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An Awesome Day at the Studio | New Jersey Boudoir Photographer

February 21, 2013 /

I was Skyping with my dear friend from Liverpool tonight, saying how much I really love my clients.  2012 was such a great year.   We photographed so many amazing families with these adorable babies and we photographed nearly 50 gorgeous woman from age 20 something through 60 something.

It was such a blast, every single second.

I love getting to know my clients and being a part of something special in their life.   The moment I met Sarah she was someone I truly connected with.   Beyond her contagious happiness and beautiful smile, I felt like I was sitting beside an old friend from high school.

…who happens to be a knock out!

There are so many sides to Sarah, she’s regal and elegant… commands a room!

There’s a bit of mystery or is she just plain mischievous?  hehe

She’s a ray of light!  It doesn’t matter what kind of day you’re having… somehow she has this overwhelming strength and joy that radiates everywhere and its simply contagious.

I could photograph her all day long! Hint, hint, hint!

As a New Jersey Boudoir Photographer we reside in a historic castle in Highland Park just outside NYC.  Call or stop on by! We’d love to meet you.


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