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Breast Cancer Fundraiser 2019

February 13, 2019 /

Head shot fundraiser to support breast cancer!

Life is precious. Life is short.

We wake up one day and our kids are suddenly grown. Since 2016 my dear friend has been fighting breast cancer. It has been a brutal 2 1/2 years to say the least.

Blonnie was diagnosed with a very rare form of terminal breast cancer. Stage 4 HER 2+. The doctors words were not good, not remotely optimistic. The second opinion was even gloomier.

head shot fundraiser

(Photo credit above: Dina Douglass and Facebook friend unknown)

I love my friend! A LOT of people love this girl.  She’s one of the best people on earth. We don’t want to believe what the doctors said. We just want her to be healthy.

So now a few of us friends are working together to raise money to support her. We want her to have the BEST care possible to extend her life as long as possible!

I’m hoping today, that you will JOIN ME in helping her.  Medical costs are unbearable. She’s a photographer and small business owner with coverage that just isn’t enough.  When you work for a company, you get sick days and medical leave. But when you own your own business taking a day off or 2 months off is financially devastating.    Let’s support this beautiful woman with her fight!

Who NEEDS a head shot?

I believe many of you could really benefit from having a beautiful photo for LinkedIn, work, Facebook, dating, whatever, you always need a great photo! Beginning this month I am hosting a Facebook friends an family event at my studio. The donation is $75 WHAT?!! and 100% of the proceeds will be donated directly to my dear friend Blonnie Brooks who was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer at the young age of 35! She is trying both eastern and western medicine and the medical costs are overwhelming.

Each session for our head shot fundraiser will be 15 min long and come with one retouched photo! For any of my Facebook friends, PLEASE bring a friend with you. Our hope is to photograph 100 people to raise $7,500.

head shot fundraiser

Who’s in?


Step 1.  We would be grateful for your donation of $75 here:

Step 2.  Email me at to book your session at Je Revele in my New Jersey Studio. We are extending this fundraiser as long as possible to help Blonnie.  During the Winter, the NJ studio is the best option, but we can offer outdoor headshots May through October on Staten Island.

Step 3.  Please send us a screen shot of your donation.  We appreciate your support.

Other details: The Head shot event began Monday, September 19th and we are extending it until we reach 100 headshots.

A special thank you to Tina Marie Romero, Judi Marash, Claire Denora Bradford, Michael Gregorio, Shonica Zimmerman and Dina Laurence for your support already. We have 4 more people scheduled over the next week and hope to invite 90+ more to join us at the studio.

head shot fundraiser
head shot fundraiser

Looking forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones for our head shot fundraiser!


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