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New Jersey Boudoir Photos | Wedding gift for husband

August 13, 2013 /

New Jersey Boudoir Photos | Wedding gift for husband

Permission to be Beautiful

Leanne represents to me what I think most of aspire to. Imagine your high school sweetheart, who is now your husband and love of your life. Still young by all standards, yet enhanced by a dozen years of experience and wisdom shared with a partner. The love Leanne and her hubby have for each other can only be rich. So when Leanne called, planning to do a shoot in the studio as a way to have a gift for his birthday, we were thrilled. I found myself wondering what her intentions were for herself. After 12 years of togetherness, would she still feel as young and sexy as she did back in high school, when they first met?

My question was soon answered. Leanne arrived; a petite, serious and very pretty young woman. Delicate features graced a lovely face and we connected right away. This was her time to really let loose, to go ahead…be beautiful. It seemed as though as soon as she had that permission, first from me, then from herself, an emergence of breathtakingly perfect shots were born.

She always has been gorgeous. But today- she was glowing! Her subtle flare for excitement and adventure radiated through the lens.

New Jersey Boudoir Photos

New Jersey Boudoir Photos

New Jersey Boudoir Photos


New Jersey Boudoir Photos

I ponder sometimes about this.  I wonder why women in general are resistant to flaunt their beauty.  Coming to the castle and doing a shoot with Je Revele is one way to embrace your total being. Every glorious aspect.  Leanne, I hope you feel affirmed.  Your husband is about to fall in love with you all over again.

If you’re considering taking New Jersey Boudoir photos, please feel free to call or visit our studio to meet our team and see our picturesque castle studio.

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Be Happy

February 20, 2013 /

Always remember to be happy because you never know who’s falling in love with your smile.  ~Author Unknown

This quote is part of a collection of inspirational quotes about life, love, family, leadership and much much more.

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Best Proposal Ever | New Jersey Wedding Photographer

February 15, 2013 /


Thanksgiving through Valentine’s day is the most popular time of year to get engaged. So many exciting proposals – but what is the BEST proposal?


What was THE BEST proposal ever? Share your story or a friends story. The proposal could have taken place anytime, this year or 1950, 1980, ANY year – no restrictions when. We would love to hear all of the best proposals over the last 50+ years.

FIRST, we’d like to enlist your help. Please submit the story of your proposal or a friends story with a photo (any photo) to Don’t forget, to qualify, we need (1) your story (2) any photo of the couple emailed to They could be married 50 years, 10 years or newly engaged. No restrictions there!

SECOND, We will narrow down to a few nominees which may be an impossible task in itself!.

THIRD: Now, we’d like you to vote on YOUR favorite proposal. Ask your family and friends, to vote too! The more, the merrier. For the couple with the most votes (LIKES), the winning client shall receive $500 studio credit.


From the following gallery of couples and proposals, find the ONE you love. Which moves you? Makes you laugh? Stirs your soul? Is it you in the image? Your child? Your family? GET FRIENDS AND FAMILY INVOLVED TO HELP YOU WIN! The more, the merrier. Cast your vote with a “LIKE”, vote and feel free to comment to enter your chance to win.

PRIZES: Grand prize: $500 studio credit

1st place: $250 studio credit

2nd place: $100 studio credit

3rd place: $50 studio credit

As you know, the image with the most votes (LIKES), the winning client shall receive a $500 studio credit.

Winners announced 3.1.13.

Much Love,



January 26, 2013 /


At the time of this blog post, Valentine’s Day is just 19 days away. The countdown is on and the mad rush to find dinner reservations, flowers and chocolate begins.

So, being the creative people we are, who create special experiences at the Catsle each day, we’ve thought up a different kind of countdown…

Je Revele’s Top 10 Unique Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas & Experiences.

(As dreamed up by Team Je Revele and our clients!)

10. Our client Carla Says:
A brand new custom-designed bikini by Carla’s Closet and a surprise plane ticket to a tropical paradise to go along with it.  Special offers exclusively for Je Revele clients! Click here to find out more.

9. Our Client Evelyn would say:
Your very own homemade chocolate puzzle heart that, when put together says: “I love you” as shown here. Available at the amazing chocolate boutique, Making Chocolate, Dumont NJ.

8. Our friends at BellaBellaBoutique would say:
A gorgeous retro red-wine negligee with lipstick to match (and wine of course!)

Right now…Je Revele clients receive 15% off any Bella Bella Boutique lingerie purchase. Email us for the coupon code!

7.  Our “Ladies Day Out” clients would say:

Dinner for two, with a menu exclusively prepared by Je Revele’s favorite private chef for the studio, Christopher’s Kitchen

6.  Our Client Single Ladies would say:

Who needs a man? Let’s do Girls Day Out at the Je Revele Castle all day long, in a Beauty Couture Session together.

5. Our friends at the Hilton Garden Inn Staten Island would say:

A Valentine’s escape at the Hilton Garden Inn, spa treatments at the Grotto, dinner at Lorenzos, drinks to follow at the brand new hotspot, Above.

4. Our client Yana would say:
An Italian imported Artist Photo album by Je Revele full of gorgeous images from my boudoir session…just for him! With a sweet little engraved message on the cover.

3. Cate says:
A gift from him to her… A Couture Beauty photo session to show her how special she is. Styled by us, head to toe, she’ll be in a Narcisco Rodriguez, Temperly London or Vera Wang gown on loan, with dinner at the Castle to follow by our favorite private chef Christopher.

2. Natalie says:

A gorgeous and romantic couples’ shoot. He’ll play the guitar and sing a song he wrote for her, while I photograph the expression on her face!

1. Michelle, our hopeless romantic for the week says:

“OK…Read for this? At the studio Castle. She’ll come in for a session, I’ll style her gorgeous from head to toe. She’ll be wearing something amazing,  Cate and Natalie will be photographing her on the spiral staircase. When she comes back up the stairs, he is there on the balcony, on one knee, ready to propose. The chef comes out with wine and a violin player appears from nowhere. And the best part, it’s all captured.”

Yes, we can absolutely make all that happen here at the Castle…

Give us a call 732.964.3773 to plan the ultimate experience of a lifetime.


December 17, 2012 /


There are stories about love, but then there are love stories. We’re talking about the timeless, tear-jerking, and sometimes hilariously funny love stories that movie scripts are made of.  Bogart & Bergman…Harry & Sally…Jenn & Dennis.

When our bride and groom Jenn and Dennis came to the Castle for their engagement photo shoot, we immediately knew this would be one for the ages.  Dressed in a hip vintage style, they played love songs on their instruments and were playfully romantic in the magical, yellow afternoon. Together since college, they were so comfortable in each others arms, spoke to each other without words and were comically romantic… in the most adorable way.

When they returned to the Castle for their viewing session appointment the following week, little did we know that we’d get to see the actual  LOVE STORY. Yes, Dennis proposed to Jenn through a story. A Seussical storybook he created, to be exact.

Sounds cute, right? No. Not cute.

Simply put, it was the EPIC.

Dennis’s homespun book of memories and Seussical-style poetry outlined their love story in rhyme and romance.  By page two, we reached for the tissues and were thankful the pages were laminated to catch some falling tears.

The amount of time, craftsmanship and attention to every detail of their milestones together was what made a love story into an actual story.

As told through pictures, words and souvenirs of their life together, it might just be the greatest love story we had ever seen.  So then… we do what we do and photographed it.

This epic book begins with their childhood and continues into young adulthood.

Their lives documented beautifully page by page, I turned with increasing excitement.

Their love story documented in a Seussical-style poetry outlined so thoughtfully, with each page we became emotional, embarrassed as we held back tears.  This was a proposal like nothing we’ve every known.

Engagement photos to follow.  Stay tuned for much more.  Swoon!

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