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August 2, 2013 /

There are moments in life that change us forever.

These are moments that swell in our hearts and move us to tears.

They are moments that we want to hold onto forever,but time does not let us.

…But photographs do.

Imagine today is tomorrow.  There is a time in life when our children are grown. The world suddenly becomes filled with memories of years past.  How do you want your family to be remembered?  We invite you to experience art-in-the-making at Je Revele!

We are featured in STATEN ISLAND PARENT magazine this month with a limited time special $149 offer.  Give us a call to schedule your portrait today. 732.964.3773

Kindly note, we are booking sessions in October 2013 onward.




~Natalie & the Je Revele team                                                            

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Best Proposal Ever | New Jersey Wedding Photographer

February 15, 2013 /


Thanksgiving through Valentine’s day is the most popular time of year to get engaged. So many exciting proposals – but what is the BEST proposal?


What was THE BEST proposal ever? Share your story or a friends story. The proposal could have taken place anytime, this year or 1950, 1980, ANY year – no restrictions when. We would love to hear all of the best proposals over the last 50+ years.

FIRST, we’d like to enlist your help. Please submit the story of your proposal or a friends story with a photo (any photo) to Don’t forget, to qualify, we need (1) your story (2) any photo of the couple emailed to They could be married 50 years, 10 years or newly engaged. No restrictions there!

SECOND, We will narrow down to a few nominees which may be an impossible task in itself!.

THIRD: Now, we’d like you to vote on YOUR favorite proposal. Ask your family and friends, to vote too! The more, the merrier. For the couple with the most votes (LIKES), the winning client shall receive $500 studio credit.


From the following gallery of couples and proposals, find the ONE you love. Which moves you? Makes you laugh? Stirs your soul? Is it you in the image? Your child? Your family? GET FRIENDS AND FAMILY INVOLVED TO HELP YOU WIN! The more, the merrier. Cast your vote with a “LIKE”, vote and feel free to comment to enter your chance to win.

PRIZES: Grand prize: $500 studio credit

1st place: $250 studio credit

2nd place: $100 studio credit

3rd place: $50 studio credit

As you know, the image with the most votes (LIKES), the winning client shall receive a $500 studio credit.

Winners announced 3.1.13.

Much Love,



January 29, 2013 /


Parenthood does not come with a user manual. It does, however come with moments of enlightenment that change you forever.

As parents, we do the best we can. I know I do. I don’t always make the right choices, or say the right things, but I learn as I go. Being a photographer teaches me a lot about how to think like a child. I find out what they like, how they experience or relate to their world, what their imagination craves …and then I will know how best to speak to them. This week, being a photographer served me well.

About seven years ago, we adopted a companion dog for my husband’s widowed Mom. Cosmo, a gorgeous tall Weimarana was at least five when we adopted him, or so they told us. It turned out; he was much older than that.

We never expected Cosmo to live long enough to see our young children grow.  He became their friend, their protector and a surrogate dog since we could not have one at home. A trip to Nanny’s house was more about “Can I give Cosmo his bone” than the many goodies Nanny spoiled them with.

This past week, after much aging and illness, Cosmo had to be put to rest. I didn’t know what to tell the kids, especially my oldest daughter, age 6.  I became the photographer and stepped into her little mind.  It was my proudest parenting moment so far.  I’d like to share it with you, because I think it was a wonderful way to help my daughter cope with the loss of a pet.

The conversation went like this:


ME: Honey, I think we should talk about Cosmo.
HER (Looking concerned): Is he OK?

ME: Well, you know how Cosmo is very old and he had those bumps *(tumors) on him?

HER (Eyes welling up and eyes with sheer panic): Yes!!??…

ME: Well, Cosmo went to sleep and —

HER (Interrupting): Whew! I thought you were going to say he died.

ME: Well, I was not finished honey! He went into a beautiful sleep and had a dream. A dream that he was chasing a ball.

HER: Dogs dream?
ME: Oh yes! It was amazing, and you know what? He chased the ball so far, straight into the gates of heaven.

HER: He ran to heaven? (Smile emerges)

ME: Yes, and when he got there, he saw your Poppa Tony walking five dogs on a leash.

HER: Five dogs!?  Why?

ME: He’s a dog walker up there. To all of Daddy’s dogs from when he was a child.

HER: WOW, that’s amazing Mom. But wait – Cosmo hates other dogs.

ME: Oh no! Not in heaven honey! Everyone gets along in heaven. Even dogs. Poppa Tony put him on a golden leash and he joined all the dogs and walked off into heaven.
HER: Wow, that’s so nice Mom. He sounds happy. Can you find me a picture of him so I can remember him forever?

I so wish now that I had a picture of her with Cosmo. I had never taken the time to notice we needed it, until he was gone. Pets are a fleeting but integral part of our children’s lives. If you have a pet, consider a treasured portrait with them. It will help your child heal long after the pet is gone.

My daughter is all about using her imagination in all that she does. Knowing that, my elegant but ridiculous story helped her cope. The imagination is never, ever wrong and it will guide you. Think like a child at least once a day and you might create something beautiful. That’s how art is made.

To contact us at the studio, call 732.964.3773.


December 30, 2012 /


Dear 2012,

When the clock struck 12 midnight last January, you opened the door and arrived with many, many gifts. For some, you brought new opportunities in love or friendship, in business or maybe even health. For others, like us, it was simply the chance to become.

Your gift of January, wrapped up in glistening snow, brought us new Friendship and Idealism. Natalie and I were swimming in our own imaginations with the excitement you snowed upon us. We began to explore new ideas together. We had the optimism of naively “wise” children, who know that anything is possible. We began on a creative journey together. We turned to every book, movie, poem, painting and face that would inspire us. We learned that although creativity comes from idealism within, inspiration is all around us.

In February, you brought the gift of Creativity, wrapped up in splendid, glowing light and magic. By then, our imaginations were swirling. Our idealism gave us the sense that skies had no limit and that our depth was bottomless. With this in mind, we let go of many boundaries. We let our creativity flow. We learned that fear often cloaks itself in routine. By freeing ourselves of the rigid rules and attitudes that held us back, we created opportunity.

Your Gift in March was Opportunity. By March, we realized that our creativity and enjoyment largely depended on each other’s skill sets and character. We took a road less traveled, joined forces and started to build upon a creative dream…together. Idealism can take hold like wildfire, so it was time to apply some business wisdom.

Your gift of April gave us wisdom. It was not just employing the wisdom of our own business acumen, but the modesty of knowing that there is so much we didn’t know. We learn from everyone around us… clients, friends, mentors, even our vendors and suppliers. Sometimes, the wisest thing to do …is to just ask. You won’t know until you ask. So we did. And we shared our knowledge right back.

In May, you gave us courage. Armed with new intelligence, we set out on a journey to make our ideas and creative vision come to life. We took risks, mostly calculated risks…but also sometimes risks that most people would not. Risk taking is valuable when it brings you great rewards. But risk taking is priceless when it teaches you life lessons.

In June, you gave us the gift of growth. We announced a new business model, met wonderful new clients and we began to grow. Sometimes we grew faster than we were ready for. Putting new systems into place helps. With organization and structure, business can thrive.

In July, we soon realized we needed to put your highly practical gift of patience to use. With growth brings new challenges. Maybe we weren’t ready for those challenges. Or maybe they were gems, just teaching us what we needed to know for our wonderful future.

In August, we took out your gift of success and tried it on for size. With much hard work, it was beginning to fit. But looking at ourselves in the mirror, maybe we could not see what was staring at us.  We tell our clients all the time how beautiful they are inside and out. Sometimes you need to treat your business like that vulnerable human being as well.

In September, you taught us resolution. Life is not always easy, but there is always an answer, just waiting for one to discover. And you know what? We discovered that having each other to solve issues and challenges makes life much easier.

In October, you gave us the gift of gratitude. You did not wrap it up all pretty. In fact, it was ugly, scary and stormy. By depriving us of daily conveniences and even our own safety at times, we learned to be grateful for the things we have everyday and take for granted.

In November, you gave us the gift of humility. There was so much loss around us, there was nothing we could do but give. Give ourselves, our time, our money, our prayers and try to share our blessings as best we could. October’s gift was ugly. But it was the greatest gift we could ask for.

In December, you gave us all the gift of togetherness. In sorrow we watched horrific events unfold. But we saw families, communities, and an entire country band together with solidarity. Whether it was raising money for the storm survivors or mourning the victims of Sandy Hook, there was never a better time to come together. Somehow the holidays felt a little more precious despite it all.

2012, you were so generous with your many gifts. Sometimes they were beautiful, sometimes ugly, sometimes they did not fit or make sense. But we will be forever grateful.

Here’s to a wonderful 2013 to all our families, friends and clients that enrich our lives every day.

What gifts will 2013 bring you?

Cate & Natalie

2012 Image of the Year Contest | New Jersey Family Photos | New York Portrait Photographer

December 29, 2012 /

Our 2012 Image of the Year Contest has gone VIRAL!

After just a few short hours 3 images were neck in neck for first place. Cate and I wanted to add a fabulous grand prize for the first person to reach 100 votes.  Within 24 hours Avis hit 101 votes, with Joie at 96 votes.

There are so many milestones and blessings this year to celebrate. As a way to say thanks to our amazing clients we are offering something more…yes more.

Top “7” prizes for the 2012 Image of the Year Contest

Grand prize: 100 likes PRIZE including a Gorgeous album made in Italy (over $1200 value)  ~~~~ WINNER Avis ~~~~

1st place: 12×8 fine art portrait

2nd place: Custom iphone APP of their top 30 session images

3rd place: Slideshow movie of their session

4th place: 12 month calendar

5th place: Small memory book with 10 images

6th place:  iPhone case or set of 4 stone coasters of favorite image

As you know, the image with the most votes (LIKES), the winning client shall receive a gorgeous heirloom 12×18 matted wall portrait of the image.

As a BONUS to the top 10 highest ranking photos. If your photo is one of our top 10 ranked photos for 2012 you will receive a *complimentary mini session plus one free 8×10.  Click here to enter and cast your vote! CLICK HERE: (*Kindly note, we are holding mini-sessions on 2 different dates to be fulfilled before Aug 15, 2013.)

Our VOTING DEADLINE is EXTENDED! We’ve extended the voting deadline to New Years Day at Midnight. Winners announced 1.3.13 with the exception of the image who reached 100 likes.

Here are our 2012 Images of the Year.  Which do you like?  To vote click here:

Newborn Portraits

Family Portraits

Engagement Portraits

Wedding Portraits


Intimate Portraits a.k.a. Boudoir Portraits


What was OUR favorite client image this year? We can’t say…It’s just too hard to choose!

We’d like to enlist your help. We’ve narrowed down to a small few nominees from our 2012 client image galleries (an impossible task in itself!). Now, we’d like you to vote on YOUR favorite. Ask your family and friends, to vote too! The more, the merrier.


From the following gallery of images here: find the ONE you love. Which moves you? Makes you laugh? Stirs your soul? Makes you want to be in the portrait with them? Is it you in the image? Your child? Your family? GET FRIENDS AND FAMILY INVOLVED TO HELP YOU WIN! The more, the merrier. Cast your vote with a “LIKE”.

Good luck everyone!

Natalie & Cate

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