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Colts Neck Boudoir Photos | BEAUTY IS TIMELESS

July 25, 2014 /

Taking care of oneself is a fundamental aspect of being beautiful. In just about every way possible, we see this truth in the studio. People of all ages, sizes and backgrounds make grand entrances into an experience of a lifetime when they arrive here to be photographed. They realize that they are capturing a wonderful moment in time before another second of age steals away the eye candy of youth.  For those of our clients considering planning Colts Neck Boudoir Photos with us, you’ll find such inspiration from this powerhouse.

Stephanie, a personal trainer, knows all about taking care of herself. This former attorney and figure competitor looks half her age; perhaps even younger when viewed though a camera. Her fantastic physique graced our on-site locations and she was an absolute natural. In addition to her rockin’ boudoir images, Stephanie artfully posed like the model she is on our romantic balcony which overlooks the courtyard. My personal favorite image is of her wispy gaze peeking out from beneath a fur-lined hood. Simply gorgeous.

Colts Neck Boudoir PhotosColts Neck Boudoir PhotosColts Neck Boudoir PhotosColts Neck Boudoir Photos

It’s hard to believe that woman has two teenage children! What a role model she has been for them. How wonderful that they will have some epic photographs of their mother to look back upon. Perhaps they will be inspired to keep living a healthy lifestyle.

Stephanie is proof that our bodies reflect how we treat them. When we consistently take good care of our skin, our muscles, and eat what benefits us, our bodies thank us. And we thank you, Stephanie, for sharing the masterpiece that is you.

Here is what Stephanie said in reflection of her experience:

I knew from the moment I entered the private drive that leads up the Je Revele Castle, that I was going to have a very memorable and special day! I could not help being swept away by the romantic atmosphere of the castle. I felt like I had been swept back to another time! When I entered the studio I was greeted by a wonderful Je Revele team member and the pampering began! I was immediately offered a glass of champagne (quite an indulgence at 9:00 am!), and a lovely fruit tray with assorted pastries. As I began to unwind from my 90 minute drive from PA the make up artist arrived. More pampering! I was soon transformed from my usual gym-rat self into a glamour goddess! This stylist was nothing short of AMAZING.
Then the wonderful Miss Natalie arrived! I had seen her incredible work and was already in awe of her, but her charm, humor and ability to make me feel at ease in front of the camera made me feel even more so! I was slightly nervous about such an intimate shoot, but it quickly melted away as Natalie made me giggle with nearly every click of the shutter!

I felt so empowered during the shoot! Sexy, confident, beautiful and happy! It is an indescribable high that every woman should indulge in at least once! I originally did this shoot for my husband, but the next one will be for myself!

The entire experience was a wonderful memory that I will treasure for the rest of my life. Oh, and did I mention the photography? The images speak for themselves. Too many great ones to choose from. The greatest compliment of all was the e-mail I received from my husband after I sent him the images from the i-phone app. He wrote that in the 21 years that we have been married he had never seen my beauty brought out so eloquently by any other photographer.
Natalie Licini, you are a STAR, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making me feel like one too!!

Stephanie, you, my dear, are a star as well. Thanks for sharing your beauty with all of us!

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new jersey boudoir photos 


February 2, 2014 /

If These Walls Could Speak

What a wonderful delight it is to get to know our clients during a photo shoot. We spend such an intensely intimate amount of time together. We strive to become acquainted with each person’s desires, dreams, and fears. And at the end of each and every session, we always feel like we’ve made another good friend.

For precisely these reasons, we are over the MOON when a client returns to our new jersey photography studio for another session. Knowing the client was happy with our previous work, we are braced for the challenge of capturing additional elements of their life not seen in the last session. In some cases we get to bask in the glow of maternity radiance. Other times, the change is a tiny fragile infant embraced by love and soft blankets. Perhaps the family has tagged along for a portrait session? In this follow up visit, that’s precisely what happened.

The Chemo family embodies the charm of a Norman Rockwell painting. All four members being so good looking, it wasn’t difficult to pose them for a best angle. However, their two sons definitely stole the show with their adorable antics. Dressed so gorgeously in cerulean blue Pole sweaters, their smiles, glimmers of playfulness and love for each other took command of the lens. Through the eyes of these boys, we can see the deepest of bonds and truest of loves shared between their parents and for themselves.

To see them all together is exquisite.

Even the castle walls seemed to recognize their brilliance.

For me, it was a more personal recognition. I felt pride. To have the honor of seeing former clients and having them return to me for more. To know they believe in what we do and most importantly, to see the radiance we were able to capture and appreciate its value.

What an honor to photograph you! We look forward to seeing you again! Here’s a sneak peak inside their 2013 holiday card. This is a lovely trifolded design with the top design the outside and the lower design -the inside.

Here’s what Kim had to say about her experiences at the castle:

Being at the castle is always a pleasure. Natalie and her team are sweet and always make you feel at home. From the moment you walk in they always ready to give you a beverage of your choice and make you feel like a movie star!

My favorite features are the castle and architecture in the building gives such old world charm.

I hate taking pictures but the Je Revele team definitely makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. I have only done family and business portraits but hope to build up the courage to do boudoir portraits one day. I know Natalie and her team will make me feel like a princess.

There is always lasting memories when visiting the castle. My boys absolutely adore Natalie. My older boy loves taking pictures and Natalie actually let him take a picture with her own cameras and two years later he still talking about it. And my little one has such a crush on her.

There are so many things I love about my sessions from getting my hair and make up done and feeling like the most important person in the world for photo shoot.

And here are some of our favorite pictures captured at the castle…

…I couldn’t resist sharing their 2012 holiday card! I love to watch our families grow year after year!

We love the Chemo Family, especially Andrew and Jakey!!!


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The Je Revele Team Expands | NJ Family Photographer

January 11, 2014 /

The Expanding Je Revele Team

This Fall 2013, the Je Revele Family welcomed two spectacular talents. The quest to find two extraordinary people was no easy feat, but we are grateful to welcome Kristin & Lara.

Kristin O’Donnell

Kristin O’Donnell has been proudly welcomed to the Je Revele Family.  She brings a wealth of experience to the team.  Educated at Parsons The New School for Design in New York City, Kristin as been actively capturing people, places, moments, animals and experiences on camera for over 8 years.

Her portfolio of works includes genres such as action, lifestyle, nature, family, animal and boudoir.  Kristin also has a history in photographing adventure sports.   This newlywed met her husband while rock climbing!  Inspired by her parents’ and husband’s attitude toward life, Kristin is blessed with motivation to always keep learning.  She is pleased to work with Natalie Licini, owner of Je Revele, as she admires Natalie’s drive and determination.

When asked about her two most favorite pieces of photographic art, Kristin described an animals series she is currently working on, titled Creeper, and a striking silhouette portrait she had recently taken at the Highland Park studio.  When not in the studio, it isn’t unusual to see Kristin utilizing her Canon 7D or Mamiya RZ67 for personal enjoyment.  She claims that her creative work is what keeps her inspired. “It’s what makes me tick.,” she concludes.

Kristin is a natural for connecting to those she photographs.  “My favorite part of being a photographer is that I’m able to capture a moment in someones life that they will have forever.” realizes Kristin as she reflects upon her passion.  Having been a former client at Je Revele, Kristin understands the dynamics of what is entailed with being part of an intimate photo session.  She understand the importance of women feeling good about their bodies when they exercise and take care of themselves.  Being fixated only with the number on the scale; being thin for the sake of being thin is something Kristin finds overrated. It is because of such wise perspective that she is able to draw out her clients’ most confident selves.

Outside of the Studio, Kristin most enjoys the outdoors or just relaxing with her new husband and beloved boxer in their home in Hamilton, NJ.

Lara Saggese

Prior to her work as a Je Revele Fine Art photography, Lara Saggese has been a business owner as well as a Manager and  Creative Director in the music publishing industry.   Working for Warner/Chappell Music Publishing and then launching an independent music publishing company, MPCA, allowed her to hone her business skills and creative talents.  Another hobby of hers, photography, always called to her however, while she established roots in the musical arena.

Lara realized that her long running love affair with photography was something she was compelled to do for a living after leaving the music industry in favor of a more family friendly career.   Lara took aim for the photography field and has been happily capturing unforgettable images for her clients ever since.

A native of Brooklyn, New York, Lara moved to Marlboro, New Jersey 8 years ago.

Immersing herself in tons of photographic literature,  training courses and small independent workshops and with a camera on hand, Lara experimented and mastered her craft.  After tirelessly studying and portfolio building, Lara opened her own photography business, specializing in children’s and family portraiture and established herself as a sought-after professional.

Lara describes her work in the studio for Je Revele to be refreshing.  “Working here is elevating as a photographer” Lara muses.  “Natalie ‘s positive encouragement really makes me love my job even more than I already did”, she adds.  “Welcoming clients to the castle-like setting of the Highland Park studio is a dream, creatively.”

Whom would she like to photograph the most?  Lara’s Canon 5D Mark II wouldn’t be able to resist photographing Mike Piazza, the revered former Mets baseball player.

People who know Lara well describe her to be creative, bubbly, and full of laughter.  In college she was fondly referred to as “Bubbles” because of the unstoppable giggles, and her ability to find the joy in life and make others feel at ease.

Lara brings a varied background, an intuitive sense about what her clients’ truly hope to achieve, and a zest for life to the Je Revele family.

We are grateful and excited that these two talents joined the Je Revele family in 2013.


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Men’s Portraits NYC | Dudeoir Photos at the Je Revele Castle

September 6, 2013 /

There was an air of excitement in the castle. It wasn’t every day that we had a man coming in to be photographed, although now it’s become a more popular type of session we schedule these days.  I think it has much to do with the pensive yet striking man who sauntered carefully up the gothic stairwell.

In one heartbeat, Roly arrived at the studio.  As soon as he walked in, I could feel my fingers tingle, itching to reach for my camera.  This face..that body… all of him…was meant to be seen!

I couldn’t quite place his look.  Mysterious?  Reserved?  Intriguing for sure.

I tried to make small talk with him as we set-up for the shoot.

Roly actually seemed nervous as he leaned over to whisper to his companion, tentatively displaying his wardrobe selections.  They consulted together and I conferred with them as well as to which outfits would produce the best look.  How could anything look bad on this man?  I felt quite certain that he could work a burlap sack!

My camera was in love.  For someone who seemed so shy in person, this man was a star for the lens.  Leaning against the classic Cadillac as his backdrop, Roly’s smile rivaled the stars.  Other staff members giggled and blushed as he moved from set to set.  All eyes were on him!

And yet,  thee was not a sense of gloat or awareness that he was being so admired.  His sensuality was innocent.  Every instruction was followed, although many times direction was not needed.  He knew what to do.  A simple gaze.  One clench of the jaw.  Amazement and awe.




Since this shoot, we have received numerous calls to the studio for men’s portraits. Our clients realize that we are able to capture a person’s essence in its prime and preserve it for all time.  In our photographs,  we reveal the most desirable, irresistible features that time is destined to ultimately change.  Fortunately for us, we can admire Roly’s handsomeness for years to come.


NYC Dudeoir Photos at

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New Jersey Family Photos | Photos in a castle in New Jersey | Je Revele Studio

September 1, 2013 /

Family Time:  Family Photos Taken in a Historic NJ Castle

There are few sights more beautiful than a young couple with their infant child.  If I could look up PROMISE in the dictionary, such an image is what I’d imagine seeing.  So precious is this time, full of possibility and hope for the future.  Such a blending of dreams. It is hard not to feel nostalgic and optimistic when in the presence of such love. TingHo and her husband Christopher, college sweethearts, came to castle in search of capturing the special bond shared between them, evidenced in the adorable looks of their little son, Nino.  Their portraits reflect the essence of family.

TingHo and Christopher are a lovely, multicultural family- she, Taiwanese and he, Italian.  They seemed to love the experience of being at the castle and we loved having them!

The setting can really make the difference when photographing the special bond between family members.  Just knowing the very studio being used for a session is a castle adds to the glamour and excitement of the whole experience.  We are please to have been able to provide the royal treatment for such a lovely couple and child.


TingHo’s Feedback

The experience was very pleasant. We like the location of the studio and the photographer Jessica was friendly and welcoming. She did a good job to make us look good! 

 I felt very comfortable – it almost like hanging out with my son and husband in a cool place.

We got to dress up sitting in a castle! That was special. And we played with our son – although he got impatient at the end, it was still funny to see some of the pictures that he was crying. 

 I love the environment (including the furniture) the most.   And due to unexpected rain we hope next time to have out door photos taken at the castle.


We look forward to photographing baby Nino as he grows! And next time, it’ll be outside!!


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