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Farewell to 2013 | New Jersey Photographers Je Revele

December 31, 2013 /

“The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, his labor and his leisure, his mind and his body, his information and his recreation, his love and his religion. He hardly knows which is which. He simply pursues his vision of excellence at whatever he does, leaving others to decide whether he is working or playing. To him he’s always doing both. ” James A. Michener


New Vision

It all started with a dream in 2008.  Je Revele originally Natalie Licini Photography was once merely an aspiration, birthed in the mind of a focused businesswoman whom envisioned the idea of combining photography with fine art.

As artists, we have found that one of the secrets to success is discovered when taking time to reflect upon progress made and then setting goals for what is to come.  And in our studio at Je Revele, we proudly do this with our clients during every photo session.  We help clients realize their greatest aspects, traits and strengths so they can be visualized in timeless works of art to be admired by future generations.

We’re not huge fans of typical New Year’s Resolutions, instead, we create action plans based on specific goals allowing us to see our plans through to completion.

To begin the process, I like to think about the different things that have happened in the previous year as well as in the years prior leading up until this point. It’s important to reflect on both the good things that happened and things that weren’t so wonderful. For the latter, rather than dwell on them, we take note of anything we learned or ways we could achieve a better outcome in the future.

Most importantly, we believe we should celebrate our successes. We have learned that such positive vibes set an energy, which attracts more success.

Some favorite highlights from our sessions in 2013 relate to the following areas.


New Genres of Photography 

Over the course of 2013, we are so pleased to share that we conducted over 200 photo shoots.  60% of these shoots were boudoir/beauty shoots.  We fondly refer to boudoir and beauty shoots as intimate portraits, which has proven to be, year after year, our most popular genre. Our newborn/maternity sessions continue to grow year after year. We had the great privilege of photographing FOUR sets of twins at our Highland Park studio.

We also expanded our genre repertoire.  Je Revele launched a whole new category of men’s portraiture in the summer of 2013. Several of the photographs seen on the website won awards at WPPI later in 2013.

We also, upon the requests from some of our clients, launched the pet-ography genre, which animal lovers will find to be delightful focusing on our furry little friends.

With cameras in hand, we excitedly photographed famous singers, a basketball star and a news anchorwoman this year.  “Talk about being nervous – ahh” ~Natalie

We are always so grateful to clients for traveling from near and far to be photographed by us.  But we felt so honored when clients flew from Dubai/France and California to be photographed at the castle.


New Renovations

Our Highland Park studio has undergone a transformation over the past year. The castle was the former home of the Johnson and Johnson family and as you can imagine, required the skill and expertise of someone meticulous who could transform my space yet maintain the old world charm.   Under the direction of our talented interior designer Rose Abby, gorgeous wall paper, custom drapery, chandeliers, crown moldings, wardrobe, a fireplace in our viewing room was installed…and that’s just for starters. Now it really is a fairy tale modern studio set in a historic castle.


New Videography

In 2013, Je Revele has released its second commercial.  This newest installment, filmed on location, can be found on the Je Revele website or by clicking here:


New Professional Development

Natalie second-shot a wedding with her mentor Bambi Cantrell.  She is still gushing over this honor!

Natalie taught a photography course for gifted students at Middlesex County during the early part of the spring.  She also co-presented a workshop with world-renowned photographer Nik Pekridis.  Pekridis soon after joined Je Revele to lead our Wedding team in our NYC studio.

Team Je Revele embarked on a weekend getaway to The Lodge at Woodloch for an office retreat. It was a surreal experience for each participant.

We truly celebrate our professional development knowing that training and personal development is paramount for our team’s successes.



New Studio!

An opportunity arose albeit a little earlier than we dreamed.  We acquired a second property in the Upper West side of Manhattan to serve as our second studio.  Je Revele has expanded to serve clients in NYC!

To help with the launch of the new studio, Natalie was able to utilize the talented resources of Zoe Richards, a British based photographer and entrepreneur.


New Staff

Je Revele proudly welcomed new additions to staff in 2013.

Jessica Crespo, Lead Photographer

Charity Fues, Director of Social Media

Cara Schwab, Director of Client Experience

Nik Pekridis, Lead Wedding Photographer

The uber talented Lara Saggese, Kristin McCandless, Hannah Ho and Tatiana Rodriquez also joined the team with Natalie and her right hand Michelle Ernest.


New Baby

At the start of Spring, Natalie gave birth to her 3rd child.  This time it was a boy!  Welcome to the world Luc Declan!


New Clients

We at Je Revele are so appreciative of all of the clients that we have met over the year and in years prior.  We look forward to meeting your future photographic needs.   We are committed to you, our communities, and our families.  Please keep us in mind if you’d like us to consider sponsoring your organization for special fundraisers in 2014.


New Year

As we embark on a new year, remember to reflect on all you have learned from last year.  Count your blessings. Learn from your mistakes.  We hope you will join us as we follow the advice of Howard Thurman, when he wrote,

Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”


Here’s to a wonderful and lively 2014!

Charity Fues

Alicia Vitarelli’s battle with endometriosis – Maternity Portraits NJ

November 19, 2013 /

Alicia Vitarelli’s battle with endometriosis – Je Revele – Maternity Portraits NJ


I was thrilled to watch Alicia Vitarelli’s announcement of her pregnancy on live TV just a few months ago.  As soon as she started talking, I had a feeling that she was about to share EXCITING news of her growing family.  The entire time I’m was staring at her tummy thinking “Is she pregnant? Maybe… could she be 8 weeks? I can’t tell” and sure enough she was 20 weeks pregnant! Ahh!  She was glowing and absolutely radiant.  I can say having three children myself, that I never looked as spectacular as Alicia looked 20 weeks pregnant.  She is beautiful.

During the Summer, when Alicia mentioned coming to the castle for her maternity photos I was SO NERVOUS! She gets her photo taken all the time. But we had the best day and I was so grateful she came with her wonderful husband Matt.  I was so grateful she took Maternity Portraits NJ with us at the castle.

Alicia Vitarelli is now just weeks away from the birth of her baby girl, known fondly as “Baby P.” Today, she shared her story beating endometriosis on Action News. Here’s the clip in case you missed it.


Our maternity session took place in Highland Park, New Jersey at my studio at the Je Revele Castle.  When we pushed back Alicia’s session a few extra weeks patiently waiting for that bump to pop, I thought about photographing her in my Manhattan studio, but this location was so convenient for her and Matt.

Here are a few gorgeous portraits of this soon-to-be mom and dad and Baby P.

Maternity Portraits NJ

Maternity Portraits New Jersey

Maternity Portraits NJ

There were so many special moments, reminiscing about their journey together .. falling in love.

Maternity Portraits New Jersey

Maternity Portraits NJ

Maternity Portraits NJ

Maternity Portraits NJ

Maternity Portraits NJ

Maternity Portraits NJ

and NOW the countdown begins!

Just 2 months until we meet this little angel. I can’t wait to photograph her.

Also featured on our boudoir blog:


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NJ Newborn Photographer | Twin Newborn Photos | Welcome to the world Sebastian and Isabella

September 26, 2013 /

NJ Newborn Photographer | Twin Newborn Photos

This morning I had a moment of epiphany.  Amazement.  Awe.  As we welcomed twins Sebastian and Isabella to our studio.

We had a shoot scheduled for a couple, Heriberto and Fausto and their three-week old twins.  When we spoke to them prior to the shoot, we learned of their amazing story. Heriberto and Fausto, whom are very much in  love, decided to extend their love for each other and build a family.  The men located an egg donor whom was impregnated with two embryos, each carrying the sperm of one of the men.  So she was pregnant with their twins, and carried them to term. Now I find this gorgeous couple sit before me, each with their beloved son and daughter nestled in their arms.

Just seeing this couple sitting on the sofa, preparing for the session, I was struck by their dedication- to each other and to their children.  Each held a tiny wriggly infant, and each doted on his daughter or son with the intensity of a new parent.  If there was ever a time for stereotypes to be broken right before me, this was it.  Heriberto and Fausto each emanated a bond with their children that most of us see primarily demonstrated by a mother.

It was interesting for me to see this dynamic without a woman present.  Then I realized what I had not until now.  These men were truly everything to these precious babies. 

Both mother and father. 

Beginning and End. 

To have and to hold.

Isn’t that what love is?  Does a baby have to look only into the eyes of a woman to feel like it’s secure, loved, nurtured? Can a man provide what a woman so traditionally has, according to biology?  Spend a moment in my shoes this morning and you’d realize the answer is clearly no.  Love is what matters.  It doesn’t matter the giver’s gender, affiliation, skin color, or age.  Waist lines are not measured here.  Tradition doesn’t dictate what love has to look like. 

I couldn’t help but feel grateful for the time I spent getting to know this couple.  Such fortunate babies!  As the morning extended through lunch into the afternoon I captured the most precious moments between parents and children as my heart swelled with pride.  The best things in life are so uncomplicated.  When the heart speaks, follow it’s pulse.

We should all love each other…without definition or restraint.

Here are some of my favorite portraits of this beautiful family.

As if these beautiful babies couldn’t get any cuter, look at their beautiful

Newborn Baby Announcement

This is the inside of their beautiful tri-folded announcement.  #A D O R A B L E  !!!!

The best part about meeting this beautiful family is watching them grow as we document Sebastian and Isabella’s first  year (and hopefully 2nd and 3rd year and 4th year hehe)


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Pregnancy Photos New Jersey | Maternity Photos | Je Revele Studio

August 15, 2013 /

Expecting What Will Be

Pregnancy, as many have described, is a magical time.  It is a time in life when hope and dreams lie in wait and new possibilities are imagined.  To be able to look forward to an event so important, realizing that much of what will happen is yet to be determined.  So exciting!  I connect pregnancy to many themes in life; not just the gestational period before birth.  When something is up and coming, a next step in life ready for foothold, a vision prepared for action, a dream ready to be birthed.  Once it arrives, nothing is ever the same.

For these reasons, some of my favorite sessions are maternity shoots.  Tatiana, our maternal beauty queen, wanted to capture this special time in her life and share the experience with her new family.  Her family includes a vibrant red-headed 6 year old stepdaughter.  Witnessing the variety of skin tones, hair colors and body sizes in this family gathered together is such a wonderful example of the great diversity of our country.  Each member of this family is expectant.  Looking forward to a new baby, a new life together, and for one little soul- a new baby sibling! I began to wish that everyone could see this marvelous moment.  Thankfully, the essence of this time has been captured in print.


What are you expecting for yourself?  What new life event lies on your horizon? It’s coming…


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Boudoir Photos New Jersey | Je Revele Photography Studio | The Beauty of Humility

August 5, 2013 /

The Beauty of Humility

Beauty announces itself in many different ways.  Sometimes it is bold and sharp.  Other times it is quiet and serene.   From the moment I met Jamie, I knew she was an example of the latter. Jamie wanted to give her husband, who was about to be deployed to Afghanistan, an unforgettable keepsake.  I like to think that this is why she, after studying French for three years, was drawn to Je Revele.  Perhaps she wanted to reveal herself as how she truly is. Gorgeous.  Luminous.  Captivating.

Jamie exuded a quiet intensity which came to fruition during her boudoir shoot at the castle. Her large round eyes glanced shyly to the side with an intimate, yet sly grin. Cascading tresses and porcelain skin all flanked by delicate, romantic textile. As the session progressed, Jamie blossomed into dazzling work of art.

What made such an impression on me, I believe, stems from her quiet humility.  Like a rare flower in the wilderness, her beauty simply is.  It doesn’t need an audience.

Unforgettable.  That she is.

Jamie’s Feedback

I was so nervous and excited when I pulled up to Je Revele. I consider myself pretty awkward and goofy, I thought “how am I going to pull of posing for boudoir photos?!” But as soon as I met Jessica and Michelle I felt very comfortable. 

During the shoot I felt very much at ease. They helped me to feel beautiful.

I think the whole experience will stick with me. Getting pampered, feeling beautiful, and capturing that moment. It was a very nice time.  I loved how comfortable Jessica made me feel during my session. I’m sure my awkwardness would have shown if it weren’t for her ability to help me relax. 

Here are some of our favorite portraits of Jamie.




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