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About Natalie Licini

Natalie Licini loves a good story. Perhaps more than most people. As a young child, she’d often gaze upon a few family photos that she could remember. Losing her Dad at ten years old, the ones of her father were ones she treasured most. There were visual stories that were missing, stories cut short by life’s misfortunes. What seemed like a void grew into a lifelong obsession with photo storytelling.

Entering the business world at a young age, Natalie rose the ranks in Corporate America and built a solid career in the financial sector. There, she grew a combination of Wall Street smarts with her signature sass and endless drive. “Natalie does not let the grass grow under her feet”, a mentor once said. She has dreams, and she goes for them.

Natalie’s dreams never ended with herself. She had a strong ability to make connections, help those around her and she began to teach others what she knew in the workplace. Her ability to build deep relationships and selfless contributions to them never went unnoticed. She understood people, knew how to motivate them, and harnessed that power to achieve results.

While her day job involved dollars and cents, a different sensibility emerged outside work. She found Zen through her camera. Once, while traveling through Pisa, Italy with her husband, she took a single image and it was if she saw the world for the very first time. Here, an artist was revealed. Her very first image, taken that day at the Tower of Pisa, became an international award-winning image.

With her innate artistic talent, business smarts, and genuine love of knowing people on a deep level, a storyteller was born. She embarked on a global journey to study with the great masters of photography. Success, awards and recognition have prevailed ever since. She continues on that journey as a New Jersey family photographer specializing in newborn photography, child photography, pregnancy photography, family photography, boudoir photography and fine art nudes.   As a New Jersey wedding photographer, Natalie photographs weddings, engagements and events in tri-state area.  They are available for a limited number of destinations weddings each year.

“To me, a beautiful image is not enough,” says Natalie, “I am always looking to share the story of what is beneath the surface. It’s where I see beauty.”

Natalie gains clients’ trust through her spirited, fun-loving and compassionate approach. She becomes their best friend and their confidante, and her relationships last long after her shoots. “My clients mean everything to me,” Natalie says, “And I make sure they know that every day!”

Since beginning her work as a full-time artist, Natalie has won a multitude of international photography awards. She is also a sought-after spokesperson by top industry vendors.

No matter how busy it gets, “Photography is my Zen” says Natalie, “and when I can’t find it, I call Cate,” she laughs.

Natalie is a graduate of New York University. She is also a board member of Just Be Me! – A Nonprofit charity focused on empowering young people based in Staten Island, New York. Natalie is a member of the Professional Photographers of America and the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International. She is married with two children and lives in Staten Island, New York.

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