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Video: A day with Natalie Licini

June 29, 2011 /

What’s it like on the day of the shoot with Natalie Licini?

I’m so grateful that many of my clients have become friends over the last few years.  They often tell me what a blast they had working with me and that it was such a great experience.   It’s something you can’t describe so I thought I’d show you what a day in the life with ME is like.  Adam, owner of Pennylane Productions and famously known as being the BEST videographer in the world, helped bring this video to life.  It really wouldn’t have been possible without him!

Here are a few of my absolute favorite portraits taken during our shoot!

Making this video was very special to me. I wanted future friends to see what a day is like with me. Throughout the process of creating this video, I had such support from friends who I truly love and trust!  Adam was such a source of inspiration on the day of the video.  He really pulled everything together.  I’ve admired his videography since we worked together last year.  He is by far the # 1 videographer, not just because he filmed this but because he’s a pioneer in the industry and an international award winning videographer.

What made this video EXTRA special was having two of my dearest clients join me.  Denise and her 3 year old son James who have become wonderful friends this last year, drove from Brooklyn nearly 2 hours.  She was so excited for our shoot that she bought about 16 outfits for her and James, not to mention loads of toys that he loves. I had so many ideas for this little angel.

I’ve become friends with Christine & James during the last year while they were planning their wedding (thanks to a Facebook recommendation).  I was THRILLED when they booked me as their wedding photographer for their 2012 wedding.  I was so happy to be able to photograph their engagement session at the Old Westbury Gardens, not only because it’s beautiful, but because they would be a part of this video.  Christine and I had so much fun looking for the perfect outfit for the shoot, although she could wear anything and still look like a supermodel. Here are a few of my favorite portraits of Christine & James.

A sincere thanks to everyone for their support in making this video. I truly appreciate it and hope you sleep with these photos under your pillow like I do sometimes.  hehe


Home is Where the Heart is with Natalie Licini Photography

May 5, 2011 /

Why is the saying “Home is Where the Heart is” so meaningful?  Do you remember the day you closed on your first home? How exhilarating it felt to hold the keys to your house in your hand? How did you feel on moving day looking at your spouse and thinking that this ENTIRE house was yours.  Now who’s going to clean it?

When you see the photo below, you think back to your very first home that you bought where you first baby was born.  It holds so many precious memories, first steps and first birthdays.  Its filled with firsts, and tugs at your heart strings as you think back to all the happy moments, babies first Christmas, first day of school.  We’re often so excited to move into a new home, but when we see our photo of our first home, it holds a very special place in our heart.  When we think back to our first home, we remember moments at dinner, grandmas cookies or moms lasagna.  There’s something so rare, so irreplaceable about the fond memories that we love to reminisce about.

Lately, I’ve fallen in love with photographing my clients homes.  It’s special seeing their baby boy sitting on the lawn and puts life in perspective.  Its a moment frozen in time when he was only that small for that split second.  They grow too fast…


“We believe in friendships, and family… forging bonds and reminiscing about the good ole days.   We believe in supporting each other and always extending a hand.  We believe in laughing until we cry and crying until we laugh.

Wherever you’re going, we’ll be there.  And maybe we’ll make a picture.”

Natalie Licini
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Las Vegas PocketWizards Video and Hollywood Glamor style portrait by Neil van Niekerk

March 3, 2011 /

Last week, while my hubby and I were in Vegas for WPPI (Wedding & Portrait Photographers International), which is the biggest photography convention in the world, we had a cameo in Neil’s new PocketWizards video using the new PocketWizard AC3 Zone Controller.   Neil is one of the top wedding photographers in the WORLD who happens to be full-time New Jersey wedding photographer and my good friend.   Not only is it an honor to have our portrait taken by Neil, but we had such a blast in Vegas followed by an celebratory dinner at CraftSteak.  Thank you Neil, this photographer in Staten Island, NY has never been so happy.

Check out Neil’s blog here for the complete article:

Neil van Niekerk’s flash photography workshop, truly the best!

April 8, 2010 /

One of the most important aspects of photography is lighting your subjects and using flash photography properly. Every person I’ve asked would directly me to Planet Neil over the last two years. The information he provides on his blog has been the foundation for my early education and I’m sure many other photographers world wide.

I spent the day with Neil van Niekerk at his studio in NJ learning flash techniques and we applied them nearby at Lamberts Castle. I gained practical experience of blending flash and ambient light in and outdoors. His flash workshop should be a MANDATORY workshop for everyone. He truly loves what he does and went above and beyond to ensure that I understood everything he taught me.

When I arrived, he reviewed several flash principles in detail and later we applied the techniques using a model.  Throughout the day he guided me and took great care to ensure that I achieved the desired result. Neil would look in my viewfinder and confirm my results, make suggestions and I’d apply the changes. I photographed a model in his studio under different lighting conditions.  I used a video light, softbox, on and off camera flash. I learned the use of gels to balance flash with the ambient light. We controlled flash manually and automatically… had exercises using the histogram to meter. There were no questions left unanswered.

I drove home yesterday filled with inspiration… recounting my experiences. There were so many glowing reviews online for Neil’s workshop and they were indeed correct.

I wanted to post this review, because everyone should have the benefit of meeting Neil. Whether you live on the East or West Coast, hop in a car, take a train or get on a plane because he is truly the best!  Google him and you’ll see this man is truly gifted and giving.  I know his workshops fill quickly just like his WPPI master class. Everyone interested should sign up now at:

I am certainly one of his biggest fans.  You’ll see he has many!

Here are a few images from my shoot.  (Thank you Tia – our beautiful model)

Staten Island Wedding Photographer, New York Wedding Photographer, New Jersey Wedding Photographer

There's nothing like a parent's love for their child.

April 3, 2010 /

I had a wonderful afternoon yesterday with Allison and Chris photographing their son little Christopher.  This is their first child and they make parenthood look so easy.  Just watching them together was such a joy, it made it easy to capture a few special moments with baby Christopher.   I love to meet daddy’s who are so hands on with their newborns.  Here are a few of my favorite images from yesterdays shoot. Thank you both for allowing me to photograph your angel.

Natalie Licini
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