took place in Highland Park, New Jersey at my studio at the Je Revele Castle.  When we pushed back Alicia’s session a few extra weeks patiently waiting for that bump to pop, I thought about photographing her in my Manhattan studio, but this location was so convenient for her and Matt.

Here are a few gorgeous portraits of this soon-to-be mom and dad and Baby P.

Maternity Portraits NJ

Maternity Portraits New Jersey

Maternity Portraits NJ

There were so many special moments, reminiscing about their journey together .. falling in love.

Maternity Portraits New Jersey

Maternity Portraits NJ

Maternity Portraits NJ

Maternity Portraits NJ

Maternity Portraits NJ

Maternity Portraits NJ

and NOW the countdown begins!

Just 2 months until we meet this little angel. I can’t wait to photograph her.

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NJ Newborn Photographer | Twin Newborn Photos | Welcome to the world Sebastian and Isabella

September 26, 2013 /

NJ Newborn Photographer | Twin Newborn Photos

This morning I had a moment of epiphany.  Amazement.  Awe.  As we welcomed twins Sebastian and Isabella to our studio.

We had a shoot scheduled for a couple, Heriberto and Fausto and their three-week old twins.  When we spoke to them prior to the shoot, we learned of their amazing story. Heriberto and Fausto, whom are very much in  love, decided to extend their love for each other and build a family.  The men located an egg donor whom was impregnated with two embryos, each carrying the sperm of one of the men.  So she was pregnant with their twins, and carried them to term. Now I find this gorgeous couple sit before me, each with their beloved son and daughter nestled in their arms.

Just seeing this couple sitting on the sofa, preparing for the session, I was struck by their dedication- to each other and to their children.  Each held a tiny wriggly infant, and each doted on his daughter or son with the intensity of a new parent.  If there was ever a time for stereotypes to be broken right before me, this was it.  Heriberto and Fausto each emanated a bond with their children that most of us see primarily demonstrated by a mother.

It was interesting for me to see this dynamic without a woman present.  Then I realized what I had not until now.  These men were truly everything to these precious babies. 

Both mother and father. 

Beginning and End. 

To have and to hold.

Isn’t that what love is?  Does a baby have to look only into the eyes of a woman to feel like it’s secure, loved, nurtured? Can a man provide what a woman so traditionally has, according to biology?  Spend a moment in my shoes this morning and you’d realize the answer is clearly no.  Love is what matters.  It doesn’t matter the giver’s gender, affiliation, skin color, or age.  Waist lines are not measured here.  Tradition doesn’t dictate what love has to look like. 

I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the time I spent getting to know this couple.  Such fortunate babies!  As the morning extended through lunch into the afternoon I captured the most precious moments between parents and children as my heart swelled with pride.  The best things in life are so uncomplicated.  When the heart speaks, follow it’s pulse.

We should all love each other…without definition or restraint.

Here are some of my favorite portraits of this beautiful family.

As if these beautiful babies couldn’t get any cuter, look at their beautiful

Newborn Baby Announcement

This is the inside of their beautiful tri-folded announcement.  #A D O R A B L E  !!!!

The best part about meeting this beautiful family is watching them grow as we document Sebastian and Isabella’s first  year (and hopefully 2nd and 3rd year and 4th year hehe)


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New Jersey Family Photos | Photos in a castle in New Jersey | Je Revele Studio

September 1, 2013 /

Family Time:  Family Photos Taken in a Historic NJ Castle

There are few sights more beautiful than a young couple with their infant child.  If I could look up PROMISE in the dictionary, such an image is what I’d imagine seeing.  So precious is this time, full of possibility and hope for the future.  Such a blending of dreams. It is hard not to feel nostalgic and optimistic when in the presence of such love. TingHo and her husband Christopher, college sweethearts, came to castle in search of capturing the special bond shared between them, evidenced in the adorable looks of their little son, Nino.  Their portraits reflect the essence of family.

TingHo and Christopher are a lovely, multicultural family- she, Taiwanese and he, Italian.  They seemed to love the experience of being at the castle and we loved having them!

The setting can really make the difference when photographing the special bond between family members.  Just knowing the very studio being used for a session is a castle adds to the glamour and excitement of the whole experience.  We are please to have been able to provide the royal treatment for such a lovely couple and child.


TingHo’s Feedback

The experience was very pleasant. We like the location of the studio and the photographer Jessica was friendly and welcoming. She did a good job to make us look good! 

 I felt very comfortable – it almost like hanging out with my son and husband in a cool place.

We got to dress up sitting in a castle! That was special. And we played with our son – although he got impatient at the end, it was still funny to see some of the pictures that he was crying. 

 I love the environment (including the furniture) the most.   And due to unexpected rain we hope next time to have out door photos taken at the castle.


We look forward to photographing baby Nino as he grows! And next time, it’ll be outside!!


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August 16, 2013 /


Earlier this week, WPPI announced the results of their 1st Half International Online Image Competition. Thousands of entries from around the globe were submitted, including those of Je Revele’s Natalie Licini.

Every image scoring an 80 or above receives an Accolade of Excellence point, a prestigious international acclamation in this industry-leading organization.

For her fourth straight year, Natalie Licini merited the prestigious WPPI International Accolades of Excellence for six portraits.  These awards recognize  photographers on a global scale, creating one of the most ambitious and formidable competitions in the photography world today. The team at Je Revele is more than proud of Natalie’s numerous accomplishments!

She is especially honored to have had her portrait “Freedom” chosen among the winners, as it celebrates the ever-expanding acceptance of marriage equality across the United States.  Kudos to you, Natalie Licini!


Late Spring the artists at Je Revele desired to create a new experience for men to take center stage and become the object of everyone’s admiration. We announced the Je Revele Adonis Experience: a fabulously masculine session which includes wardrobe selection, grooming and a complete stylish and sophisticated photo shoot, set against the backdrop of a historic, stonewall castle. We are so excited to offer a truly customized photographic opportunity in one of the few studios that offer fine art men’s portraits in New York City and the Metropolitan area. For more details, check out our blog:

Including modern and classic black and white photography, we offer both in-studio and on-location options for men’s photography.


The artist’s at Je Revele launched their careers following their passion for family photography and this image merited.  Such a beautiful family with six amazing children.

We have an eternal love for newborns.   Just five days old and this little miracle is already approaching her first birthday.  Where did the year go?

It’s so interesting but here in the NYC and NJ area, senior photography is not nearly as popular as it is in the rest of the States…on the West Coast or midwest especially.  This is such a classic portrait, truly timeless.


We are truly grateful to have been honored with such accolades.  We continue to thank our fabulous clients who through their support, admiration and patronage,  push us to new heights to develop stronger, more artistic and award-winning work. Thank you, as always, for sharing in this journey with us.

~The Je Revele Family

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Pregnancy Photos New Jersey | Maternity Photos | Je Revele Studio

August 15, 2013 /

Expecting What Will Be

Pregnancy, as many have described, is a magical time.  It is a time in life when hope and dreams lie in wait and new possibilities are imagined.  To be able to look forward to an event so important, realizing that much of what will happen is yet to be determined.  So exciting!  I connect pregnancy to many themes in life; not just the gestational period before birth.  When something is up and coming, a next step in life ready for foothold, a vision prepared for action, a dream ready to be birthed.  Once it arrives, nothing is ever the same.

For these reasons, some of my favorite sessions are maternity shoots.  Tatiana, our maternal beauty queen, wanted to capture this special time in her life and share the experience with her new family.  Her family includes a vibrant red-headed 6 year old stepdaughter.  Witnessing the variety of skin tones, hair colors and body sizes in this family gathered together is such a wonderful example of the great diversity of our country.  Each member of this family is expectant.  Looking forward to a new baby, a new life together, and for one little soul- a new baby sibling! I began to wish that everyone could see this marvelous moment.  Thankfully, the essence of this time has been captured in print.


What are you expecting for yourself?  What new life event lies on your horizon? It’s coming…


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