Je Revele, French for “I Reveal,” is more than just our approach for clients. It’s about revealing the best of ourselves as artists.

As committed educators, we share our knowledge in a deeply personal and illuminating way to inspire those around us. Led by the exuberant Natalie Licini, we provide insight into what has brought us success, joy, and work/life balance.

We offer Shooting Clinics, Branding Workshops, Editing Classes, Pricing Workshops, Master Guest Workshops and more.

Our one-of-a-kind, no-nonsense workshops are each designed to provide hands-on experience to help you grow in your own form, pace, and style. Egos, competitiveness, and elitism are checked at the door. Here at our Studio, you’ll find nothing but a safe, supportive haven for learning to reveal your true talents. We demonstrate firsthand that together, we are better; we create an intimate learning environment where we can all become stronger artists in our craft.