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Boudoir Photos New Jersey | Je Revele Photography Studio | The Beauty of Humility

August 5, 2013 /

The Beauty of Humility

Beauty announces itself in many different ways.  Sometimes it is bold and sharp.  Other times it is quiet and serene.   From the moment I met Jamie, I knew she was an example of the latter. Jamie wanted to give her husband, who was about to be deployed to Afghanistan, an unforgettable keepsake.  I like to think that this is why she, after studying French for three years, was drawn to Je Revele.  Perhaps she wanted to reveal herself as how she truly is. Gorgeous.  Luminous.  Captivating.

Jamie exuded a quiet intensity which came to fruition during her boudoir shoot at the castle. Her large round eyes glanced shyly to the side with an intimate, yet sly grin. Cascading tresses and porcelain skin all flanked by delicate, romantic textile. As the session progressed, Jamie blossomed into dazzling work of art.

What made such an impression on me, I believe, stems from her quiet humility.  Like a rare flower in the wilderness, her beauty simply is.  It doesn’t need an audience.

Unforgettable.  That she is.

Jamie’s Feedback

I was so nervous and excited when I pulled up to Je Revele. I consider myself pretty awkward and goofy, I thought “how am I going to pull of posing for boudoir photos?!” But as soon as I met Jessica and Michelle I felt very comfortable. 

During the shoot I felt very much at ease. They helped me to feel beautiful.

I think the whole experience will stick with me. Getting pampered, feeling beautiful, and capturing that moment. It was a very nice time.  I loved how comfortable Jessica made me feel during my session. I’m sure my awkwardness would have shown if it weren’t for her ability to help me relax. 

Here are some of our favorite portraits of Jamie.




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