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New Jersey Boudoir Photographer | with Megan

December 4, 2013 /

New Jersey Boudoir Photographer | with Megan

Every year, Boudoir Photography is becoming increasingly popular. Based on my experience in the industry, I’d say it’s the hottest genre of portraiture on the market.

Time and time again women book sessions at one of our studios, and express their desire to “feel beautiful”
It is often the case during phone consultations, a woman will express that her significant other describes her attractiveness, but it’s not always the way she sees herself. She wants to create a portrait for her spouse so that he sees her beauty in a timeless way.
And when each individual client arrives at one of out studios, I smile in disbelief. Is this really the woman who described herself as a bookworm? She seriously felt as though she wasn’t noticed for the looker she so obviously is?

Sometimes it takes another person to help a woman feel safe enough to embrace her sensuality. Many times it’s a husband. Often times it is us. I’m so proud of the countless ways and times we have been able to pamper, uplift, inspire, encourage and help a woman recognize that she is, in every role she carries out, a living, breathing work of art.

Megan is one such example of this realization. Just take a glimpse of some of her fabulous boudoir portraits in New Jersey.

New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

Here is what Megan had to say about her experience at Je Revele:

“My experience at Je Revele was memorable. I had initially planned the shoot to be an anniversary surprise for my husband. What I got out of it was much more. All my life, I never thought of myself as a beautiful, attractive individual. I was known as the smart one, or the bookworm but never the one to always get asked on a date or be invited to parties. Until I went to college, I didn’t really know what it meant to be attractive. My husband was one of those people to allow me to see myself in a different light. Through the years though for some reason, my self-image went negative again and I needed a something to give me the reassurance that I was a beautiful, strong woman.
My husband has always found me to be sexy and with photography being something that we both admire, I thought why not capture what he loves in pictures. What I got out of the experience was a confidence about myself that I didn’t expect. I left the viewing of my photos with a pride for the woman I am and for the woman I exude for my husband. I finally can see clearly what he is so proud of and why he is so happy to have me as his wife.
Like most women about to do a boudoir shoot, I was extremely nervous. I admittedly entered the studio shaking a bit from being anxious about what was to come. However, upon meeting the stylist, I was immediately put at ease and felt like I was about to spend an afternoon with a girlfriend. Once made-up, my shoot began and Natalie made me feel so comfortable. It can be quite daunting for a woman to have her picture taken in such an intimate fashion but Natalie made the entire afternoon fun and relaxed. Also, such a photo shoot can feel very posed and stiff but again, Natalie was able to capture me in a natural light that made me feel true to myself and show exactly what I wanted to convey through my photos.
It is not often that I can feel that sexy and sensual about myself but when you do something for your husband, who wouldn’t. I couldn’t have asked for a better atmosphere and experience.
My lasting memory from this experience was the reaction I got from my husband. Being that he is a hobbyist photographer, I have been his subject matter in the past for photos. He was happily shocked to see someone else catch me in a different light and have the ability to turn out with so many great pictures for him to choose from; the decision was not an easy one. I even think he saw me in a new light, probably one that radiated sexiness and sensuality but also one that gave him the approval that his wife was confident and comfortable with her own body.
The thing I loved the most about my session was the relationships I made with some women who I only met for a few hours. They gave me not only a great gift for my husband but a self-image that was improved and verified. There is nothing that could replace that kind of feeling or experience.”

New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

We’re so thankful Megan choose us as her New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

I must say one of the many blessings from doing what I do, is meeting people like Megan.  I’m so glad you found us =) xoxo

If you’re looking for a New Jersey Boudoir Photographer, please feel free to call or visit our studio to meet our team and see our picturesque castle studio.

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Je Revele Photographers | World Renowned Jessica Crespo

September 5, 2013 /

A One-One Interview with Jessica Crespo,

Photographer Extraordinaire at Je Revele


When you look through the lens of your camera, is what you see different than what one might see from normal view?

While I feel like I can identify with most of my clients, I connect often with women who are mothers and wives.  I can really relate to them.  Sometimes when you become a wife or a mother you feel like you have become someone else- not the cute self you used to be.  Being the subject of a photo shoot allows a woman to reclaim herself in a way she may have forgotten who she was and is.

If you could go back and change something related to your education or your life as a student what would you change or what would you do differently?

I think the biggest evolution for me has been that I have transformed from  a shy, “little mouse” conservative person into an edgy outgoing, more self-confident and self assured person.

What kind of photography do you do? Do you enjoy it? Why or why not?

I enjoy doing weddings and boudoir photography.  I feel as though I have developed a “super power”  of empathy and intuition.  Having experienced these themes in my own life, my intuition is keenly on-point.  I feel a strong connection to my clients during these shoots.

What are the pros and cons of being a photographer? Please be specific.

Being a photographer is very empowering.  I have the opportunity to bring so much joy to people.   I love being an entrepreneur and taking control of my own destiny.  I get to meet lots of interesting people and see wonderful aspects of life. If there are cons, I suppose it’s what people do not realize.   Photography isn’t only glamorous.  There is a lot of editing, billing and paperwork involved.

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you want to be? Why?

I used to think I wanted to be a teacher or a lawyer. Now I know I’d love to be a travel blogger!  I’d be able to travel the world, enjoy the cultures and wines of each region and capture my experiences in photographs and in words.

What would you say is most important: good knowledge or good equipment? 

It’s not the camera that takes the photograph.  Capturing a look requires more than just technique. I like to think that I take photos with my heart.

If you could work alongside of any photographer, who would it be?

I feel privileged to work with Natalie Licini, owner and head photographer at Je Revele.  She is a fabulous mentor, full of humility, kindness and patience.  And she has a sharp eye!

I also follow and admire the work of Jerry Ghionis, a renowned photographer, based out of Australia.  He is known as one of the top 5 wedding photographers in the world.   His work is an inspiration to me.

What genre of photography do you least like and why?

I am not a  big fan of traditionally posed photographs.  For me, it’s like painting.  A creative artist enjoys picking up a brush and allowing the brush to be a tool on the canvas.  What results, hopefully, is a unique expression.  Such a painter would not enjoy the kind of painting one dies when painting a room in a house.  Although that kind of painting requires skill and precision, it leaves little room for creativity on the part of the painter.  That’s a bit what it’s like for me.  Merely positioning people for a traditional, stiff portrait pose does not always allow room for the artistic signature of the photographer.  I like to capture each person’s personality, which is often seen through movements and mannerisms, not in sitting still like a statue.


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An Interview with Michelle Ernest | Head Stylist at Je Revele | Makeup Artist for NJ Weddings

August 22, 2013 /

An Interview with Michelle Ernest, Head Stylist at Je Revele

1. So tell us… What is a day in the life of Michelle Ernest LLC, Head Stylist at Je Revele Fine Art Photography like?

My days start very early. I greet clients as they arrive at the studio since most of our clients have hair and makeup styling added for their shoot.  I’m excited I get to work with them.  I love that I get to know each client individually, and learn a little about his or her life and intentions for their experience at Je Revele.  In addition to hair and make-up styling, I also provide wardrobe consultation, helping accessorize and narrowing down their favorite pieces.    Not only do I enjoy being a part of styling and accessorizing the shoot, but I get to see all the beautiful portraits since I handle all viewing appointments at Je Revele.  I love helping our clients decide on portrait options for their home.   Seeing their faces as they watch the slideshow is truly incredible.  It’s a fast moving pace at times and requires stamina, but I keep up pretty well!


2. As a makeup artist and hair stylist, are there any celebrities whom you would aspire to work with someday?

I admire the models employed by Victoria Secret.  They have a universally glamorous look; skin tones and shades from all around the world, which all together create the most exotic looks. It’s flawlessness at the most extreme level.  Victoria Secret models emote total sexiness.

I’d also love to work on the set for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. They set the stage for upcoming trends for the season.


3. How would you describe your own “look” and what is it about your style that sets you apart from other stylists?

My signature look can be described as romantic.  I love to bring out the most feminine and/or glamorous side of the everyday woman.  I feel proud when a woman’s appearance is luminous after I’ve worked with her.  I’m not a fan of special effects or abstract looks, as it doesn’t realistically translate to what a woman can aspire to look like everyday.  My style celebrates diversity as I have worked with every age, gender and skin color, bringing out the individual’s special glow.  For me it’s like I get to provide mini-makeovers for REAL women and witness the transformation first hand.


4. What is the most important beauty advice that you can give to women regarding skincare and hair?

The most important advice that I can give to women is to be your self. Confidence will always make you look more beautiful than any hairstyle or layer of makeup.  On a confident woman, makeup and the right hairstyle makes her irresistible!

I’d also strongly encourage women to take care of their skin, especially while young.  Use sunscreen religiously!  Good skin is the best cosmetic.  I once read a study about truck drivers.  After years had passed, the truck drivers had noticeable effects on their facial skin.  The left side of their faces, the side most exposed to the sun as they had been driving, had aged dramatically compared to the right side.

As for hair, be sure to condition it regularly.  Hydration is so important!  Well moisturized hair and skin is so important.  Try not to use too much heat. And when preparing for a big event, such as a prom or wedding, be sure not to dye your hair to close to the event.  Give it a few weeks prior to having your hair styled. Be sure to use color-safe products, and a nice deep conditioning treatment every so often always helps.


5. What are some common beauty mistakes that women make?

I think with makeup, less is more.  A woman should think about the shape of her eyes and her face when applying makeup.  There is no need to follow trends when you discover a look that is right for you.  Comparing yourself to others is never helpful.


6. Do you feel that looking and feeling beautiful is important in regard to a woman’s confidence and self-esteem?

Confidence, feeling beautiful is so important to a woman’s self-esteem.  I think pampering brings out a woman’s self-confidence.  Taking care of yourself is empowering.  I think that is why the work that I do at the castle is so effective.  The whole experience of preparing for a photo shoot is a huge confidence booster, which later translates well in the actual photographs.


7. Do you feel that you have achieved all of your goals as a successful stylist?

I feel that because I am so early into my career, I still have so many aspirations and accomplishments to look forward to.  I am proud that I have already achieved so much in my early twenties as a business owner. In my industry, there are so many paths to consider.  A large part of what I currently do is beauty consultation.   Perhaps someday I will explore this as a more in-depth venture.  And for now, I really enjoy styling weddings.  I am a makeup artist for NJ weddings and hair stylist too.  I have a talented team that works with me styling weddings in the NYC metro area.


8. Who are some people that have inspired you throughout your career?

I can’t really think of specific people, as I find inspiration in most people and event I encounter.  I am amazed by the ways that a simple conversation with a client can lead me to a wonderful product or realization about life.  Having real people come into the castle and transform is a wonderful reoccurring reminder of all of the possibilities there are in life.


9. Do you see yourself someday creating your own line of beauty products?

I am pleased to say that I am already looking into creating skincare products.  Eventually, I’d like to create my own line of products for the everyday woman.  One day, I hope to say I will be able to share them with everyone.


10. What are some of your favorite products on your styling table?

Generally speaking, I use a lot of MAC products, because of their heavily pigmented colors.    I have a variety of mascaras and blushes as well.  I like to use Hypnose mascara by Lancome, paired with a good lash primer.


11. What products do you think should be a staple in every woman’s purse?

Staples for every woman’s purse are lipstick/lip gloss/Chap Stick, translucent powder compact, blush, and mascara.


12.  In an overall look, what is more important- hair or makeup? 

I think it’s important to make sure both hair and makeup is balanced.  You don’t want one to overpower the other.  Both are equally of importance in a beauty regime.  I recommend setting the hair style first, then completing the make-up application, followed by completing the hair style for the finished look.

Additional info about Michelle Ernest, head stylist at Je Revele on our website here:


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International Award Winning Photographers



August 16, 2013 /


Earlier this week, WPPI announced the results of their 1st Half International Online Image Competition. Thousands of entries from around the globe were submitted, including those of Je Revele’s Natalie Licini.

Every image scoring an 80 or above receives an Accolade of Excellence point, a prestigious international acclamation in this industry-leading organization.

For her fourth straight year, Natalie Licini merited the prestigious WPPI International Accolades of Excellence for six portraits.  These awards recognize  photographers on a global scale, creating one of the most ambitious and formidable competitions in the photography world today. The team at Je Revele is more than proud of Natalie’s numerous accomplishments!

She is especially honored to have had her portrait “Freedom” chosen among the winners, as it celebrates the ever-expanding acceptance of marriage equality across the United States.  Kudos to you, Natalie Licini!


Late Spring the artists at Je Revele desired to create a new experience for men to take center stage and become the object of everyone’s admiration. We announced the Je Revele Adonis Experience: a fabulously masculine session which includes wardrobe selection, grooming and a complete stylish and sophisticated photo shoot, set against the backdrop of a historic, stonewall castle. We are so excited to offer a truly customized photographic opportunity in one of the few studios that offer fine art men’s portraits in New York City and the Metropolitan area. For more details, check out our blog:

Including modern and classic black and white photography, we offer both in-studio and on-location options for men’s photography.


The artist’s at Je Revele launched their careers following their passion for family photography and this image merited.  Such a beautiful family with six amazing children.

We have an eternal love for newborns.   Just five days old and this little miracle is already approaching her first birthday.  Where did the year go?

It’s so interesting but here in the NYC and NJ area, senior photography is not nearly as popular as it is in the rest of the States…on the West Coast or midwest especially.  This is such a classic portrait, truly timeless.


We are truly grateful to have been honored with such accolades.  We continue to thank our fabulous clients who through their support, admiration and patronage,  push us to new heights to develop stronger, more artistic and award-winning work. Thank you, as always, for sharing in this journey with us.

~The Je Revele Family

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New Jersey Boudoir Photos | Wedding gift for husband

August 13, 2013 /

New Jersey Boudoir Photos | Wedding gift for husband

Permission to be Beautiful

Leanne represents to me what I think most of aspire to. Imagine your high school sweetheart, who is now your husband and love of your life. Still young by all standards, yet enhanced by a dozen years of experience and wisdom shared with a partner. The love Leanne and her hubby have for each other can only be rich. So when Leanne called, planning to do a shoot in the studio as a way to have a gift for his birthday, we were thrilled. I found myself wondering what her intentions were for herself. After 12 years of togetherness, would she still feel as young and sexy as she did back in high school, when they first met?

My question was soon answered. Leanne arrived; a petite, serious and very pretty young woman. Delicate features graced a lovely face and we connected right away. This was her time to really let loose, to go ahead…be beautiful. It seemed as though as soon as she had that permission, first from me, then from herself, an emergence of breathtakingly perfect shots were born.

She always has been gorgeous. But today- she was glowing! Her subtle flare for excitement and adventure radiated through the lens.

New Jersey Boudoir Photos

New Jersey Boudoir Photos

New Jersey Boudoir Photos


New Jersey Boudoir Photos

I ponder sometimes about this.  I wonder why women in general are resistant to flaunt their beauty.  Coming to the castle and doing a shoot with Je Revele is one way to embrace your total being. Every glorious aspect.  Leanne, I hope you feel affirmed.  Your husband is about to fall in love with you all over again.

If you’re considering taking New Jersey Boudoir photos, please feel free to call or visit our studio to meet our team and see our picturesque castle studio.

Also featured on our boudoir blog:


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