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An Intimate Portrait Session Can Change Your Life

June 11, 2012 /


Have you ever stepped inside a painting? Or, been the beautiful muse of an old classic novel? These are images that run free within our dreams.

But they are also the images that are created in a Je Revele Intimate Portrait Session.

We have just begun photographing Intimate Portrait sessions in our new castle studio and they have been absolutely magnificent. The light that drenches us there is of some regal, endless dream. Its combination of old-world romance, authentic European backdrops, and lush grounds has made the castle studio all we hoped it would be – and more. With the warm weather here, now is the perfect time to book your Intimate Portrait. Now is the time to create many dreams in your mind –indoors and outdoors.

What is the Intimate Portrait?

It is being photographed in a way that makes a woman feel beautiful.

Beauty is your own interpretation. Whether High Fashion Couture, Classic Beauty, Boudoir, or even as a Fine Art Nude session, the experience of feeling beautiful is yours to create with us.

When we launched this part of our business in January 2012, we set out with the vision to not only make stunning images that reveal your exquisite femininity, but also as an experience that can change your life. To do so, we knew these needed to be more than photo sessions. They needed to be soul sessions.

The question was not “what kind of pictures will we take?” but instead, “How could a portrait change a woman’s life?” We asked the extraordinary women all around us this very same question. Here are some of the wonderful revelations:

“…When the beautiful person I know I am inside meets up with the woman on the outside, I feel complete.”

“…When, in my most unexpected moments, someone finds me beautiful.”

“…If I could take a break from my everyday life to enjoy and celebrate myself as a woman that would be life altering.”

“…When I can set myself free in someone else’s hands to make me look and feel beautiful, completely escaping my own critical eye.”

“…To push myself to do something I’d never do before and experience life through art.”

These insights were magnificent to us. But we took it a step further.

We also created a signature “reveal” process (hence our French name which means ‘I Reveal’). In this pre-session consultation, we get to know our client’s most intimate feelings about herself and her love. We use these insights to photograph her through the eyes of her lover — or even her own enlightened eyes. Sometimes these sessions are as life changing and cathartic as the photo sessions themselves.

Indulgence is a rare gift a woman gives herself, and we make sure it happens.

Using the same stylists, makeup artists, and wardrobe as the high fashion models, we ensure that every shoot feels like a magazine-quality production.

But indulgence also comes in many other forms, like Champagne-soaked mimosas, fresh croissants, hand-dipped chocolate strawberries, and imported truffles just to name a few of the extras.

So the question we ask you is, what makes you feel beautiful?
…And how long will you wait to make that happen?

Now is the time to experience your beauty.

Now is the time to book an Intimate Portrait session with Je Revele.


As a Welcome to our studio, we are offering Preferred Pricing to the next ten sessions booked now through August 1st.

Please give us a call; we’d love to design your day with you.  732-964-3773

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