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February 24, 2014 /


So often, when a new client arrives at our studio, they are amazed at the beautiful grounds and romantic, gothic stone and brickwork.  Steeped in tradition, our castle offers a historical charm that is unique and timeless.  It’s the perfect backdrop for a revered event such as your child’s First Holy Communion.

In the Roman Catholic faith, the sacrament of The First Holy Communion is a precious, exciting and memorable day in a child’s life.  The photographers Je Revele Fine Art Photography would be honored to help you visually celebrate this joyous occasion for the enjoyment of your entire family.

Having participated in, attended and experienced many First Holy Communions in and around the New York Metropolitan area, our photographers are very cognizant of the essential poses parents wish to remember forever. Who wants to forget that dress, those shoes, how grown up, yet still so innocent your precious child has suddenly become?

Some examples of images you can expect may be such as your child holding his/her First Holy Communion Certificate and/or symbolic gifts.  We can memorialize children praying or just being themselves, as well as many other important candid moments in a fine art portrait images. At the castle we have beautiful arched windows, award winning stairwell, and lush grounds.  And in NYC, our studio boasts oval-shaped windows, a balustrade balconette railing including french doors with small colonettes.  Your child will look like a member of royalty on one of the most special days in his or her life!

Our photographers offer creative enhancements to the images. You might decide to make one or more of your lovely images into a fine art piece, which results in a priceless oil painting or water color masterpiece.  You’ll be amazed at our products for displaying your masterpieces. Just let us know what you’re dreaming of for your little angel.  We can make it happen!

Call today to find out availability for you to have holy communion photos taken at the Castle at Je Revele or on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. We take pride in capturing life’s precious moments as work of art.

We are already booking up quickly, so please call the studio as soon as possible to reserve your date.


…and after your communion portrait, take a beautiful new family portrait!

This year, we offer something special for your little prince or princess to help them remember this blessed day: • Pre Shoot Consultation • Your choice at our Castle studio & grounds…or one of our fabulous outdoor locations • Free hair styling for your little girl (or for Mom!) by our talented in-house stylist for all Castle sessions • 1 Hour session • Our classic Je Revele hospitality with sweets and beverages • Indoor and outdoor scenery at our gorgeous historic Castle studio • A special photo keepsake for your child to remember their photo experience with us.


Je Revele Fine Art Photography Studio & Gallery

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VISIT US at our NEW location in Manhattan on the Upper West Side!

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August 3, 2013 /

Beauty is Timeless

Grace Kelly,  Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Catherine Zeta Jones, Angelina Jolie…  these are just a few of the women whom I consider to be timeless beauties. Like an exquisite wine, she becomes more beautiful each passing year, and not merely because of what she looks like on the surface. She exudes class, charisma, compassion and personal integrity that is authentic and hypnotizing. Often times, such women became film sirens.  In my field, the alarms begin to ring when such beauties are caught on my camera.

Abbie is most certainly Grace Kelly incarnate.  What a regal, elegant beauty!  When she leaned against the fortress wall and flashed those brilliant blue eyes, I was awestruck.  Cascading ribbons of blond hair, high cheekbones and pointed gaze that could stop traffic, Abbie owned the shoot. She moved from set to set with poise and purpose.  Enigmatic.

Chapter after chapter in life will pass by, but true beauty, which resides deep within, will remain, adapting to each era.   A timeless beauty has learned to cherish herself, not merely hinging on the words of an admirer, lover or spouse. Because when all is said and done, we all begin and end with ourselves alone.

I think I understand it better now.  Our work is so much more than just photographing beautiful people.  It’s capturing a person’s essence, soul, dreams and desires in a way that simply cannot be expressed in words. Because we need our eyes to see and our minds to comprehend what is captured in one moment.  Her moment.


Abbie’s Feedback

It definitely made me feel like I “owned” it. I had gone through some tough things the last couples years and this reminded me that I still can be beautiful and light in spirit. 

I definitely felt comfortable. I felt like the staff was for me and wanted me to love the photos. They took most nerves away…even if Natalie kept making funny comments to get me to crack up.  Just that the staff made me feel like I was beautiful and that I was without trying.. which was nice.

How Natalie helped me decide what outfits/jewelry I was going to wear. I needed help deciding and she was great at narrowing it down. Otherwise I believe I would have had a lot of trouble.

Here are a few of our favorite portraits of Grace Kelly… I mean Abbie.


Je Revele Fine Art Photography Studio & Gallery

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August 2, 2013 /

There are moments in life that change us forever.

These are moments that swell in our hearts and move us to tears.

They are moments that we want to hold onto forever,but time does not let us.

…But photographs do.

Imagine today is tomorrow.  There is a time in life when our children are grown. The world suddenly becomes filled with memories of years past.  How do you want your family to be remembered?  We invite you to experience art-in-the-making at Je Revele!

We are featured in STATEN ISLAND PARENT magazine this month with a limited time special $149 offer.  Give us a call to schedule your portrait today. 732.964.3773

Kindly note, we are booking sessions in October 2013 onward.




~Natalie & the Je Revele team                                                            

Je Revele Fine Art Photography Studio & Gallery

433 River Road  |  Highland Park, NJ 08904 |  Studio: 732-964-3773 | Mobile: 917-886-5666                                                                                           

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Photography workshop by Nik Pekridis and Natalie Licini

June 7, 2013 /

 Photography workshop by Nik Pekridis at the Je Revele Castle with Natalie Licini in New Jersey October 15, 16 & 17th, 2013

Led by one of the world’s leading wedding photographers, with multiple awards and accolades from around the world. A respected judge at photographic institutions and societies around the world like the WPPI USA , SWPP UK and PWS Greece. Nik Pekridis is a passionate image maker who has clients from around the globe, high society… pop stars, and even royalty!

Join us and experience the adventure that will rocket you and your business to new heights of success. Niks’ calm and assured guidance and training is unparalleled.

Are you looking to kick-start your career… maybe you’re looking for a one stop shop workshop to get you up there.  Everything is open to discussion in a cheerful, friendly and concise way – Nik is an open book.


Watch as Nik masterfully explores the world of photography and shows you the methods and techniques he adopts for winning Gold Class Awards time and time again.
Learn with him as he shows you the most explosive and innovative methods of leaving the competition in ashes – forget dust – Ashes!

Experience live demonstrations of absolutely everything. Nothing is too much or little, too long or too short. Everything is laid bare and explained in such an easy way that with no effort at all you will fit it all into your normal workflow.

Lead the field and find out the amazing way Nik gets clients and destinations shoots day after day and always at HIS price!

The Power is in your hands as Nik will cover and uncover:
Do you SEE the light? What color is it? What is the direction, quality, and type of light? How does it make you FEEL?
Nik discusses the characteristics of light and most importantly HOW we use light to mold and contour and wrap around a human form to best show the most delicate of textures and three dimensionality. The end result? Depth and Emotion. Thus you create a feeling of being there – of actually living, feeling and breathing it all in.
This is it – you learn within minutes, yes literally minutes, how you can, with just a simple technique make a 2D image like 3D one which is full of life, emotion and grit. Just like the master artists did with their finest creations and who still today continue to do so. This will be the foundation for everything else.

Here is a brief outline:

Day One:  10AM – 5PM

Nik Pekridis will start the class off with a welcome presentation.
Class introduction.
The core of photography will be covered: from basic to advanced to get you up and running in no time. You will have a lot of AHA moments. Things will click into place.
Some of the things you will learn are lighting, molding light to body forms, posing singles, couples, plus size brides, a tall and short couple, using off camera flash and continuous lighting, shooting for the product, PJ storytelling, camera techniques and best practice workflow and much much more!
Critique of images – please bring couple of your best images on a USB stick. The critique is anonymous and students will find the information to be extremely helpful and positive to their continued growth and development.

Day Two  930AM – 5PM

This will be a fun day of photographing at a picturesque location.  Natalie  Licini’s studio is in a historic castle in Highland Park, just 40 minutes outside of New York City.   In addition to the spectacular indoor photos, we’ll be able to shoot on the grounds of this historic castle.

There will be 2 couples. You will get the opportunity to see how Nik beautifully poses, directs and shoots.
This will be followed by the students practicing and building the skills of what they’ve learnt over the two days by posing and photographing the models. This will be all about the students and developing their skill-set.
Please bring your cameras on this day along with 1 or 2 of your favorite lenses, and if you wish wireless transmitters and video lights.
This is also the Eve that everyone will eat/drink in the evening together…some of you till the early hours of the morning lol

Day Three 10AM – 5PM

This is the classroom day where the following subjects shall be covered my Nik and Natalie;
Branding and brand identity, workflow, post-production, album designs, sales & marketing.  You’ll be able to see first hand how a high end studio is owned and operated from the inside.
Towards the latter portion of the day there will be an open Q&A session so get your brains working on what you want to ask asap!
Please bring a laptop with Lightroom or Photoshop if you wish Nik to assist you with anything.


The timetable and structure of the workshop may change.
Day 2 – the hands on photography day may be switched to day 3 and is dependent upon the weather conditions at the time.  We will let you all know by the end of play on day 1.

We look forward to this intense, and jam-packed workshop. Whether you’re a full time photographer or a weekend warrior you will be delighted at the wealth of knowledge imparted here.

***For a look inside Nik’s recent workshop check out this highlight video:


3 day workshop at the Je Revele Castle: $700 pp

***EARLY BIRD SPECIAL:   $495 pp (Book before July 31, 2013)

Hotel & Travel Information:

For your convenience, the Hilton and Hyatt Hotels are located minutes away from the Je Revele Castle in Highland Park.   The Hyatt Hotel is located at 2 Albany St New Brunswick, NJ 08901‎.  For reservations: (732) 873-1234 website:  The Hilton Hotel is located 2 miles away at 3 Tower Center Blvd East Brunswick, NJ 08816‎.  For reservations: (732) 828-2000 website:  If you’re interseted in sharing a room with another attendee contact Nik or Natalie.


For our guests staying in NYC, we are just a 45/50 minute train.  The Je Revele studio is offering roundtrip transport to/from the train.


The Je Revele castle is located close to Newark International Airport:  JFK Airport and LaGuardia Airport are alternatives, but Newark is very convenient.

Any questions feel free to message Nik or Natalie – See You Soon!!!!

Nik Pekridis



 Natalie Licini                                                       

Je Revele Fine Art Photography Studio & Gallery

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What’s NEW in 2013 at Je Revele | New Jersey Portrait Studio

April 3, 2013 /

What’s NEW? Extended Tuesday hours & Weekend hours this Summer!


We are honored when clients invite us into their lives. It’s a privilege we deeply appreciate.  Every client is unique, but our goal is always the same. We want your experience to go above and beyond anything you’ve encountered before.  

We hope that our clients immerse themselves in the experience at our studio so much that thoughts and concerns of the outside worlds are pushed far far away from their minds.  We hope every photo shoot with us is memorable and unforgettable.


Every year, our vision grows as our customers needs and wants evolve. One important change in 2012 as you know, is our popular EZ Pay plan and new in 2013 we are offering Saturday portrait sessions this Summer and evening viewing appointments on Tuesdays (with limited availability initially).

The EZ Pay Plan

For those of you who didn’t know about our EZ Pay plan, it has been a terrific option for our clients in the last year.

We realize that the investment in commissioned portraiture can be significant.  Our passion lies in capturing the gloriously fleeting moments you want to hold onto forever.  We hope to achieve this every single day together with you.  We put a beautifully modern spin on traditional painted portraiture. As master artisans we transform our stunning photographs into fine art heirlooms that you and your family will endlessly treasure.  And as such we have attempted to make it as easy as possible for you to invest in commissioned portraiture.

Our interest-free EZ Pay plan allows you to split your payments in three monthly payments for orders over $1,500.  You can secure your first payment with a credit card, and we will ask you to sign the agreement, which will permit us to bill this same card for the remaining payments. For more details inquire within.

Extended Tuesday hours & Weekend hours this Summer!

Our clients have such busy schedules at work and with family.  New for 2013, we are offering Saturday commissioned portrait sessions and evening viewing appointments at the Castle. In the winter, the castle was closed weekends, but we’re excited to announce we are opening our studio for commission portraits on Saturday with limited availability initially.   Please inquire within and reserve your date!

We’ve designated Tuesday for viewing appointments.  We have two appointments Tuesday evening to accommodate our busy clients schedules.

As always if there’s anything we can do, just let us know. We always do our best to ensure your experience with us is extraordinary!

Give us a call at the studio today and setup your New Jersey Family Portraits shoot or New York Newborn Photography for your family!


Je Revele by Natalie Licini a New Jersey Family Photographer                                                                      

Je Revele Fine Art Photography Studio & Gallery

433 River Road  |  Highland Park, NJ 08904 |  Studio: 732-964-3773 | Mobile: 917-886-5666                                                                                           

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