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40th Birthday Ideas For Women | Boudoir & Glamour Photos

July 2, 2014 /

40th Birthday Ideas For Women: The “Four T”s of Turning Forty

40th birthday ideas


As I type this number, I find it hard to believe that they will represent my age in a matter of days.

I don’t find the number to symbolize being old. It’s not necessarily a symbol of maturity. To me, it isn’t a determinant of anything I was hoping to be by now. Perhaps that’s because so many people I know have completely reinvented themselves in years much past the ripe age of 40. It’s not a big deal, right? It’s not about beauty or youth. Some of the most beautiful women (and men) I have ever met are older than 40. Some are first time parents!  I spent weeks thinking of 40th birthday ideas.

So what is it? What captivates so many people about this age?

While I remain perplexed about the hoopla of this birthday number to avoid at all costs, I think turning 40 is one of the single most important rites of passage a person can experience. Here are FOUR reasons why I think this is true.

The “Four T”s of Turning Forty

Transition from Youth.
At one time, people used to consider themselves middle-aged at forty. People twice this age used to be seen as frail or on death’s door, perhaps dying in a nursing home somewhere. Today, people are living into the 100s, so therefore it seems that forty year olds aren’t exactly halfway through their lives yet. Although 40 isn’t the midpoint anymore, I do think that people who are 40 are in an ideal situation. They can see quite clearly the past and its impact on a potential future. A forty-year old can recall with ease, and sometimes angst, all the ways he or she has improved over the years. We can think back and smile, remembering the mistakes we made, with the knowledge that we won’t recreate the same experiences, if we can help it.

Trust in Oneself.
Because there have been four decades of experience accrued, a forty-something person have gleaned quite a history of experience. While the teens and twenties were about wondering what our friends thought, and the thirties concerned with what the neighbors and Facebook friends thought, forty is finally the time where it’s about What “I” think, and what “I” want. Having lived through years of choices made upon the suggestions of others, a person’s inner compass is much more in command. Instead of being fearful of what might happen when making a big decision, I can remind myself of how I have lots of resources and connections to help me should things not go as planned. Less panic, more support. Less worry, more belief in oneself.

Total Body Acceptance.
Once predominately a vehicle for getting attention, through overall shape, body art, or muscular agility, our bodies have proven themselves to be miraculous temples. Many forty year olds have experienced childbirth, illnesses, and weight gains and losses at least once in their lifetimes. Wrinkles have appeared and gray hairs have triumphed. No longer can we survive on 3 hours of sleep and nacho chips and soda diets. And while we may feel as though our bodies have failed us, we realize the importance of taking care of it. Our bodies are with us through every experience.

Dating as a forty year old is drastically different in comparison to dating in the twenties. Often times, the opposite sex has learned to appreciate the wisdoms offered by and experienced partner perfection becomes overrated. Being 40, for many people, is the time they do less comparing of themselves to fashion magazines and more to the weight that feels best for oneself. And while many of us try to get back the bodies we had in our twenties, we find comfort in knowing that our peers also join us in such reminiscing. To be honest, I’ll take a few fine lines on my face over acne any day of the week!

True Friendships.
Being forty is especially wonderful when you can think of friends you have known for most of your life. There are few finer things in life than the shared memories between longtime friends. During the twenties and thirties, we were still testing out some of our friendships. By forty, we often tout friendships that span 20+ years.
I have a friend that I met when I was about 18 years old. I think of all of the talks we have had, the adventures we have been on, the times we covered for each other, the times we didn’t speak to each other, the ups and downs of relationships we have been in, and the highs and lows of life in general. Now that we both have young children, the joy we both feel in watching our children grow up together is magnified by our rich history. When I compare my friendships to those I had in my teens and twenties, there isn’t any question of which decade I’d rather be in with my friends.

For many reasons, including the Four Ts I outlined above, I look forward to my own rite of passage, my entrance into the era of my 40s. Armed with a real appreciation for what truly matters, I’m excited for what is yet to come. I’m still young enough to get out there and try something different.  I could only think of two perfect 40th Birthday Ideas for myself.  Dinner with my very dear friends and boldly planning my boudoir photo shoot at the castle.  I was tempted to plan a boudoir portrait party, maybe next milestone.

40th birthday ideas

How did you celebrate your birthday? Please share your stories with us.  We’d love to customize your experience at Je Revele and make it unforgettable.

40th birthday ideas

40th Birthday Ideas For Brides-to-Be | Boudoir Photos the perfect grooms gift!40th birthday ideas

40th birthday ideas40th birthday ideas

Looking for an art piece for your home: something a bit anonymous could make the perfect fit.
40th birthday ideas40th birthday ideas40th birthday ideas40th birthday ideas40th birthday ideas40th birthday ideas40th birthday ideas

Life, in many ways, is just beginning. Welcome, forty. I’ve been expecting you!

~Charity Fues

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